Happy Hump Day

I got nuttin.

It always strikes me as so odd that I can go weeks with enough to say for 4 posts a day.  Sometimes I have to actually force myself to slow down pace myself because I’m afraid I’ll scare you guys away if I post everything that I have to say.

Then there are weeks like these.

Weeks where kids are unwell and my workload is daunting and the house is coming apart at the seams and I am tired, oh so tired.

I just have nothing to say.

Maybe I’m finally talked out.  I mean, it’s no wonder.  Last weekend on Eat Local Philly, I added two submissions and put together this post on Learning the Lingo (it may be beneficial to those who don’t live here as well.)  And I guest posted twice this week.  I suppose that could explain why I have so little energy left in me to put here.  Oh, I also added a Cookbook section to my Amazon store.

Oh, and look what else I’ve been up to!

Since I’m out of things to say, allow me to direct you to some people who are still going strong and have posted something worth reading this week:

Two Peas — Such the Spot

On Blogging — The Kids Are Alright.

A New Way of Eating — Tidy Brown Wren.  This post just makes my heart sing.

And finally, my friend Mindi is giving away a Kindle, just in time for Father’s Day.  HELLO.  Why are you still here?  Go enter!!  Go!  Now!  Skedaddle.