Fashion Friday

Christina writes: I’m flying to California next month for a summit and will need an outfit that can go from all day airport to drinks and appetizers that night.  I don’t think I’ll have time to change before the reception – so I need something that is cute, comfortable, snazzy enough for nighttime, and will keep me cool!

Me: Gosh, you don’t ask much, do ya!?

Well okay.  Let’s see.  How do you feel about jeans?  (I’m a jeans kinda girl.)  Because if you go with a pair of dark wash or white jeans, you will be warm enough on the plane, and you can bring a change of shoes in your carry-on bag to dress them up for evening.  Skinny jeans are great because the length can work with flats or heels, but you could wear a boot cut style if you have a pair of heels comfortable enough for airport walking.  I’ve done it before.  And there’s always a cropped pant – they work with any heel height.

And there are so many embellished tops these days that work just as well for daytime as they do for evening.  In fact, I was eying some on the Banana Republic website just the other day.  What about something like this?


Throw a cardigan over it for the plane.  Or bring a wide scarf that you can wrap around your shoulders and stuff into your carry-on bag when you don’t need it.  Wear comfortable shoes, and bring a clutch and a pair of heels in your suitcase that you can change into when you get to your destination and you’re good to go.

Even something as simple as this can go from day to evening with some accessorizing.


Or for a dressier look, something like this?  If you could find one that isn’t silk, all the better.


That would be great with this chiffon trim cardigan.

Or what about this banded bottom tank from Kohl’s.


That would be adorable with white jeans and wedge sandals.  In fact, Big Mama posted a pair today that would be PERFECT – color and all.

If you don’t like the jeans idea, these are stretchy and comfy enough for plane travel and also dressy enough for evening.


See, like here is a sample evening outfit.  Just switch out the shoes and throw on a cardigan for the airport, and tuck the clutch and the bangles in your carry-on bag.


Or, if you like a wider pant, there is this.

Then there’s always a dress.  If you like dresses (I have a hard time with them, but this isn’t about me, now, is it?) that might be the easiest thing to wear.  The trick is finding one that won’t wrinkle when you’re sitting on the tarmac for 2 hours while they clear you for takeoff.

This rosette applique dress is adorable and light and summery.


Something like this shirtdress could go from day to evening if you jazz it up with heels and accessories.


Or this is fun!


I dunno, what do you think? Does anything there strike your fancy?

Dear readers, do you have any helpful advice for traveling Christina?

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