Hello from Nashville!

Well, I’m here, but who knows if I’ll ever get home.  I woke up to 2 inches of snow yesterday morning in Philly, but fortunately it melted before I was scheduled to fly out.  I fear my return trip will be much more difficult, with the storm predicted to hit the east coast on Sunday.  Nevertheless, my trip down was uneventful, which of course is a good thing when it comes to air travel.  I traveled alone, but I wasn’t lonely with Michael Pollan and Martina McBride keeping me company.

I packed a suitcase that was kindly labeled “HEAVY” with a big orange tag by the TSA officials, as the unfortunate gentleman behind me on the escalator last night can attest.  I rather unceremoniously dropped the suitcase on him when I somehow lost grip of the handle.  But it’s the South, after all, and he was gracious.  I, however, was mortified.

When I arrived at the Opryland Hotel, I knew to expect it to be massive, but y’all.  There is nothing to describe the size of this place.  I have walked MILES in the past 24 hours.  And there is a jungle in the middle of it all.

It’s very surreal, the blogging conference.  Of course, this is not my first, but it never ceases to amaze me — women I’ve only known online, women I know and love, women I’m meeting for the first time, all converging in one space.  We are women from all walks of life, all with different purposes for our blogs, yet we speak the same language.

You walk down the hall, and your eyes meet.  Does she know me?  Do I know her?  Should I introduce myself?  Should I know her name?

You see that rockstar blogger from across the room, and you feel like you’re rubbing shoulders with a celebrity.

And then there is that moment when you spot the woman that you vaguely recognize from her Twitter profile picture, but you know her so well.  You run over and squeal like a school girl and share a warm hug.

I attended three of the Wisdom Workshops today, one my own.  It went well, I think.  I was inspired to be a better writer at the Writer’s Craft session, and I learned some new tricks with my Nikon D50 at the Photography workshop.  Here are some of my practice shots:




Soon I’m headed back out to the Kick-Off Cocktail Party.  Lots of ladies have arrived this afternoon, and I’m excited to see who’s there and who I might find.  And the festivities continues.  TTFN.

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  1. Oh, have a great time, JL!! But I must say, this was a brutally snowy time to be gone from the whole DC/PHILLY/BALTI area. I hope you can get back! BTW — I stole, cooked, and blogged about your potato cakes and your tapioca. I hope that’s okay — to blog about them, I mean. I linked back to your site, your post and your utube. Those are both great recipes. Enjoy the Opry!

  2. have I told you lately I’m jealous? Next year, right? Sigh. That’s a long time away.

    How’d the sweater work out? Bet you looked fab.

  3. Wow, until I saw this on a few websites I had NO idea this even exhisted. I mentioned it to my husband, and it’s pretty low on the money priority list, but eventually I will be there! (Maybe two years from now) Until then I hope to improve my writing and keep blogging to help myself and others become better homemakers! Thanks for keeping us all informed of all there is to see in the blogosphere!

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