I got the cortisone shot.

So when I said that my plantar fasciitis was gone . . . or due to my lower back . . . or whatever I ended up saying . . . well, it came back.

Are you sick of the drama? ME TOO.

As God as my witness, I will never say my plantar fasciitis is gone again.

It was like the orthopedist jinxed me. After he pressed on my foot last week, the pain came back and didn’t really go away again. Im beginning to think it’s all psychosomatic.

Except that it isn’t.

The pain and stiffness were definitely back, so I had back pain AND foot pain. Excellent.

My physical therapist and my trainer and my husband and anyone else I respect told me to just get the ding-dang shot and get it over with so that’s what I did.

I called on Tuesday, and they were all, do you want to come this afternoon?

And I was all, NO! I’m not ready yet.

I was actually planning to make the appointment for next week and give my renegade foot a LITTLE BIT MORE TIME because it was STARTING to feel better again, but when they had an appointment for yesterday (Wednesday), I decided to put my big girl pants on and commit. So I did.


Like most things, it wasn’t really as bad as I’d feared. It was more the oogey factor of having that big needle sink into my foot that bothered me than the pain. I have been through so much pain in PT that the needle was really just a little owie.

Ironically, it hurts worse now from the cortisone shot than it ever did from plantar fasciitis. I am eagerly waiting for the pain to subside so I can find out if it worked or not.

I realize that my biggest fear wasn’t the pain of the injection, although that was definitely stressing me out, but my biggest fear is that it won’t work and I will have to come to terms with the fact that I can’t run anymore. THAT would be, quite literally, insult on top of injury.

When I think about my runs last summer and how hard I worked to run that half marathon, when I drive down the roads I used to run and recall those steamy hot mornings when I pushed my body to its limits, I miss that. It’s like mourning the loss of a friend.

It’s weird how emotional I get when I contemplate not running anymore. To think that I could mourn something I spent 38 years of my life not even experiencing seems kind of silly, but it is what it is, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Don’t tell me you’re sick of hearing about it. I KNOW YOU ARE, so you don’t have to say it.

I had a revelation of sorts yesterday.

I was praying that this cortisone shot works, and that I can keep the plantar fasciitis at bay for a long time, and as I prayed I realized that God gave me a gift in the ability to run and the exhilaration it provides and confidence I gained from it. That’s not really a new realization. When I run, I feel overwhelmed with thankfulness sometimes.

But what I realized was, if this is a gift, and if God takes it away, I have to trust that He will provide something else. And I will have to be open and willing to try other things so I can find that something else. And I will have to be okay with that. 


It helps to look at it that way. It’s still depressing to contemplate not running, but if I trust that God will provide something else, then I know it will all work out.

Meanwhile, I can only wait and see. Right now I’m pretty uncomfortable. Only time will tell if the cortisone shot works or not. The doctor said that once the pain and swelling subsides (hopefully by the weekend) I can go back to all my normal activities.

He also said I can quit PT. I will be interested to hear if my physical therapist thinks I should continue to treat my back or just take some time off and see how I do.

I have to admit, I will rather miss PT. I got to know my therapist quite well, and I kind of enjoy my visits. But at the same time, I will be happy to get those few hours of my week back!

I’ll update my Facebook page this weekend and let you know how I’m feeling, but my guess is it will be a few weeks before I REALLY know for sure if the shot worked. It might just give me some temporary relief, so I’m going to do my best not to get my hopes up too high for a while. Or probably ever. Once you have it, from what I understand, PF has a way of rearing its ugly head again and again.

I know everyone is as done with this saga as I am, but since many of you are keeping tabs on me, I figured I’d update. If you’re one of the ones who is sick and tired of hearing me whine, I’ll be back tomorrow with a fun fashion post (and a giveaway)!

Hey, I’m a mom. We aim to please!

