High Rise Jeans + Cropped Sweater

Good morning, friends! I hope this week is treating you well so far! Today for Day 6 of 27 Days of Spring Fashion, I’ve got a transitional outfit with high rise jeans and a trendy sweater that I’ve been wearing a ton lately.

I never minded the low-rise trend too much. Once I got used to how they feel, I really like the way low-rise jeans look on. Perhaps it’s because I’m short-waisted and they help correct my body’s natural imbalance, but I immediately embraced the trend and I’ve worn them almost exclusively for the past few years.

However, now that high-rise jeans are making a comeback, I can definitely see the appeal. For one thing, you don’t ever have to worry about exposing certain, ah, unmentionables. The other benefit to a higher rise is that your pants are less likely to fall down as you wear them, and they also help alleviate the dreaded muffin top.

I didn’t run right out to buy a pair, but when I started wanting to wear the cropped sweaters that are trending, I decided it was time.

After poking around for a while online, I decided to try the AG Farrah High Rise Skinny. They have a 9.75″ front rise and a 30″ inseam, so a little longer than what I normally wear. I thought I’d like the slightly longer length with ballet flats, but I actually took them to Nordstrom yesterday to be hemmed to the 29″ length, same as the DL1961 Emma that I love so much. The 30″ was just a little too long for me, and I didn’t like how they cuffed with these booties or now they bunched on top of my foot with ballet flats.

I will always advise you to purchase big ticket items like premium denim and designer handbags on a sale, but as a blogger, sometimes it makes sense for me to bite the bullet and pay the price so I can have the items I want to style for you. These jeans will go on sale eventually, and I will definitely give you a heads-up the next time I see designer jeans on a good markdown. (Unless you’re a size 25, in which case, you’re in luck! These are 33% off.)

Meanwhile, if you want a less expensive option, Old Navy makes a high rise version of their popular Rockstar skinny jeans, or you can browse high rise jeans for under $100 at Nordstrom.

I’m not crazy about how I cuffed these for this shoot. I wish I’d made them shorter so they weren’t falling into the top of my booties. There are so many factors to consider, aren’t there!?!

So let’s discuss this Free People sweater. I’m obsessed. Every time I see it online, I’m drawn to it. It comes in 5 gorgeous colors, and I love them all. I chose the ivory because I’ve been wanting to add a white or ivory sweater to my closet for this transition time of year. It’s more than I wanted to spend so I kept waiting for it to go on sale, but when it didn’t, I decided to grab it while they still had my size. I’m so glad I did because I’ve worn it a ton already.

I have the ivory, which is low inventory, but it also comes in white and grey as well as a fun coral and a pretty mint that would be amazing with white jeans. Seriously, if it weren’t so spendy, I’d buy one in another color. I like it that much.

It’s kind of heavy, but because it is cut generously through the arms and waist, you get quite a draft, lol, so it’s not too hot to wear on milder days. It’s really the perfect spring sweater for the weather we’ve been having lately in PA.

For the Adore Your Wardrobe peeps reading along, this sweater doesn’t exactly follow the rules, as it’s pretty wide, but sometimes I’m willing to bend the rules to enjoy a fun trend. I’ve tried quite a few cropped, wider sweaters, and this one is by far the most flattering. I think it’s a combination of the v-neck and the way the hem is cut, but you can actually see some shape through the waist area, and I like the length of the back.

I love the high-low hem, the exposed seams, the big cuffed sleeves, and the ribbed knit. It’s a nice quality sweater, plus it’s trendy and fun. For size reference, I’m wearing the small. I always size down in Free People because they tend to design with an oversized fit.

At first I put on neutral accessories with this outfit, but then I decided to have fun with the look, and I swapped them for these blue beaded tassel earrings and cuff bracelet. They’re a bit of a departure from my more understated taste in jewelry, but I thought they were fun for spring and summer.

I wore my new perforated peep toe booties and carried my kate spade mylie hobo, although I think I’d actually prefer a cognac or chestnut brown with this outfit. It’s funny how I see things in pictures that I don’t always notice in the mirror.

Either way, it was fun to break out some of my spring duds. These shoes are super comfortable and fun to wear. If you’re looking for a shoe to update your wardrobe this spring, I highly recommend these. I do recommend sizing down a half-size, though.

