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Good Monday morning to ya! We have had some interesting developments with my daughter’s stomach issues, and she is back on gluten and dairy and doing fine. We still aren’t sure what is causing the tummy troubles, but after talking with her teacher and tracking the timing of her stomach aches for the past few weeks, we have a sneaking suspicion it could be due to anxiety or stress over her performance at school. Somehow our third child is turning out to be an over-achiever, which is really quite comical if you knew just how pitifully average the rest of us are!  We are not putting any pressure on her to perform, but she seems to be doing that to herself.

At any rate, my meal plans will once again be dairylicious!!! I am still trying to eat somewhat Paleo-ish for my own needs, so I will still be incorporating some grain-free/dairy-free dinners into my meal planning. In other words, I’m hoping to strike more of a healthy balance. And hopefully this will make my meal plans a better resource for those of you looking for more wholesome, real food ideas for dinner!

Here’s what I’ve got on the docket for this week:

Weekly Menu 04.08.13

MONDAY: It’s just the girls and me tonight (Paul and D are headed to a Phillies game) so I think I’m going to make these Italian Hotdogs with Rose Romano’s Peppers via my friend Cindy at Whatever Works. It seems appropriate for a game day when we’re not at the game. And the weather is finally conducive to grilling. Whoopie!

TUESDAY: I’ll be in NYC for a red carpet event with Target (wheee!!!) so the family will get spaghetti.

WEDNESDAY: Slow Cooked Bacon Wrapped Chicken (I’ll be tired from a late night so I’m hoping to have this ready to throw in the crockpot on Wed morning) with a side salad

THURSDAY: Skirt Steak and Sweet Potatoes with Herb Sauce via Freshly Completed

FRIDAY: Salmon Cakes with Simple Sautéed Spinach

SATURDAY: Spicy Paprika & Lime Chicken via Eat Drink Paleo, hat tip to A Modern Hippie

What are you eating this week?

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  1. Thanks for hosting! I’m trying a new recipe this week – Braised Beef Shanks. I have about 4 packages in the freezer which need to be used up. The recipe seems super simple – keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Your poor daughter! I know a couple of people who suffer from abdominal distress as a result of stress, both of whom are over achievers and very close to me. They’re currently working on managing it by doing things like short meditations, deep breathing, regular sleeping and eating patterns as well as writing out the things that stress them out and then trying to find a positive way to look at things. I hope your daughter can find some ways to settle her belly 🙂

    This week I’ve shared a tutorial for making both Syrian and Greek style yogurt 🙂

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