Fashion Friday: Swimsuits and Coverups

By popular demand, let’s discuss swimsuits and cover ups.  As for the former, you can refer to a post I wrote in July of 2007: To Skirt or Not To Skirt, That Is The Question.

We might as well just get it out here in the open right from the get-go.  I am a huge fan of the skirted suit.  I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: there comes a time in every woman’s life when she should no longer bare her hind end for the world to see, and my time has definitely come.  If that makes me frumpy, so be it.

Now that we have THAT settled, my very favorite place to shop for swimsuits is Lands End.  You just can’t beat the quality.  I know they aren’t the sexiest of swimsuits, but again, my time to feel sexy in a swimsuit has come and gone — a LONG time ago.  These days, my goal in swimsuit shopping is to find something that I am not mortified to be seen wearing in public.  I do well to find that, nevermind trying to find something I actually LIKE.  Basically my criteria is two-fold.  I’m looking for support and modesty, without looking like I’m wearing my mother’s bathing suit.  Or was that three-fold?  Whatev.

For years I’ve worn a suit from Lands End’s faille collection.  It’s five or six years old, and it’s still in great shape.  I’ve had a couple other suits during that time, but none that I’ve liked enough to keep for more than a season.

This year I was definitely in the market for a new suit.  I spend half my summers at the swimming pool, and one suit simply won’t do.  Plus, it might be close to time to put my faithful old faille bathing suit out to pasture.  Even though it’s held up well, it’s not fitting me quite as well as it used to.  You ladies over 35 know exactly what I’m talking about.

So.  When I was getting ready for my trip to the Hyatt last weekend, I ran out to the mall to see what I could find.  Thank goodness Sears sells Lands End suits in their stores.  The selection isn’t great, but I picked up this top in navy blue with the solid navy skirted bottom.  I’d like to order another top in a different print and style, but also in navy, to switch out with the same skirt.  I’ve got my eye on this.

But if I could wear anything I wanted, I think I’d go to Athleta and get something like this.


Or this.


Title Nine also has adorable suits, and I would have to assume the quality is good, but I’ve never bought one from there.  But seriously, how cute are these?



My friend Grace just pointed out something very obvious. I’ve linked to all tankinis.  That’s simply because that is all I ever look at.  But for those who are not a fan of the two-piece, have you seen Miraclesuits?  I owned two of these back in the day, and they really do help keep all those jiggly parts in check.  Like, how about the Sanibel?


They don’t make many with skirts, but you always pick up a sheer sarong like this one to throw on over it while you stand around the pool.


Or if that’s too fussy for you, I used to throw on a pair of board shorts over mine.


Where is your favorite place to shop for swimsuits?

I did get a specific request for discussing swimsuit cover-ups, and I have to admit, this a much more enjoyable topic.  I have a hard time with cover-ups, though, because of my skirted bottoms.  It’s hard to put anything on over them and not look lumpy and bumpy.

For example, I absolutely love this Reefbreak Hoodie.  It would look great over a suit, at least it would if you have the body of a supermodel and you plan to spend the afternoon perched on the side of a boat, grazing on lettuce and fruit.


For the rest of us, what about the Taj Tunic.  That could be really cute, and it still leaves room to eat, which is always a good thing.


Of course, I hate to break the bank on a swimsuit cover-up, so let’s check out Old Navy.  These Terry Halter Dresses are cute.


Or the Embellished Gauze Tunic would be cool, comfy look over a suit.

Old Navy Womens Embellished Gauze Tunics

I always think Smocked Tube Dresses are cute when I see others wearing them to the pool.

Old Navy Womens Smocked Knit Tube Dresses

Target has some cute ones too.  Like this Knit Dolman Cover-Up and this Merona Convertible Knit Dress Cover-Up.


So there you have it, my best picks for swimsuits and cover-ups.  How’d I do?

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Disclosure: Links to Amazon, Old Navy and Athleta are affiliate links.