Weekly Meal Plan 01.23.12

I’ve decided that I spend too much time in the kitchen, so this week my focus is on simple recipes that are easy to make ahead or that come together quickly.

MONDAY: Friday Night Chili with gluten-free cornbread


TUESDAY: Tilapia Parmesan (but with a different white fish — ’cause tilapia isn’t so good for you; Kelly suggests Alaskan whitefish) with rice and sautéed swiss chard on the side

WEDNESDAY: Pan-fried boneless pork tenderloins, Gluten Free Mac & Cheese and collards.

THURSDAY: Split Pea Soup with leftover ham bone from the holidays

FRIDAY:  Crustless Chard Quiche with a side salad

SATURDAY: Chicken Gruyere, herbed new potatoes and green beans. (Since it’s Saturday, I’ll go to a little more work.)

chicken gruyere

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan 01.23.12

  1. Looks really good! Swiss chard, I really want to try this green but I am unable to find it at any of the local stores…I guess it’s seasonal?

    1. It is, but they have it all year round at my whole foods market. It must be pretty easy to come by. It’s a cooler weather veggie – spring and fall. We grew lots of it in our garden last spring.

  2. I’ve been doing your Tilapia Parmesan with cod here lately. Tastes awesome but I’m new to fish and not sure which ones are good for you and which to avoid. I have a bunch of Tilpia fillets in my freezer so will use them but guessing I shouldn’t buy them anymore? I only started eating fish about a year back as I’ve always detested the stuff. Took awhile to adjust my taste buds to it.

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