Happy Birthday, Outback!

Anyone else Outback Steakhouse fans?  Does the Bloomin’ Onion mean anything to you?

Uh-huh.  Figured.

Well, guess what. This year the Outback and their Bloomin’ Onion celebrate their 20th anniversary. Do I feel old, or what? I remember when the Outback was new and novel.

Now as for me, I’ll take a plate of their eleventy-million-calorie cheese fries over a Bloomin’ Onion any day, but I know that there are a lot of Bloomin’ Onion fans out there.

Did you know that 15 million Bloomin’ Onions are sold each year? And before it is “bloomed”, each onion is specially grown to be 16 ounces and 4-1/2 inches wide? Not four inches, mind you, but four and a HALF.

Now that’s some serious OCD right there. And I thought I had issues.

Any-WHO. In honor of its birthday, the Outback has created some special menu items available only through April. Take a look!

Sirloin, Shrimp and Scallops Mixed Grill: Juicy USDA “Choice” sirloin, seasoned, seared and paired with succulent grilled shrimp and scallops, all served with whole grain wild rice and sautéed spinach.

Chargrilled Tuscan Rib Eye: A tender, thick rib eye seasoned with a Tuscan marinade of imported olive oil and fresh herbs and
spices, then chargrilled over an open flame. Served with garlic mashed
potatoes, fresh steamed veggies and a homemade olive and sun-dried tomato

Fresh Tilapia with Pure Lump Crab Meat: Fresh tilapia crowned with a crab stuffing, then topped with pure lump crab meat and sliced white button mushrooms, finished with a drizzle of light lemon-butter Chablis sauce. Served with fresh grilled asparagus.

Slow-Roasted Sirloin Medley: Perfectly roasted slices of sirloin drizzled with fresh herbs, garlic, olive oil and lemon surrounded by grape tomatoes and asparagus, served atop sautéed spinach and a jumbo, homemade Outback crouton.

Does any of that appeal to you? Well, here’s the best part. One lucky reader will win a $25 gift certificate to the Outback. Yep, that’s right! All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me your favorite menu item at the Outback. That’s IT! The giveaway will close on Friday, and I will select a winner. Good luck!!

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  1. Yum! My favorite are the cheese fries too! I really like Alice Springs Chicken for an entree, but usually the appetizers are plenty!!!

  2. I love vegetables and fruit. But every once in awhile I’m carnivorous. I’m sure if I had ever been to an Outback, that the ribeye would be my favorite!!

  3. My favorite menu item is no longer on the menu but can be made if you get someone who has been working there awhile. It is the Shrimp Brisbane w/ Pasta. Swimming in butter and deeeelicious!

  4. I used to go to Outback and just get the Bloomin’ Onion!! When I was pregnant with Cassie I craved them like mad. The fakes just would not do. I had to have me a real Outback Bloomin’ Onion. I remember one night when we were just too busy to go get me one. I was one miserable cookie! haha

  5. I’m with you..the Cheese Fries over the Bloomin’ Onion anyday!! I have an unhealthy obsession with OUTBACK!!!

  6. Yummo! Let’s see……..my faves. Well, the cheese fries are awesome, layered of course. The Queensland salad is out of this world……..get it with an 8 oz. grilled chicken breast for extra flavor instead of chicken salad. But my all time favorite thing at Outback are the green beans! I love them and could seriously order 2 or 3 sides of them! LOL

  7. It’s been so long since I have been to one the only thing I can think of is the Bloomin’ Onion. This makes me wish the closest one was 2 1/2 hours away.

  8. I was thinking there is this chicken dish there that I like… and I couldn’t remember the name of it to save my life! Then, as I scrolled through the comments, I found I’m not the only one who loves the Alice Springs Chicken.

    Yeah for free food! That’s my favorite kind.

  9. The Queensland Salad and the Salmon. The Queensland is the BEST! After reading that the Aussie Cheese Fries are the WORST food in America (health wise), I guess I’m glad I’ve never had them. I’ve never met a Fry I didn’t like, I would most likely be addicted to them! So, I’ll stick with the salad and the salmon.

  10. I think that I might be the only person in the USA that has never been to Outback! I need to win the gift certificate so that I can check it out.

  11. OOOh Ooooh Pick me..my birthday is Friday (3-21) GOOD FRIDAY even.

    I love BLOOMIN Onion..
    not a big steak fan (something about the slab of meat laying on the plate) gross!

    But I love the baked potatoes there too. Fluffy yet crunchy skin!

    Kelly S. (Michigan)

  12. I think they have the best filet around, but you can’t go wrong with the cheese fries, either.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway – I’d love to try one of their special items if I win!

    Lisa Kay

  13. mmmmm….I love me some Outback! When we lived in China, we used to love to visit Beijing so we could eat at Outback! The cheese fries are awesome and they have a wonderful ceaser salad.

  14. The Victoria’s filet is my favorite. I’ve been to quite a few high end steak houses but I much prefer the steak at Outback!

