Green + Orange with Denim

I’m terribly sorry, but the top I’m wearing in these pictures is from last year and it’s long gone. I know, so cruel. I tried to round up some similar tops for your shopping pleasure, but honestly, none are quite like this one. I hope LOFT decides to carry a version of it this year.

Kelly Green with Dark Denim and boat shoes... a classic spring outfit. The pop of coral and gold accessories make the outfit!

I threw this outfit on to wear for St. Paddy’s Day last week, and my husband came home from work with a new toy. Or, you know, a new camera. A big boy toy.

Spring Outfit with Kelly Green

He was actually renting it to test it out and see how it compares to our current camera, which is getting old. He couldn’t wait to try it out, so we went out front and grabbed these shots. I liked them too much not to use them so here we are.

Spring Outfit Inspo: Kelly Green with Dark Denim and boat shoes with pops of coral

I carried my orange bag and wore an orange bracelet. My dad always told me I should wear orange on St. Paddy’s Day instead of green because we are Protestants, so I usually cover all my bases and wear both. Besides, I like orange and green together.

Spring Outfit Inspo: Kelly Green with Dark Denim and boat shoes with gold accessories and pops of coral

My bag is old, but I’m obsessed with this Isobel Hobo by R Minkoff, and it just went on sale in the white and the poppy. It’s $218 marked down from $325.

R Minkoff Isobel Hobo

The Tory Burch Logo Wrap Bracelet only comes in silver, yellow gold, and rose gold unless you can find one on eBay.


Actually, I stand corrected. Those are metal, and mine is leather, so it’s not really the same at all, but they are still pretty cool!

My Arabesque Chandeliers are from Stella & Dot, and they’re only $39. I like how they make a statement without being heavy. I’m a Stella & Dot Independent Stylist, so if you ever have any questions or want help with an order, let me know!

Spring Outfit Inspo: Kelly Green with Dark Denim

These are my Hudson Krista Crop skinnies, but the Nico style is cheaper and looks almost the same.

Spring Outfit Inspo: Kelly Green with Dark Denim and boat shoes with a glimpse of leopard and pops of coral

The Top-Siders are easy to throw on and keep the outfit casual. I also like how they play off the tan in my leopard belt. This Angelfish style is a bit more feminine than the traditional boat shoe.

Spring Outfit Inspo: Kelly Green with Dark Denim and gold accessories

Gold accessories and a leopard belt complete the look. Even though this shirt is long gone, if you like this outfit, the color palette should be easy to replicate.

Fashion Over 40: Kelly Green with Dark Denim and boat shoes with pops of coral

Outfit Details:
shop green tops // similar jeans $128 // Sperry Top-Siders $79
similar orange hobo $218 (on sale!) // leopard belts
Arabesque Chandeliers $39 // Dalton Pendant $79

I’ve started using self tanner, and I can definitely see a difference in these pictures. My all time favorite is the Clarins Self Tanning Gel. I’ve tried a ton of different products over the years, and I always come back to this one. It doesn’t streak or turn orange, and you can see the results after one application. I put on a layer every day or every other day all summer long.

Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel

If self tanning intimidates you, see my post on How To Apply Self Tanner. You can’t go wrong with these easy tips!

Be sure to stop by and see the spring outfit Cyndi is styling today!

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41 Responses

  1. Love the pops of orange. It’s funny, I seem to always love these looks with fun pops of color, yet I can rarely bring myself to actually buy colorful accessories like this! I hate to buy really cheap bags, but I’m too cheap to buy a good bag in a non neutral color, lol. Problems. 😉

      1. Don’t you wish manufacturers would make clothes that are easy to care for and don’t shrink? I have so many shrunken tops 🙁

  2. Another great outfit. Casual-classy, as I call some of your styles. I love the orange bag, but I’m on a bit of a handbag hiatus…..I do have a brown Coach signature bag, trimmed in orange that I think will work for me! Funny thing is this morning I put on my dark jeans on with a Lands End cable sweater the color of yours! It’s still pretty cool & cloudy here in the mountains. Is that your glass or morning wine? And may I have some too?? LOL!!

  3. Like this outfit. I haven’t worn my leopard belt in awhile-great idea. Nice kicks-so comfy looking!

  4. You look great in bright colors like this green. I am loving wrap bracelets lately. I really need to find one and just buy it! The orange is a great pop of color and really seems like it would go with lots of things.

    These shots turned out great…not sure if it’s the camera, time of day, or what but you look happy and relaxed.

