Fashion Friday :: Day Dreamin’

Or alternately titled . . .

Having Fun with Polyvore

I love leather. For years I had a black leather jacket that I wore all the time. It eventually wore out, and I never replaced it. Now my obsession is with caramel-colored leather. Isn’t this outfit divine?

City Chic



Okay, let’s be real now. I would wear this outfit any day of the week.

Girl Next Door



I could spend hours on Polyvore. But I better get off this here computer and feed my kids.

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14 thoughts on “Fashion Friday :: Day Dreamin’

  1. I would definitely wear that outfit everyday, too. Not today, though, when it’s 7 below!! I recently got addicted to that shade of brown, and just about everything I’ve been buying is brown. I need color!!

  2. I am now going to dream about that sweater. Adore. If we weren’t on a tight budget right now I would be purchasing instead of dreaming. The first outfit is not really my style, but I like the color combination.

  3. I just started today doing a Fashion Friday post and one of my readers told me about your link up! I think I’ll just join yours rather than create my own! Polyvore is a new addiction….I need to get better at my creations – I love what you put together!

  4. I think both outfits are absolutely adorable. I’d love that leather coat in the first board, and I’d take either bag too. I need a new bag so this is good inspiration.

  5. I love how that sweater looks cozy without being bulky. That’s always the problem I have when winter comes (it’s officially here… finally) – keeping warm without the bulk. Love the color combo, too!

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