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  1. I completely understand what you mean about mourning the loss of running. I stress fractured my feet in the fall of 2012 (right one from running, the left from the bracing of the right foot and limping). I spent 9 months healing, 4 months running again, no more than 3 miles. And I am rarely pain free. Those fractures set off a chain reaction of issues in my feet and I am coming to grips that maybe all I can do is 1-3 miles. Ever. I tear up about it. I miss it terribly. I felt powerful, healthy and strong while I was running. It was like going to a counselor so I was less stressed. I had only been running for 3 years, but I had wanted to be a runner since I was 12 so it was also a dream come true. I am doing my best to keep running in my life, even if it is only a mile or so once or twice a week.

  2. I hope that it works for you. But like you, I know that if God takes something away He will get you through it and give you something else. My hubs has gotten several cortisone shots in his wrists (YUCK!) and they have helped me tremendously. He’s had either 2-3 in both wrists (I think it’s both anyway) and now he’s rarely having any issues with his tendonitis. 🙂

  3. My husband had PF – changed his diet and went totally Paleo and it went away on it’s own – it does flare up from time to time if he eats “bad” (Thanksgiving, Christmas)………on another note my good friend, also named Jolynn, had PF and got the cortisone shot and still runs now with only minor knee problems from time to time. Granted she can no longer do 7 or 8 miles but is pleased to do 3 and 4.

    Good luck – please keep us updated on your blog, I do not do Facebook !!

      1. Look into Primal Instinct too (Paleo with dairy). And I concur what Judi says! But you know that already 😉

  4. Ahhhhh!!! I was so hoping it WAS your back. I even did the stretches, etc too, thinking ah! That’s it! I didn’t wear my splint one night and my foot was in so much pain the next day. ALONG with my back. Haha. Not.funny. Now we are snowed in, I don’t own a treadmill and am dying… DYING! inside to go for a run. Maybe the rest will do it some good. I talked to a friend recently who had PF for two years. Said she tried everything we have, but in the end it was the orthotic insert that a dr. molds especially for your feet ($450+) that worked. She now does not have pain anymore. I’m still in denial.

  5. Prayers that the cortisone works for you! My husband received a shot in Dec for his shoulder – doing better after a week of pretty severe ache following the shot itself. We are hoping it was enough to make it so he can naturally strengthen it again. Have you tried chiropractic? (our next step for the husband) Try to find one that specializes in sports related therapy (look for one certified in Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, and Kinesio Taping) They could treat the foot AND the back….working through any scarring that might have developed from the chronic inflammation in the fascia etc. I saw one for a painful elbow a couple years ago….he fixed me up in about 6 visits. Good luck!!

    1. Yep, I did that all summer . . . the chiro and he is an athlete and he did the graston technique and kinesio taping. He got me thru the half marathon but after I quit him, the pain got much worse. My PT uses the taping and graston too and does a lot more massage, which I think is good. But I’ve been curious to see what he would say if I went back to him now.

      Glad to hear that your hubby is doing better, and wow, who knew this could hurt for a week!? I was not prepared for that. (Still hurting today… 2 days later.) Thanks for the input!

  6. A few years ago I had a bad case of PF as well. I did the route of therapy and paid big $ for custom made orthotics with a foot specialist. I wore the orthotics with all my shoes at first but now with just my runners. I can’t wear any shoe without a good support for my foot. What I think really helped me and continues to help (and I know I am lucky) is to sit in my hot tub and I have a jet that is very powerful and I place my foot against it. It is almost painful to keep it there but (I feel) it breaks the tightness ( I call it the crystals) inside my foot. If I don’t do this weekly, I find the PF sneaking back. This helped with a trainer at my gym as well. She doesn’t have her own hot tub but swims regularly at our town’s pool and we have a hot tub there. She does the same thing, holds the sole of her foot against a very powerful jet as well. She told me that this is helping her as well. Maybe it’s psychological for both of us but it’s working. I just took up running last spring (and I’m in my 50s). I find it very meditative. I slap on the runners, my iPod and I have about an hour of just running, thinking and breathing. I know how you feel. I’m Canadian and I have only been outside running a few times this winter. We are having a terrible winter. Running on the treadmill in the gym is just not the same for me. Can’t wait until spring and I can be outside. Take care….I also believe that something good is always around the corner. PS I enjoy your blog

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! And yes, this winter is NOT a good one for runners! It makes it a LITTLE BIT more bearable that I can’t run right now. 🙂 I don’t have a jacuzzi bathtub. My PT does work at breaking down those crystals in my foot, though.

