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It was pretty much a given that I’d be writing about New Year’s Eve attire for Fashion Friday this week. (What else would I write about on New Years Eve Eve?) The irony is that I haven’t had a reason to dress up on New Year’s Eve in . . . um . . . well, it’s been years.

Do you do anything fancy for New Year’s Eve? It’s really kind of a shame not to. In fact, I admit that most years I am in bed long before Dick Clark and his 22 face lifts ushers in the New Year in Times Square. What with the drunk driving situation and three kids to find babysitting for and then the issue of where on earth to even go, we just usually opt to stay in.

We’ve been known to have friends over and make fondue, which is certainly fun, but not exactly worthy of sparkly New Year’s Eve attire. In fact, now that I think about it, the LAST thing I would want to wear while aiming dripping forks-full of cheese to my mouth is fancy dress-up clothes.

This year we will be staying in (shocker!) and having chocolate fondue (only the chocolate part, because that is all my nerves can handle) and I think we will actually let the kids stay up and watch the ball drop. We should probably rent a festive movie to keep us entertained (and the kids from bouncing off the walls) until 11:55. Got any suggestions?

While I will most likely be wearing something like this:

Here are a few examples of what I WISH I could wear on New Year’s Eve. And if YOU are going somewhere worthy of such attire, perhaps you will find some outfit inspiration from my window shopping!

I’ve never been a huge fan of the one-shoulder look, but this dress is absolutely divine. And for $91, I’m tempted to order it and hang onto it in case I ever have an occasion to wear it.

I would love to have a reason to wear this snake print sequin skirt.

With a simple black tank or sheer blouse, it would be striking.

But realistically, if I were going out on New Year’s Eve, I would probably wear an outfit like this — this is the kind of party look I love. Simple. Festive. Just a bit edgy.

Micro-flare jeans (I’m loving this new style!) with some sort of fun, sparkly top — but certainly NOT these shoes!

New Years Eve Party Looks

So, how about you? What will you be wearing on New Years Eve? Going anywhere special? Hanging out at home? Got any fun family traditions I might want to adopt? Spill it!

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  1. Ooooh that snakeskin skirt is awesome! My NYE includes pj’s, b/c that’s how I roll. Happy New Year!

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