  15. i’m all about the Alice Springs Chicken. which drives my boy crazy because i rarely order a steak there. but i may just have to try that new sirloin medley….grape tomatoes and asparagus!? yum!

  16. Between the cheese fries and the bloomin’ onion, I can do some serious damage at Outback. It’s definitely one of my favorite spots to eat out! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  17. You just can’t beat filet mignon. A bloomin’ onion is a nice way to start the meal if there are a bunch of people in your group to help you eat it.

  18. Hands down the coconut shrimp is the best item on the menu. I can make a meal of the shrimp, a glass of wine and a piece of cheesecake…my mouth is acutally watering. I would love a chance to go on an evening out with my honey and a gift card. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  19. All this talk about cheese fries—I’m going to have to try those sometimes. My absolute favorite is the Buschman Rooms….they are fried mushrooms and for some reason they are not on the menu everywhere. (I’ve had them in MI, TX, And WA but not in CA). Anyway, they are the best fried mushrooms EVAH! Served with some sort of Ranch dressing that’s awesome as well. Ya’ll are making me hungry!

  20. Hello Mrs. Housewife- I was just catching up on your blog, and I’m glad I made it in time to see your contest. My favorite things on their menu are the Alice Springs Chicken and the Prime Rib. Yum!

  21. ok, i am SO hungry now thanks to this post! LOL!!

    i am a huge fan of the bloomin onion! seriously tho, the thot of a steak has me salivating, it feels like it’s been forever since we’ve been out, here’s hoping i win!! 😀

  22. I like a lot of the stuff on the menu, but that new surf and turf (the sirloin, shrimp and scallops) sounds amazing! Mmmmmm… thanks! gumbi1313 at msn dot com

  23. The Bloomin’ Onion by far…I have made myself sick on those things more times than I care to remember! LOL! Thank for the awesome giveaway…It woudl be the perfect excuse for a “date night” around here! 🙂

  24. I would love to share a blooming onion..maybe with some of those peach drinks! My favorite item is the Alice Springs Chicken and Cesar Salad!

  25. I used to WORK at the Outback here in my town – it’s a sheer miracle I didn’t come outa there a Two-Ton-Tillie! They do have such great food. Even though it’s not like I’ve never been there before, I’d LOVE to go again with a free gift card (who wouldn’t?!)
    Thank you SO MUCH for such a wonderful giveaway, and also for letting me participate.
    Love to you and yours, take care and God Bless

  26. Alice Springs Chicken is my favorite – but I just plain ol’ love their salads! Especially with the honey mustard dressing. And the Sydney’s Sinful Sundae is to DIE FOR!!! YUM!!!

  27. Bloomin’ Onion!! I have tried it at other steak restaurants. Theirs just doesn’t compare. I also like New York Strip. They do a good job cooking steak. When it is overdone, it’s like chewing on a belt!

  28. Unfortunately I haven’t been to Outback a lot which is a great reason for me to win the gift card… My husband said he really likes the Bloomin Onion and the Cheese Fries. I guess he’s an appetizer type of guy!

  29. Well to be honest it has been 12 years since I have been to an Outback. I did enjoy their steaks and the “bloomin onion”. After reviewing their menu online, it looks like they have many other great things! Would love to try it again.

  30. Ohh, me and the hubs LOVE Outback…and the prime rib and yes, a Bloomin’ Onion!

    …just please don’t ever tell me how fattening one of those is. It would break my heart. 🙂


  31. I love chicken on the Barbie and Alice Springs chicken. mmmmmmm I think I will have to make a trip there this weekend.

  32. I think the tilapia and the Tuscan ribeye both sound delicious– I don’t know which one I would order!! But I could be forced to try! I have a broken foot right now so I am hoping for a sympathy win!!

  33. Sorry, I have to stick with the bloomin’ onion…it’s a classic, and oh so not good for my pant size…

  34. I always *wanted* to try a Blooming Onion, but as a cardiac RN I could never make myself eat that big ball ‘o lipids. UGH. If I win a gift card, then technically it is free and if I don’t buy it the calories don’t count, right? 😉

  35. My very most favortie thing from outback is the clam chowder it is the best myself and my husband could eat it all day!

  36. aussie cheese fries!!! with the ranch dip of course. i also love their salads- might have something to do with that ranch dressing once more…

  37. Cheese fries! Must have cheese fries. And I can’t decide if it was an act of God or the devil himself, but they’ve built an Outback no less that three miles from my house. I’m frightened. Because those cheese fries are calling my name.

  38. Call me boring…lol :~)
    But the 8oz Sirloin Steak (medium) with a loaded potato and a salad with ranch….is just the thing! Mmmmmmmm, now I AM hungry.

    Lovely bloggy giveaway. Thank you.

  39. I could totally go for some of their outstanding hot fresh bread, a Bloomin’ Onion and a nice cold Ice Tea or Wallaby Darned! You are my hero! 🙂

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