Last Day of School

Alternatively titled: What’s Mom Gonna Do NOW?


Nevermind me, I’m just having a little bit of fun with Picnik.

So anyway.  I am now officially the mother of a 5th grader and a 2nd grader.

Fortunately my youngest is an October birthday so I get another year before I have a kindergartner again, and that’s just fine with me.  I’m milking the last one for all she’s worth.

I shot these photos while the kids were waiting for the bus this morning.



Of course, Little Sis was tagging along.


This afternoon I was waiting to meet them when they got home, but they both hopped off the bus before I had a chance to turn my camera on.  I’m bummed; I was in the perfect position to get a shot of them with the bus in the background.  This is the best I got.


If I’d snapped just a few seconds later, I would have caught him flying down the street, the streamers from that ridiculous hat he was wearing waving in the breeze.  I guess some of life’s moments are better off enjoyed without a camera in your line of vision.

So now what?

Well, for one thing, I hired a babysitter for tomorrow so I can go out and get some things done.  Next week my son has golf camp, and in two weeks we go to Maine, so I think we will be alright till then.  Afterward, there will be 7 weeks before school resumes, so I’ll need to come up with some sort of plan.  I refuse to say schedule; I don’t do schedules.  And I think summertime should be relaxed and fun.  But the kids are going to need SOME sort of structure or they’re all going to go stir crazy and I’ll be a loony tune.

The first thing I’m going to do is re-write our checklists (yes, I have one too!!)  Then I’m going to try to come up with some activities for us to do that don’t involve the swimming pool (although I’m sure we will be spending a lot of time there anyway.)  And I think we’re going to require some daily reading and math just to keep their skills up to snuff.  I’ll be the most popular mom on the block, you know it.

Those of you who are at home, what do you do in the summertime to keep the kids from tearing the house apart and taking you down with it?