  5. This one is a winner! Especially like the shape of the top and the leopard belt! But really, what I was admiring this time was how lovely your hair is and your glasses are so modern! YAY! Pretty Lady!

      1. Goodness–really?! Do you have a post on what you do to create the volume? I think it looks awesome–I have thin, fine hair so this is one of my issues also… just curious!

  6. Wow, I have never heard of the wearing orange…lol, I will forever be on the look out now! Cute spring outfit btw!

  7. Really, really cute outfit! Quick question on the self tanner…do you apply regular lotion prior to the tanner, or not?

  8. Hi JL,
    Did you put the self tanner just on your face or on arms, etc? Do you apply it on freshly washed skin then put makeup over? I’ve only used it on my legs before, so excuse my ignorance, lol.

    1. You can put it on your face – and Clarins actually has one for face, but I dont usually. I just buy darker makeup. I put it on my arms and legs after I shower. I towel dry completely. If I want to lotion, I do that at another time of day. Or I do it about 30 min after I put the self tanner on. By the time I do my hair and makeup and get dressed, it’s been at least 30 min.

  9. I guess i got it wrong last week. Ha! I will have to remember to wear orange with my green nxt year. We are part italian and bAptist but we had corn beef and wore just green. This a great comfortable outfit. I have been wanted a pair of topsider forever. This cud be the year !

  10. This is a very complimentary outfit! I have a question for you, but not about today’s post. You sometimes style shoes from Payless. Since you have foot problems, do the Payless shoes offer enough support? I like the prices, but have never tried them. Also, thanks so much for the info on the self tanner. I could not remember the brand when I went to buy some. Do you get yours at Nordstrom?

    1. Yes, I usually order at Nordstrom. I just ordered an extra today so I have it when mine runs out. 🙂 I find Payless shoes have as much support as any fashion shoe, and their Comfort Plus and DexFlex lines are excellent. 🙂

  11. Fun looking outfit Jo-Lynne! Our son keeps upgrading his camera lenses to take even better pictures, so I get your husband wanting to upgrade. The quality of the pictures is great.

    I hope your knees are feeling better!

  12. I love warmer weather but then I cringe when I want to wear a dress or shorts. My husband says my legs look like Puff Wheat!! Do you remember that cereal? Self tanner helps minimize the pale skin with not so pretty freckles. But I am not very proficient applying it. I’ll give Clarins and your instructions a try. I am curious about the self tanner. How do you do your back? Does Hubbie help you out?
    Gosh, I love that pocketbook!

    1. Well, Jeez, that’s not a nice thing to say! LOL. I hate my legs too – I have pale skin and red bumps on my thighs. BLEH. Self tanner helps a LOT.

      I don’t worry too much about my back. I hardly ever bare my back – even swimsuits are usually pretty well covered b/c I like tankinis with a built-in underwire bra. I have had my husband help me with my back before – if I’m going to wear a halter or something. But I also find the back easy to tan naturally. It seems to always get the brunt of the sun when I’m at the pool or in a tank top in the front yard. 🙂 I do use self-tanner on the back of my neck, and I rub it down as far as i can reach into my back. It is good enough for most shirts. 🙂

  13. Nice outfit, FANTASIC camera! I can’t believe the difference in the pictures, wow!

    I’m terrified of self tanning, I just may give it a try with this brand. Does it smell okay? A lot of them are stinky.


  14. Cute outfit! Very springy and I think it would work for more than just St. Paddy’s Day! I have a similar shirt, but mine is orange, so I could do an opposite outfit, because I have a green bag. Great inspiration!

  15. Hi Jo-Lynne! I read your blog daily, and I always love your outfits and inspiration! I recently tried a new self tanning lotion by Younique, and it is AMAZING! It does not turn orange, and has a very pleasant light scent. It does not stink!! There is a lotion, for your body, and a spray , for your face. Both are awesome! I started with their Make-up, and I have loved everything that I have purchased. It is only available through a Younique presenter(much like Mary Kay and Arbonne are sold). I love it so much, and order so much, that I became a presenter! I would love to answer any questions that you, or any of your readers may have about the products! They also come with a love it or money back guarantee! Thank you! Have an amazing day! younique products.com/trishamcbrayer

  16. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    I plan to order some Stella and Dot jewelry and no longer know anyone who sells it. Happy to give you my business since I enjoy your blog so much! Please email me with details.
    Thanks and Happy Easter!

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