Winter Weather Fun

We currently have at least 2 feet of snow on the ground, and today promises to be our second “snow day” in a row. Yesterday we celebrated the record snowfall with a leisurely family breakfast — my very favorite thing to do on a snow day.

School day mornings are always such a rush, and on Saturdays I try to take it easy, so snow days are the perfect opportunity to make breakfast into a special treat.  And since I didn’t have to worry about them focusing in school, I made our favorite Lazy Snow Day Breakfast — chocolate chip using my recipe for the perfect homemade pancakes.

The kids LOVE these, and of course they love to help.  My girls always fight over who gets to help when I’m cooking, so I try to have them take turns.  Yesterday was C’s turn.


They’re ALWAYS a hit.



After breakfast, I decided it was time for them to let off some steam, so we got them all bundled up in their snow gear and sent them outside, where they built the tallest snowman EVER.



I’m expecting that today will be more of the same.

How about you?  Do you have snow today?  What is your favorite snow day breakfast?

Are you the kind of mom that puts on her snow gear and joins the kids outside, or are you the kind of mom that stays cozy warm inside and makes hot chocolate for the gang when they get tired of the cold?  I bet you can guess which kind of mom I am!