I realize the price point on each of these individual pieces is pretty high. Eeep! There are a lot of wardrobe basics here that will get worn so much, the cost per wear will average out, but for those looking for similar items for less, I’ve linked up some below.

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Free People sweater (20% off at Zappo’s) // AG high rise skinnies (similar for less here and here) // vince camuto perforated peep toe booties (I also like these and these) // kate spade mylie hobo (similar for less here and here) // Stella & Dot tassel earrings and cuff bracelet

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the spring outfit she’s styling today!

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40 Responses

  1. Of course there are good aspects to every style & detail—and the one I’m looking forward to for the higher rise jeans is I can wear a couple of the sweaters I knitted back in the day when cropped was in!! I threw out most of these sweaters, except the ones I knitted, but I haven’t been able to wear them. Guess I need to go whopping!!

  2. Love this entire look! The booties, the jewelry, jeans, sweater — all of it! You look great in the cream sweater and bright blue accents! Another winner.

  3. If you were here in south central GA, you would not be able to blame the weather for not going for a run. It’s close to 60, the birds are chirping, there’s a breeze in the air, and the sun is shining.
    Awesome outfit Jo-Lynne! I love the pop of blue in your earrings and bracelet. I have always preferred the high waisted jeans for all of the reasons you mentioned. I find the waistline to be more comfortable, especially when sitting. The Sonoma brand sold at Kohl’s is a great option for those of us that need a lower price point pair.
    Have an awesome Tuesday!

  4. It would be nice to see a pic of the jeans with your sweater lifted up a little so we could see the waist.

  5. Hey Jo Lynne! I’m definitely letting the high waist jeans trend go by. I have a wide middle so no matter what they’re not going to work for me. But your sweater! Too cute! I love the ribbed knit and how it’s pieced together. I can definitely see myself in that! Also, love your shoes. If only I could think of a good reason for another pair…..!


  6. Love this look! I’m afraid it would make me look too big but at least I can admire on you. Do you wear camis under sweaters? I love the blue accessories with the neutral top – glad you went that route! On another note, it seems that in the Shop the Post section, some days I can touch the little pictures and just the price comes up and other days it shows the price and automatically takes me to the page of that item. I like when just the price pops up and if I want to go to the page I can touch the names of the items below that. Sometimes I am just curious about the price and other times seeing the price will prompt me to move on or click further. Am I crazy or is this the case? Thank you always for your blog and these series with Cyndi!! Look forward every day to both emails.

    1. Hey Bonnie, I rarely wear a cami under. I hate how my sweaters “stick” to them.

      As for the widget, you should be able to hover to view the price, and it should not take you to the product page unless you click. Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks! I guess on my ipad there’s a very fine line between hover and click;) I tried it and it worked. Also, I knew there was a name for that little picture – widget!!

  7. Loving this different look for you! I love your typical style, but this is a fun change to see. I honestly can’t even tell your jeans are high rise from these pics.
    I love the booties too. I see why so many people are wearing them, they seem like the perfect neutral spring shoe. I ran across a really similar pair last night by Lucky Brand (Larise) on dsw for $80, They are a little darker in color but look like they’d be a good alternative for less. 😉

  8. You look amazing in this outfit! I love everything about it, but I must admit that your cuff bracelet really caught my eye. That and the shoes are really the only two items that will work for this shortwaisted pear-shaped lady.

  9. I have this sweater in the ivory and had to break down and get the coral! I LOVE them both. I do a mini front tuck with jeans and shorts….. it works! The coral is soooo pretty! Trying to control myself on the mint!

  10. Absolutely love this look on you. Checking out the higher waist jeans!! I agree with the other comments about the blue jewelry against the neutral sweater — perfect 🙂

  11. I am loving the high rise jeans for the reasons you gave. They are very forgiving for us with a muffin top. Love the earrings and the cuff too. And the booties and the purse! Love it all!!

  12. I love today’s post so much that I finally caved and bought a pair of the Old Navy high waisted jeans you suggested. They just happen to be on sale for $36 plus an additional 35% off with the code ENJOY bringing them down to $23 and change!! Thanks for suggesting items at lower price points!

  13. I frequently shop at Nordstrom’s, Loft., Ann Taylor and Banana Republic. I was wondering if you could please share the names of some of the websites where you shop, that are not popular mall stores.

