Fashion Friday: Leggings

I got a fashion question in the email this week.  YAY for free blog fodder!

Emily says: I have just been sent a fab pair of Sassybax leggings to review and they’re great but I have no idea what to wear them with.  I’m also slightly worried that with my thighs (not to mention slightly cushy new baby belly) I’m not sure I *should* be wearing them.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

I say: I haven’t quite embraced the legging trend but I do see some ladies my age pulling them off with style.  I would probably start by pairing a shorter sweater dress with them.  Or any cute, casual shorter-length dress — something with room in the tummy and hip area so it doesn’t pull and draw attention to areas we don’t want attention drawn too.  😉  And then use lots of Static Guard to keep it from sticking.

Another idea is to wear a longish sweater or tunic on top.  I think the key with leggings on the post-child bearing body is to make sure the top you wear with them is long enough to cover the tushy area, and then it should have some volume to provide balance.  The long cardigan is fashionable right now, and that would certainly work.

Then ballet flats or tall boots.

I’ve combed the internet with photos for examples but I’m hard pressed to find anything I liked.  This is is close as I got.


I must add, I am not a fan of the short boots with the leggings, but to each her own.

What do YOU say? Let’s here your best suggestions, dear readers.  Do you wear leggings?  What do you wear them with?

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