Fashion Friday | Summer GNO Looks

This week I’ve had several occasions to go out with the girls or to a casual gathering. Since I spend my days at the computer in my home office and schlepping kids from place to place, I always look forward to a night out for an excuse to wear heels and pretty up a bit. I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite looks.

You’ve seen my What I Wore posts. You know how predictable I am. I usually wear some variation of jeans and cute top… Bonus points if it’s black. I’m trying to break out of that rut but I find myself often reverting to what’s safe and comfortable.

Here are some GNO outfits to inspire me… And maybe you too.

I love a maxi dress, but I haven’t found one that I feel comfortable pulling off. I love this outfit though!

GNO Outfit with Maxi Dress
GNO Outfit with Maxi Dress by jolynneshane featuring silver jewelry


Another look I’m dying to try is shorts with heels and a cute top. I usually wear shorts as casual wear, but I love the trend of dressing them up for work or a night out.

GNO Outfit with Shorts and Heels
GNO Outfit with Shorts and Heels by jolynneshane featuring gold bangles


And of course there’s always my old standby, jeans and a cute top! I love this look. So comfy and yet put together.

GNO Outfit with Jeans
GNO Outfit with Jeans by jolynneshane featuring clutch handbags


Which is your favorite?