Mom Fashion | What I Wore This Week 01.25.12

It’s been QUITE a week around here! From the snowstorm that interrupted (but did not cancel!) my Workshop to the whole family coming down with some achy bug (I TOLD YOU I was jinxing myself by saying we rarely get sick) I haven’t exactly been concerned with style. But here’s what I’ve got!


It hasn’t snowed here in Philly since my last PSMM Workshop back in October — yes, snow in October!! So it’s only fitting that it chose to dump on us again between the hours of midnight and noon the morning of my Workshop last Saturday. (Oh, and do you remember the hurricaine that postponed my August workshop? I. AM. DOOMED, people. DOOMED.)

So I woke up Saturday morning to a blanket of snow covering the earth and immediately came downstairs and turned on the news, where I proceeded to sit for the next hour as Cecily and I Skyped back and forth, debating the merits of postponing versus carrying on as planned. We eventually decided to make a go of it — a decision I regretted once I found myself halfway to my destination, but at that point, I had no choice but to continue on. Eleven hardy ladies joined me, and 7 or 8 more tuned in on Skype. We had a great time, and the smaller-than-normal group was actually quite conducive to the hands-on writing exercises Cecily had planned. We were each able to read our work and receive feedback. It was awesome!

This is what I wore. I wanted to be cozy and comfortable, and that was about all that I had on my mind. I was delighted to have an opportunity to carry my new Kelly Moore Camera/Laptop Bag*!!!!

I have been wanting this for MONTHS, a YEAR in fact — ever since last January when I attended the Blissdom Conference and SWORE I’d never attend another conference without a bag that holds both my dSLR camera and its appendages as well as my laptop bag. Well, I grudgingly attended two more that way, and then I ordered this for myself with Christmas money. It’s the Libby, in case you want to check it out. I signed up to be an affiliate because I love her products so much, and you can get to her site through the button on my sidebar at any time!

The sweater is from Banana Republic. I couldn’t find my cream tank so I wore white (not the best color choice, huh?)

Skinny jeans, gray UGGs* (now on sale!!) and boot socks and I was cozy and good to go!


This is the only other photo I have this week. It was still cold and snowy so once again, I was all about the comfort factor. I picked up this scarf at Charming Charlie’s the other night, and for some reason it looked a lot cuter in the store than it did at home. I wore it all morning, feeling like I was wrapped in confetti, and as soon as I got home I took it off and gave it to my daughter, who was delighted. That should tell you something right there, I suppose. When your 9-year-old daughter wants your accessories, you may just want to reconsider your choices.

And can I just SAY that I am so tired of seeing that guitar in the corner behind my photos? Oh and also too. Does anyone want to come and take down the rest of my Christmas decorations? Otherwise I have a feeling they’ll be up until Easter.

I did the boot sock thing again — thinking that it might be nice to break up the black boots and black pants. And you’ve seen that gray drapey sweater and magenta top underneath probably at least 42 times. It’s warm and comfortable, and I love the color combination. Nuff said.

Oooooh! LOOK what I just found. I almost forgot about this. Last week I went out  for drinks and shopping with a friend, and I decided to go for it and wear the “bat sweater”.

girls night out fashion
Look, Ma! I WORE IT!

I tried to jazz it up with the purple tank and boot socks. And the necklace and chunky bracelet. Tell me whatcha think!

And just pay no nevermind to those paint swatches on the all back there. They will be gone TOMORROW!!

Now for some real fashion inspiration (’cause you’re not getting much here today) be sure to check out Momma Go Round and The Pleated Poppy.

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27 Responses

  1. I LOVE the bat sweater! Very chic….you look great in it! I also love the camera bags…..gotta save up for the 2 Sue’s…(fitting for me, as my name is Sue!) Thanks for the link.

  2. I love these outfits. The first looks so warm and comfortable and your totally rockin the bat sweater 🙂 Gorgeous family.

    1. I do. It IS quite large. And stiff, but it is GORGEOUS. Looking forward to carrying it for more than a morning. It’ll be my go-to bag for travel and all weekend at Blissdom next month!

  3. I love the ‘bat’ sweater on you! Gorgeous!! and sidenote-have I been away from your blog that long?? You look like you got a new haircut?! Bad bloggy friend right here 😉 See you at Blissdom!

  4. I couldn’t really tell when you first posted the bat sweater, but I can now see how flattering it is on you!

    And about the Charming Charlie scarf – it might look nice if you had on some other brighter colors, but in general, I find the same thing – could look nice in the store but not so much in day light. 🙁

    I commend you for doing this week after week. After week. After week. 😉

  5. Love the batwing shirt with the purple and the necklace! I finally broke down and got some shorter Uggs. I don’t want to take them off! So cozy on chilly days. 😉

  6. I looked at all the photos before I read what you had to say Jo-Lynne, and my thought on your Sunday photo was ‘wow! nice scarf – that colour is great. Then I went on to read that you gave it away… maybe your daughter will lend it back sometimes?

  7. Love love love that bag – the color, the look, everything. Will have to check that out. And tomorrow is the big day for painting, right? Please keep me posted and send some photos – I can’t wait to see and hope it makes you very happy! And I’ll come over and take down those Christmas decorations too 🙂

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