  7. That is a great way to look at it… God will provide you with a replacement if you cannot run any longer. I am still hoping you will be able to run again tho.


  8. I was hoping it was gone. I do think it is stress related as mine kicked in worse during times of stress. It was about 10 months of pain, but much better now. I rarely go barefoot, always have some support and stretch it out a lot. Praying this helps.

  9. I hope it works. If it doesn’t…don’t forget what I said about doing the detox–and no dairy as it causes inflammation in the tissues. I know. 🙁 But after a year of PT etc. treatment..eating clean healed my plantar fasciitis in 2-4 wks! Totally amazing. And even after I wasn’t so ‘clean’ in my eating..my foot stayed healed. So you can bet I’m on a soapbox about it 😉 I recommend reading ‘Clean’ by Dr. Alejandro Junger.

    I read a great quote by Corrie Ten Boom “Hold Everything in your hands lightly, otherwise it hurts when God pries your fingers open”. Appreciate your heart on this. Perhaps Jesus has something fabulous up his sleeve…he usually does 🙂

  10. Do a search on Google for a Dr by the named of Ganjemi and read up on his philosophies regarding injuries and inflammatory foods etc. (why we don’t heal as we should). He also writes some really good articles on trigger point massage/therapy which I would say should help. Also looks at his philosophies around arch support (he reckons we don’t need that and need to walk bare foot to strengthen muscles in the feet.

    I moved to walking 45 minutes per day because of achilles problems and doing running drills (which you can find by searching) but I wouldn’t do those until the arch of your foot is well healed. Try R.I.C.E. and once inflammation is down apply heat and something like magnesium oil as well as Arnica cream and remove inflammatory foods to heal quickly. Also keep your weight off the foot for a few days and give things time to heal more quickly.

    Ganjemi suggests stretching is not a good idea, but I would certainly look at stretching your achilles and fascia when the inflammation has gone down (and possibly hamstrings) as well as having your partner go along the backs of your legs and feet pressing to find any sore points, and to rub those sore areas out. Look up how to do trigger point therapy and find something called “The Stick” if you haven’t already heard of it or by a special foam roller for doing self massage of the legs along the backs etc.

    It’s usually problem achilles (tight) that exacerbate plantar fascitis, so worth checking this out as well as getting your arch’s looked at.

  11. I think once you read Ganjemi’s website you’ll identify with a lot of his common sense philosophies around natural foot health. Made so much sense to me… we were never meant to wear arch support in shoes and the best exercise for feet is walking bare footed, often.

  12. I so relate. I’ve had foot pain for a year and a half and no end in sight. I’m not walking at all and it’s hard to see others without pain enjoying life. But I realized the pain, itself, is the gift God is giving me so that I won’t be so engrossed with the world. It’s helped me re-focus on the Lord. God bless you in your trials.

  13. Hi! I just got the shot in my foot, and I was feeling better then BAM less than a week the pain is back and it’s worse than before I got the shot! I’m at a loss, I called the doctors office this morning and they said to ice and stretch. What have you done? I would love any tips? I have been reading everyone’s responses and I’m taking everything in!

    1. Ugh, Jeanette, I am so sorry! This was years ago for me, and the only thing that helped it get better eventually was rest and wearing supportive shoes. I am finally back to running, but not at the distances I was before the PF and the cortisone shot.

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