The Great Paint Debate

I’ve said before that I’m not much of a decorator. I certainly know what I like, and I think I have a pretty good eye for color and style. I enjoy thumbing through pretty home magazines and gazing at DIY blogs, but I’m not very good at putting all the components together when I’m decorating my own space. And truthfully? I just don’t have the time to give it much thought.

When we moved into this house a few years ago, I hired a decorator-friend to help me pick paint colors because we find that aspect of decorating quite challenging! We probably painted each room in our last house three times each before we found what we liked. It’s much easier to get it right the first time, so we were happy to pay for help.

We’ve been pleased with just about all of our paint choices except the front living room. It’s a bit . . . um . . . minty.

For years we left it be. We didn’t really care too much because that room is the last frontier when it comes to decorating this house. We bought a slip cover and some throw pillows for our old couch, we put my curio cabinet in a corner, stuck an old chair in front of the window and called it done.

Since then we’ve put our electric keyboard/piano in there, and I do have three gorgeous pictures of my kids adorning the walls, but otherwise we really don’t give that room much thought. It doesn’t get used much.

Unfortunately, it IS visible when you enter our home through the front door, so we’ve decided the time has come to get it fixed up the way we want it. Nolan Painting, one of my sponsors this winter, is gifting us with their Painter for a Day service, and we decided to have them paint the living room.

I might even finally get rid of that silly palm tree pillow that drives my friend “d” so crazy. 😉

It could be a really pretty room; it has a gorgeous cathedral ceiling, and if we put the time and effort into getting it painted and decorated, it would be a lot more enjoyable and we’d probably use it more.

So that begs the question . . .


Let me tell you why it’s such a conundrum.

The rest of the house is decorated in greens and burgandy. We used darker tones in the family room, which is on the back of the house and doesn’t really affect our living room paint choice at all. But to give you the full picture . . .

The walls are a deep coffee color (which I ADORE.) I think they are darker than this photo leads you to believe. The curtains are a deep moss green, and there are burgundy accents. It is warm and casual and cozy — just what I wanted.

Although, looking at this picture is making me realize that the furniture arrangement in that room is horrible. And we should probably consider taking the Christmas decorations off the mantle, ahem.

So that’s the back of the house.

Starting at the front, when you walk in the door, the foyer, hallway and kitchen are all painted a light beige. I wouldn’t mind having bolder tones or even more color in there, but that is a HUGE job and we’re not ready to tackle it yet, even though the walls have seen better days.

Yeah, I know. It is very beige. And that bookcase needs something now that my Christmas nutcrackers are put away. (This post is making me realize how much I have neglected my home lately!!!)

Look up. More beige. Sigh . . .

My office is on the left, and it is painted a bold rusty red. LOVE IT.

The living room (the room in question) is immediately on your right.

And the dining room is behind the living room. There is a very wide doorway between the two, so they are pretty much connected. This picture was taken YEARS ago. Because now? That table is covered with all kinds of crap . . . papers, boxes, candles, pencils, you name it. Ugh.

The blues and yellows are from our old house. I actually made that window treatment. I KNOW! I used to do crafty things, believe it or not!

I am not loving the yellow and blue anymore, but we won’t be re-covering those chairs anytime soon. So for now, they stay. And as long as they stay, so does the window treatment.

As you can see, we used a darker shade of green above the chair rail and lighter below. I like that darker green; it’s a soothing sage. But the lighter shade isn’t my favorite.

And the lighter shade of green under the chair rail in the dining room is also the color in our living room.

It doesn’t bother me in the dining room, as I think the darker green takes precedence, plus that room doesn’t get as much natural light as the living room so it seems darker.

In the living room, we’ve never cared for it that much. I think we both prefer deeper paint colors, for one thing. And for another, it’s just a bit too minty for our tastes.

Here you can get an idea what the space is like, looking from the dining room into the living room.

Oh hai, dusty plant. Really, y’all. Maybe I should take a year off from writing and work on my house!

And also? See the edge of the dining room table? TOLD YA.

So in summary.

Since the office is red, the foyer is beige, and the dining room is sage green; we don’t have a plethora of choices when it comes to repainting our living room! It has to go with beige, sage and rust.

We could match the sage green of the dining room. But that’s a lot of green.

Or we could go with the same beige that is in the foyer, or perhaps a shade or three darker, for contrast. But I feel like beige is such a copout.

But other than those two options, what else is there??

Who wants to take a stab at it??

Beyond that, I’d like to replace the pillows and the slip cover on the couch to freshen the room up a bit. And the sheers too. I think I paid all of $7 each on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond six years ago. I’ve gotten my money’s worth and then some.

I’m wide open to ideas. Just remember. I do not do crafts. This has to be easy, relatively cheap and . . . did I mention easy?

Okay, GO! What color should we paint the living room?

And if you have any other suggestions, I’m open to hearing them.