Last weekend I went out and got a sample of Whitall Brown (if you recall, it was Megan’s recommendation) and another lighter shade of brown that I pretty much just picked willy-nilly (’cause that’s how I roll).

I got home and had my husband roll samples of the paints on several walls of our living room. We lived like that for several days as I hemmed and hawed and hemmed some more.

Then I went back and got two more DIFFERENT shades of brown to try out.

Oh, our living room. It is a showpiece, I’m telling ya. Everyone who walks in goes WAHHHH???

After living for several days with different shades of brown swabbed all over my walls, I have made an executive decision.


See? I should have just gone with it to begin with.

I’ve also been pillow shopping. There are a lot of pretty pillows out there, in case you weren’t aware!! It is VERY hard to choose. Everywhere I go, I take pictures with my iPhone and send them to my friend Holly, who is helping me with my Living Room Project. (That’s a brave woman right there.)

These are the only ones I’ve actually purchased. I love how earthy and soothing these leaves are with the brown walls. I might keep them. Or I might not.

I’m not crazy about the brown pillows, now that I see them all together. They will probably go back to Target.

And I will probably end up replacing the sofa slipcover with something cream or white, but I’m waiting for the paint to go up to decide for sure.

Oh how I wish I could put that beast out to pasture (or in the basement) and get something nice and new and, you know, NOT slip-covered. But it’s not happening this year, so we’ll continue to make do for a while longer.

The painters are scheduled to come paint next week! I can’t WAIT!!