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We currently have at least 2 feet of snow on the ground, and today promises to be our second “snow day” in a row. Yesterday we celebrated the record snowfall with a leisurely family breakfast — my very favorite thing to do on a snow day.

School day mornings are always such a rush, and on Saturdays I try to take it easy, so snow days are the perfect opportunity to make breakfast into a special treat.  And since I didn’t have to worry about them focusing in school, I made our favorite Lazy Snow Day Breakfast — chocolate chip using my recipe for the perfect homemade pancakes.

The kids LOVE these, and of course they love to help.  My girls always fight over who gets to help when I’m cooking, so I try to have them take turns.  Yesterday was C’s turn.


They’re ALWAYS a hit.



After breakfast, I decided it was time for them to let off some steam, so we got them all bundled up in their snow gear and sent them outside, where they built the tallest snowman EVER.



I’m expecting that today will be more of the same.

How about you?  Do you have snow today?  What is your favorite snow day breakfast?

Are you the kind of mom that puts on her snow gear and joins the kids outside, or are you the kind of mom that stays cozy warm inside and makes hot chocolate for the gang when they get tired of the cold?  I bet you can guess which kind of mom I am!

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  1. Wow! That snowman is tall!!! I have been thinking of making blueberry pancakes all week…I plan to put that into action when Friday morning rolls around and I have extra time. We didn’t get that much snow here…just a dusting and I am quite happy about that…2 feet is a lot!!

  2. I agree ~ that is the talllest snowman I have ever seen!

    We like to have leisurely breakfasts, too. Chocolate chip pancakes are one of our favorites. We also like breakfast tacos, scrambled eggs and hashbrowns, and biscuits and gravy. Not super healthy, but definitely super yummy!

    I am like you. Most of the time, I am the Mom who stays in to make the hot chocolate. However, I do enjoy watching them sled.

    Stay warm!

  3. We, in DC, are HAPPY to share this record snowfall with you! Isn’t it a crazy mess out there? It looks like you made the most of it and are enjoying time with your family. The snowman is awesome!

    I love your new font on your pics and the aperture thing you’re doing 🙂

  4. See my problem is I would turn the simple act of building a snowman into a competition, so it’s probably a good thing that we don’t get snow! LOL! I am very impressed with your extremely tall snowman though.

  5. Favorite breakfast is anything yummy with the family. Today is a little of this and a little of that…I feel like a short-order cook.
    This winter I am the stay inside mommy. I’ve had a sinus infection every single time its snowed. I am currently waiting for the roads to re-open so I can get to the pharmacy for a new antibiotic.
    The snow is beautiful and the boys were already out of school for a 3 day break so the timing is perfect!
    Nice snowman!

  6. We actually DO have snow today! I am the kind of mom that stays inside. I hate cold. My kids are clamoring to go outside, which they will eventually, but most of them don’t have gloves/mittens, so playing in the snow is not as much fun as they think it will be. My favorite snow day breakfast would be one I didn’t have to make, but since that doesn’t happen, I have no answer. I’m not a big breakfast eater. Today we had pigs in a blanket and eggs.

  7. I love the world’s tallest snowman. I go outside about 50% of the time. I get all bundled up in my ski gear and have fun. Some of the time I just send the kids out and watch from the window.

    Enjoy your snow day today! Will your kids school be cancelled tomorrow as well?

  8. Isn’t all this snow grand???!! I’m probably half and half with going out and playing in the snow. Sometimes I enjoy the exercise and just being that fun mom, but sitting inside in the quiet to greet them with cookies and hot cocoa when they come in has its rewards for sure. I was going to pick on you and mention that I wanted to see some of you out in that snow! Great snowman by the way. We made ours the first storm and they have been buried twice since then. May have to go build some more when this crazy wind stops! Have a great day and stay warm!

  9. Those pancakes look delicious!
    Amazingly here in NH we did not get any snow from these last two storms. I see you guys got walloped.
    I am the mom who goes out in the snow (usually to shovel first) and helps build snowman and snow forts, and goes sledding. If you saw my Wordlessly Weds snowman pic a couple weeks ago you will see which parent is out there all bundled up 😉
    Then of course I come in & do the cocoa thing, too!!

  10. We do have snow here today…just on the ground though. Today is the first day the schools have been open since Friday. We are supposed to get more snow tonight and tomorrow. Hello…this is Central Arkansas, not Buffalo! I am a bundle up and take photos for 5 minutes mom. Then I’m the watch from the window and make hot cocoa mom. Our favorite snow day breakfast is 7-grain hot cereal with plenty of brown sugar and warm milk. Yummo!

  11. I didn’t live anywhere where we could go out in the snow when my son was old enough. LOL But today, I’m the stay-in-side-except-to-run-outside-to-take–pictures person! And snow makes me want to cook and bake for some reason.

