The Emails Are Flying

Steph and I have been emailing back and forth with all sorts of questions about what to wear and who may be joining us for our Mom Blogger Mixer at Disney next month!!

It’s a three-day trip, so at one point she made a comment something to the effect of: "I guess we really only need three outfits, right?"

Allow me to pause so you can digest that.

Three outfits for three days?  Now that’s impressive.  But I’m afraid I can accomplish no such daring feat.  I’ve got to have OPTIONS, people! 

If you’ve hung around here for very long, you won’t be surprised to hear that my summer wardrobe basically consists of denim capris and fitted t-shirts.  So I’m pretty sure I’m going to want something with a little more pizazz for my first ever blogger mixer!  When the Boden catalog came in the mail yesterday, I knew I’d found my Spring 2008 wardrobe.

Here’s a few things on my wish list:

This adorable skirt.  Wouldn’t it be perfect with a coral colored tank or t-shirt?

Or this one.

And what about this top with a pair of khaki or brown walking shorts?

Or this one?

Also.  This tank — gotta have it.  Modest yet attractive tanks are hard to come by.

Yes, I am aware of the coral theme.  I *heart* coral.  Especially in the spring.

Of course, then there are shoes and handbags to consider.  Oh the pain, the drudgery.  This is hard work, y’all.  I might need some sustenance in the form of chocolate to power me through.

Oh yeah, today we’re talking about blush at Chic Critique.  Come on over and tell us your favorite product.  And tomorrow I will announce our newest additions to the Chic Critique team!