Fashion Friday :: Trina Turk at Banana Republic

As you probably know, I am a HUGE fan of Banana Republic. At least half my wardrobe is from there. They just have my style nailed, and their clothes fit me well, and I don’t often see any reason to go anywhere else!

I shop more these days online than I do at the mall, so I’m feeling a bit out of touch with the latest collections, but my friend Audrey over at Mom Generations gave me the heads-up about the new Trina Turk collection coming to Banana Republic later this month! Check it out. I would so wear this dress.

And you know how I love black and white.

And I’m totally tempted to try these sateen shorts for a dressier occasion.

But I think my favorite part of the collection is the accessories.

trina turk accessories at banana republic

And I LOVE this tote.

trina turk pinking shear tote at banana republic

(Although I’m still hung up on that Rebecca Minkoff striped tote, truth be told.)

I would so totally wear this dress. I’m dying over the bold color palette.

trina turk at banana republic

And now I do believe I need white-rimmed sunglasses.

Okay, usually I don’t gush so much, but I’m really all hyped up over this collection. I think I need a long morning at the mall to see it all in person . . .

Hat tip to Audrey at Mom Generations for giving me this heads-up!

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