Weekly Meal Plan 01.23.12

I’ve decided that I spend too much time in the kitchen, so this week my focus is on simple recipes that are easy to make ahead or that come together quickly.

MONDAY: Friday Night Chili with gluten-free cornbread


TUESDAY: Tilapia Parmesan (but with a different white fish — ’cause tilapia isn’t so good for you; Kelly suggests Alaskan whitefish) with rice and sautéed swiss chard on the side

WEDNESDAY: Pan-fried boneless pork tenderloins, Gluten Free Mac & Cheese and collards.

THURSDAY: Split Pea Soup with leftover ham bone from the holidays

FRIDAY:  Crustless Chard Quiche with a side salad

SATURDAY: Chicken Gruyere, herbed new potatoes and green beans. (Since it’s Saturday, I’ll go to a little more work.)

chicken gruyere