Summer Reading List

I love to read.  Growing up, I ALWAYS had a book I was reading.  Usually it was some sort of fiction story, and not always something edifying.  I certainly read my fair share of Sweet Valley High and the like.  But my favorite books were those about people who really lived (I had the Little House on the Prairie series memorized) or at least stories based on real events and real life (my copies of Gone with the Wind and Anne of Green Gables were well loved treasures, and I had a whole collection of adolescent fiction based about different girls set in different times throughout history.  It was like the 1980’s version of American Girl books.  I wish I could remember who wrote them.)

Even as an adult, I would rather read a book about someone who really lived.  (If you haven’t read The Other Boleyn Girl, you don’t know what you’re missing.  One summer I think I read every book Philippa Gregory ever wrote.  And Standing in the Rainbow is one of my all time favorites because of the parallel of the radio homemaker of the 1920s and the modern day mom blogger — I even wrote a post about that!)

I’m not always that girlie with my reading selections.  My husband has helped me broaden my horizons.  When we’re on summer vacation, I often borrow his reading choices when he’s done with them.  One summer I read Lone Survivor (and reviewed it at 5 Minutes for Books, if you’re interested) and another summer I read the narratives on the Civil War by Shelby Foote.

All that to say, I love to read.

But I hardly make time for reading anymore.  The only things I find time to read these days are informational books on food and parenting.  I really miss getting lost in a good novel.  The only time I indulge in pleasure reading anymore is on summer vacation.  I usually spend 90% of my awake time on vacation reading.

We leave for Maine in just a few weeks so I’m already getting my summer reading list ready.  For one thing, I need to finish up The Omnivore’s Dilemma and The Untold Story of Milk (if I can ever wrangle it away from my husband) and I just started Born to Run on the Kindle.  OH!  And I just remembered that I never finished Grace Based Parenting.  WHEW!  I don’t think I’ve ever had more than two books going at once, and I don’t like it at all.  I find it quite unsettling.

Once I get caught up, I’d love to read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Klingsolver.  And I’ve been ordered by my neighbor to read The Help. Beyond that, I could use some suggestions.  What do you have for me?  What should I bring to Maine to read by the lake?


Have I told you how much I love reading on the Kindle?  In fact, I’ve totally hijacked my husband’s, and he’s never getting it back.  Bwahahaaaaaa…  No, seriously, the best thing about it is, you don’t have to wait for your Amazon order to come in, or for the library to get the book you want.  You can instantly download whatever you want to read with the touch of a finger.

Impatient much?

I know, but seriously.  It’s just so convenient.  Gone are the days that I leave for vacation, too busy to stop at the library or the bookstore, and get to my destination without anything to read.  It’s so easy, and Kindle books are cheaper than they are at the bookstore.

Also, I don’t have to futz with the pages when I’m reading in bed.  It’s so much more comfortable to just hold the Kindle and press “next page.”  No more cricks in my neck, no more arms falling asleep, no more flipping from one side to the other to hold the book the right way.  Oh the trials.

So yeah.  Here is my summer reading list so far:

Omnivore’s Dilemma

The Untold Story of Milk

Grace Based Parenting

Born to Run

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life

The Help

What else should I put on my list?

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