Fashion Friday | Ode to Athleta

One of my favorite new places to shop is Athleta. I have always enjoyed thumbing through their catalogs, and I ordered from them several times, but it is only since ramping up my exercise program that they have become one of my go-to online shopping locations.

If you aren’t familiar with Athleta, they are owned by the Gap and are known for stylish activewear. Like this!


Cute Workout Wear



After the holidays, while they had their winter sale items marked an additional 20% off, I took some Christmas money and went shopping. I was delighted with my entire order, and I’m already making a wish list for my next one.

You’ve already seen my cream Rib Zip Hoodie, which I love for casual days working at home and running errands.

casual mom style

I also treated myself to these Relay Capris. They are the only item I bought that weren’t on sale but I’ve wanted them for a long time, and I absolutely love them — both for running and the gym. They look awesome with the Trailhead Tank.

Trailhead Tank

I have a hard time finding cute tops that aren’t racer-back or otherwise too bare for my sensibilities, and for $19.99, that’s a steal! (It was $34.99 plus 20% off when I ordered it. So the prices are much better now, even without the additional 20% off sale. Kind of kicking myself right now, but hey. If you’re in the market for some workout attire, here’s your chance to get some really cute stuff for an awesome bargain!!)

And I bought their Organic Cotton Salamba Pant which I wore in this post. I got these for working out at the gym as well as for wearing around. The days I go to the gym, I sometimes run errands afterwards, so I like having workout clothes that are nice enough for wearing around too.

I usually wear them with the red Nike sweatshirt my husband got me for Christmas, but I have my eye on the Athleta Spice It Up Hoodie. I love the longer length and the thumb hole detail on the sleeves. The longer lengths are particularly nice when wearing running tights or the Relay Capris ’cause they cover the tushy.

The only question is, magenta?

Athleta Spice It Up Hoodie

Or pacific?

Athleta Spice It Up Hoodie

Speaking of longer lengths, I also have my eye on this Sphinx Hoodie. In fact, I might have just ordered that with the $20 in Gap Rewards I just earned. Sbhhh…

The Tranquility Tank is a must for both running and gym workouts. I adore this hibiscus color.

Athleta Tranquility Tank

And isn’t this Hatha Hoodie positively YUMMY? They picture worn over workout gear, but I would totally wear that around town with jeans and boots.

Athleta Hatha Hoodie

Now I just have to wait till it all goes on sale.

Do you buy from Athleta? What are your favorite pieces?

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21 thoughts on “Fashion Friday | Ode to Athleta

  1. LOVE. Great choices! If you’re looking for good pants, I also recommend GapFit. A little cheaper than Athleta (through Monday, select styles are $35!), nice and thick, very high quality. I’m still wearing some that I bought at least five years ago. I just bought another pair last week to motivate myself to get moving. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the rec! I actually have a pair from Gap that shrunk to high heaven. They drive me nuts. 🙁 Not sure they were GapFit tho. Might have been something I picked up at the Outlets.

  2. Hey, that cream rib zip hoodie may work with the tank you were wondering about on Wednesday! I’d count that as a cream cardigan, unzip it and see what you think!

  3. I love Athleta! I think the thing I love most, is they have up to size 2X! Trust me, there is not alot of good looking athletic wear out there for us gals who are working our way down to an XL or L.

  4. I love your picks. I am a magenta kind of gal. I have never tried Athleta, but I am intrigued. Very stylish! Thanks for the giveaway. I LOVE Trop50…even more now that they are sponsoring a spa giveaway. LOL!

  5. I have never actually ordered from Athleta, but I drool over every catalog I get. I hadn’t received one in quite a while, but since the new year (they must have ramped up their distribution list and started sending to people who have never ordered!) I’ve gotten a couple. Can I just say that the three things I definitely WANT are the last three items in your post?? I need (want) the hatha hoodie, the sphinx hoodie (can you tell I like hoodies?) and the tranquility tank. I always work out in tanks, even in the winter, I just switch to long pants. Of course, I am running at the gym, and not outside in the 13 degree weather. . . Now you’ve got me thinking again. I had recycled the catalog to hopefully squelch my temptation! 🙂

  6. wow, excellent finds at athletica! i’m so curious about it but haven’t ordered yet… sticking to gap body for now. thanks for hosting this fun friday link-up!

  7. I really like that Hatha Hoodie & the Rib Zip Hoodie. Workout? Me? Nah.. but, I would wear those with jeans and such.

  8. I vote Magenta. I think that color would look great on you. This is another item on my to-buy list… nice looking workout gear. This would imply I was infact working out, or perhaps give me inspiration to do so!

  9. Athleta is high quality stuff. I admit I stocked up on Black Friday when it was all 30% off and free shipping.

    I want to say that the only clothes I will wear for the rest of my days are pretty dresses, tank tops and hoodies with thumbholes.

    1. LOL! Sounds divine. Although I have a hard time with their dresses. Even with working out, I’m too lumpy thru the middle. I wish they weren’t so form fitting, but again, Athleta implies that you are athletic, I guess!

  10. Well, I want just about everything. The Pacific color matches your blog! I think you tend toward warmer colors so go for Pacific for something different.

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