    1. Hey Robbynn. The only one I can think of is Shopbop. I mostly shop at Nordstrom, LOFT, White House BlacK Market, and sometimes Bloomingdale’s, Ann Taylor, Banana, Gap, Old Navy, J.Crew… I tend to stick with the ones I know well. Oh, I often check Zappo’s for shoes, and sometimes I order from Splendid and some of the independent retailers like AG, DL1961, etc. I tried Shein once, but I didn’t care for the quality. I’m open to suggestions!

  14. I love this sweater and the booties! For some reason the link doesn’t work. The same thing happened with a link to Nordstrom on Cyndi’s post. You can pull up their site though. Just thought you’d want to know.

    1. Well, that’s not good. It seems to be an issue with the affiliate links, so I’ve reached out to my contact at rewardStyle to see what’s up. Thanks for letting me know.

  15. I love the clothes you pick and the style is so cute! I would love a post on how to choose a good pair of jeans. What should you look for in the store, online, how do you know if a pair will stay up and not stretch out, etc. You posted some info on your personal size jeans for different brands. Did you write all of these things down to figure out the size and brand you like? I am 5′ 3″ and have the hardest time finding jeans. I am also a bit curvy which makes it even more “fun!” If you have suggestions as a starting point and maybe brands to try I would be so thankful. (maybe you already have a post I have missed about this?)

    1. Christine…..try Loft curvy jeans. I’m 5’3″ and love them. They have sales, so no need to pay full price. I don’t dry them and they hold their shape good. Oh, I get petite curvy. They are perfect length that way. 🙂

    2. Christine, usually their jeans are $69.95 and they do a $20 off all jeans sale. So, yes good price for the quality. I plan to buy their white ones on their next sale. Good luck. 🙂

    3. I have, but it was years ago. It could probably use some updating now. Over time, as I started to find jeans I really liked, I would look at the measurements so when I buy new ones, I can compare. I started to realize what I do and don’t like about different ones, based on the different measurements. I also compare leg openings. Nordstrom gives all that info on their site, making it easy to compare. It’s hard to tell you brands to start with b/c we all have different body types and budgets. For me, I think AG make the most comfortable jeans, the best washes, and they just look and feel amazing, but they are mostly all over $200, which is really steep if you don’t LOVE them and wear them often. I wear mine constantly. DL1961 is another favorite. And Paige. Most of my jeans are one of those 3. Other people like LOFT jeans a lot, and I hear lots of great things about the Old Navy Rockstar for a cheaper option. Even people who have premium denim tend to like those.

      This is the post I wrote back in 2013: https://jolynneshane.com/how-to-find-the-perfect-jeans.html

  16. I think you did great in adding the blue tassel earrings and I love the bracelet. I noticed them right off. I also want to say you did a great job on curling the back of your hair. It looks great in the shot your husband took from the back. I have to be honest, I can’t get into the short, wide sweater look, as I’m short, but you can pull it off. As for the high rise jeans. I was wondering where they hit on your stomach? Do they cover your belly button? I think the highest I could stand would be mid rise. I just don’t like anything above the belly button. 🙂 It makes me think of mom jeans. Ha Ha and they aren’t comfortable.

    1. I have them out to be hemmed right now so I can’t put them on and tell you for sure. I was surprised that they didn’t aggravate me, being higher. It definitely feels different, but they feel really good.

  17. I have an apple body shape and I own both the AG Farrah high rise and the Old Navy rock star high rise jeans! I love both of them! You look beautiful as always!

  18. I need high rise jeans because I have a long torso, but I often have issues with high rise jeans sliding down. Have you noticed any issues with this style of AG jeans sliding down as the day progresses? Love the sweater!

    1. No, not at all. They’re great. I don’t usually have too much trouble with any of my AG sliding down, even the lower rises. They fit so well, they just seem to mold to the body and stay put. 🙂

  19. I may have overlooked it, but did you happen to share the sizing for the high waisted jeans you’re wearing? Just wondering before I order. I too am short waisted. I was so excited when low rise came along because for once in my life my waist band and my bra didn’t almost touch ????. As I’ve gotten older and the fluff (as you called it haha) feels better to be tucked in and held snug ????.

  20. Hey Jo-where will I get all your sunglasses…kate spade, rayban aviator & tory b. Pls send the link for exact same item. I loved them all. excellent choice!!

        1. Oh, I’m sorry – that links to the “build your own” sunglasses page. that is what I did – built my own. Mine have the matte gold frames with pink gradient lenses. Hope that helps! 🙂

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