    1. Me too! Made chocolate chip cookies last night and bread this morning. I’m thinking snow’s not too good for the waistline.

  12. I don’t have any suggestions for snow days – I live in Louisiana and we hardly get a flurry. But I did want to comment on your photos – they look great! You learned some good photography tips at Blissdom and it shows!! I wish I could have made it!!

  13. We do actually have snow today! Crazy amounts of snow (which is crazy for this part of Texas!)! My husband is upset because the University here is still open even though most schools around are closed (including the other near by universities). But the snow is falling like crazy. I predict a completely inside day for me filled with laundry and cleaning!

    1. It’s that kind of day here too! My husband DID get to work, so I’m here with the kiddos. I think we’re going to splurge and order pizza for lunch. 🙂

  14. Just found your blog today…found it off of Such the Spot.

    Loved all those photos! Yesterday we had a snow day (nine inches in one day) and for the four boys we had pancakes, bacon and eggs. As in, 20 pancakes (small), a pound of bacon and nine eggs to feed four boys before they went outside to play a bit so this moma could get lunch ready.

    Aren’t snow days the best? They always leave me needing a serious girly day though….

    Can’t wait to read more, checking out Blissdom now (I had never heard of it before).

    1. I’m so glad you found me! Darcie is a treasure. It was so wonderful spending time with her last week. Pancakes with bacon and eggs sounds divine.

  15. Hey there! We’ve had snow, sleet, and wind here this week. Things are pretty calm right now, but I hear there is another system coming in Sunday/Monday. I don’t think it’s supposed to be bad though. I love it! We have had so much fun taking pictures of KJ in the snow on her pink sled (and yes, I bundled up and went out with her).

    It makes me want to cook and bake like crazy! I have made a cake, spaghetti sauce, chicken casserole, hamburger bean bake, chicken and rice soup, and too many cinnamon pancakes to count!! Next up is banana bread and muffins.

    County schools have been closed 7 times already for snow (and 6 of those have been in the past 2 weeks). Of course, the year I leave, they get all these awesome paid days off for snow! Parents here seem to be going bonkers and are really wanting to send their kids back to school. Me, I love it!! I only wish KJ was old enough for some of the activities I’d like to try with her, but there’s always next year…

  16. Hope you’re enjoying your snow days!!

    Did you hear about the north Philadelphia school that’s changing the lunch food and vending machine snacks to make them healthier? No soda at all, lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Impressive!! I heard about it this morning and immediately thought of you!

  17. If we even get the possibility of snow it is a major weather event down here. Right now it is just cold and wet. Blah. I’m ready for the sun and warm weather and flowers peaking out of the ground and birds singing…. You get the picture.

  18. Over here on the west coast we haven’t had a lick of snow this year. Yet Vancouver has the Winter Olympics, we’ve been joking that it’s the Spring Olympics this time around. There’s already crocuses, daffodils, and cherry trees budding!

  19. That is a HUGE snowman! We have snow, and LOTS of it. Latest totals for Baltimore this winter are 79.9 inches of snowfall. Seriously, we got like 50 in the past couple days. Since we’ve been essentially shut in for DAYS, I feel like I’ve been cooking all the time! Who knew we’d use so much stuff?!? I’ve made two different muffin recipes and I’m trying to make them more often. I always forget about muffins for breakfast until I make them and think, “Boy, that was easy. I should do this more often!”. I usually go out with my toddler in the snow since I go out and help my husband shovel. I do look forward to the day when I can send her out to play in the snow without accompanying her, though!

  20. Oh WOW! That snowman is just the coolest thing EVER! I’m going to show my girls in the morning – poor Kentucky kids have never seen snow like that in their lives!

  21. Wow – That is an amazingly tall snowman. Did it take ladder to do that?
    We just got our first “real” snow here in GA for the first time since 1993! We’ve had piddly stuff over the years, but not amazing – go outside and play in – snow. I have been so excited. This is the first time my kids (and my son is 15!) have had a true snow experience. We had a total blast having snowball fights and such yesterday. And we have snowman building on the agenda today. Yes – I go out and get in on the fun, then come in to make the hot chocolate. Today though, I’m going to get it ready ahead of time and reheat it when we come back in, because yesterday I was already toasty warm by the time it was done!
    I don’t think our snowman is going to come close to yours!!!

  22. I actually kind of wish it would snow here – just for a day or two. Today, it was 70 degrees and sunny. I’m not sure I’m ready for that kind of warm…yet.

    Your pancakes look delicious, by the way.

    1. I’ve been wanting some “real snow” for a couple years now. I guess I can say I’ve had my fill. 😉 I don’t mind it; it’s pretty. But when it keeps the kids out of school for a week, gah… I’m done. Not that I don’t love my kids, but it’s such a HASSLE getting them geared up for snow, and then the mess they leave behind when they get back. And they have watched WAY too much TV. Ick.

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