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Happy Wednesday, friends. We are halfway through the week. Woohoo! Believe it or not, I have a work wear look for you today.

I get a lot of requests for work wear, but I struggle with this because a) it has been years since I’ve worked in an office setting and b) I really don’t like work wear. Or at least, I thought I didn’t. I keep trying ankle length skinny pants for a work wear look, and I always end up going back to my trusty skinny jeans because I find them to be so much more flattering.

Then I had an epiphany. I used to like wearing dress pants that were full-length with a wider leg, so when I saw these slim bootcut suit pants on the White House Black Market website, I ordered them.

Do you hear the angels singing? I do! I find these SO much more flattering for my body type than the more popular ankle skinny pants, which have a way of visually cutting off my legs at an awkward spot.

These pants happen to be the exact perfect length for me with these 3 3/4″ heels, but if they were any longer, I’d need to have them hemmed. They’re actually on sale right now for $59.99, which is an amazing price for the quality. They are fully lined, by the way, and they come in long and petite sizes. For those of you who like to get a size reference, these are a regular size 6.

I paired them with a fuchsia blouse and white blazer for a spring work wear look.

This white blazer came in my last Trunk (I told you I was holding back a few surprises!) At first I was going to send it back because I didn’t know what to wear with it, and then I started trying it on with different tops in my closet. It actually works with quite a few. When these grey pants came in the mail, I knew I had an outfit.

I find the collarless design to be easy to wear, and it works nicely with a lot of different necklines. I did front-tuck the top because otherwise, it was almost the same length as the blazer, and that doesn’t really look right. You want some difference in length between the two.

I like this blouse a lot. I will wear it without the blazer with white or blue jeans when it gets warmer. It comes in several colors, and today Banana Republic started their Friends & Family Event. You can get 50% off on up to 5 regular-priced items with code BRFAMILY.

I kept my jewelry simple and carried my black satchel to match my black pumps. I tried my nude pumps, but I didn’t like how they looked against the grey pants. If I had pumps in white or more of a stone color, I would have worn them instead, but I think the black works. I actually have pink suede pumps that are close to the color of the blouse, but I thought that might be a bit much… what do you think?

I don’t have a lot of occasions to wear an outfit like this, but I can see wearing the jacket and blouse with bootcut jeans and heels or skinny jeans for a lunch date or church. I also like how the white blazer looks over my leopard blouse from last fall, so I want to try that sometime too.

Enjoy the rest of your day, and don’t forget to visit Cyndi and see the spring outfit she’s styling today!

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fuchsia blouse // white blazer // slim bootcut suit pants // black pumps // black satchel // triad hoops // triple rings necklace c/o Hallmark // link bracelet // Ray-Bans // lips: Pink Nouveau lipsick with Cultured Lipglass on top

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46 Responses

  1. This is a great spring work outfit and I think the black pumps are perfect with it. They seem to “anchor” the springy colors. The pants are very flattering!

  2. Love this outfit. Bummer they are almost out of the pants – none in my size anyway. I have three white blazers each different styles and wear them ALL the time in spring / summer for work.

    1. Hey Julie, they have a lot of sizes in the pants right now. I wasn’t around yesterday to check so I don’t know if they restocked or if they just didn’t have your size. Maybe check again. 🙂

      I never thought about having a white blazer. If this hadn’t come in my trunk, I’d never have tried it. I’m so glad it did and I did! LOL.

  3. I do hear angels singing, Jo-Lynne!! 🙂
    This outfit is just gorgeous–you look like a #girlboss for sure!!
    Don’t you just love a white blazer (I”m a sucker for white, i know—but it looks so crisp)! I just bought one a couple months ago because I could never really wear one at work—they reminded me too much of a lab coat. But now that I’m out of the profession—it’s better!!

  4. I love this look. I would definitely wear it for church or out to dinner. As I am retired, I don’t get to wear this look very often. Like you, I am in jeans a lot.

  5. I rarely comment but this is such a good look for you, I must. I’m not going to set aside my skinny jeans any time soon and rarely need office wear either but for a polished, professional look, this is perfect!

  6. It’s so coincidental that you chose this post today. I had just ordered three pairs of skinny ankle pants from loft and have been playing around with them for the past few days. They just didn’t look right on me. ( have a similar body type to you) I thought about having them hemmed a little, but ultimately returned them yesterday. Last night I remember three pairs of full length pairs of work pants that I kept, that fit me well. A black pair, a blue pin stripe and a subtle check. I have decided that those will be my go to when jeans and chinos are not right. Thank you for showing that sometimes you need to wear what suits your body best, not what is on trend.

  7. I left the office setting myself about eight years ago. So I understand your issues with dress pants. But….I wear them to church on Sunday’s, meetings, and on occasion I attend a business meeting with myhusband.

    1. Yes, I used to dress like this on Sundays a lot. At my old church, people dressed up more. At my current one, there are a lot of jeans, and I finally stopped buying dress pants for church b/c I could wear what I have in my closet. I do like to wear a dress on occasion, though.

  8. Nice work outfit and it all fits you perfectly. Love mixing bright spring colors with classic grey pants.
    Also like what you did with your hair. I noticed Cyndi has been adding curl to her hair too. It’s so in style and a nice change. How do you get those natural looking waves??

  9. Thanks for a work wear look! I do love this. I think the black pumps were the right choice. If I wasn’t on a self-imposed buying freeze, I’d order those pants for sure!!

  10. Love this outfit – looks great on you and the pieces are all versatile to dress up or down. This is exactly the kind of thing I wear most every day – would love to see you do more for some different ideas.
    I have some similar pants I got at Loft last year, darker shade of gray, linen blend, Julie fit. They are still available and on sale with extra 40% off! I will be replicating this look. Thanks!

  11. I always like your more casual looks which are more my style but if I did have to dress up, I really like this outfit. Love the fit of the pants and the blazer without a collar. I do work in an office but our dress code is very casual. I can wear skinny jeans everyday if I want.

    1. You could, but you might have to have the pants hemmed. I would wear a pointy toe flat to elongate the leg and make sure they are the exact right length. I do think pants like this are more flattering with heels, but it depends on your body type. If you are long-limbed, it can work with flats.

  12. LOVE the gray pants. Because I work at home, I rarely wear “dress” pants. Had an occasion to need a pair last week and lo and behold when I did my closet purging last fall, apparently I had gotten rid of the dress pants! They were all out of style or poor fitting, but now I probably need at least one pair in the style you’re wearing. If I only have one pair, gray would be it. They can work for any season. Sadly, WHBM is out of my size, but now I know I can look there. For me, what makes these pants a true winner is the pockets. I always feel like the pockets gape in women’s dress pants, no matter what size the woman/pants are.

    1. ValToo, if my trousers have a stitch in the pockets, I leave it for that flat look. And, if they don’t I get my tailor to stitch them closed.
      This is a great work wear look, JoLynne. Very flattering on all body types.

  13. Nailed it! This was my ‘uniform’ when I worked in an office environment for 17 yrs… I still have a lot of the clothes ‘just in case’ …. someday I will part with them 🙂

  14. Great look. I think the style pant looks great on you. Wish I was more brave to wear different width pants. Once I get into the trend that is out, I can’t wear the other widths in my closet. I need to though. Really anything goes. 🙂

  15. Love that you are doing a work outfit! Personally, I would love to see more casual work outfits. My office has a pretty laid back dress code, with the exception that we are not allowed to wear blue jeans. I wear leggings and black jeans to work all the time but struggle to find other types of pants or skirts/dresses. I love the outfit you posted today but for me its dressier than I need for work. Hope to see more casual work wear in the future!

  16. I love this I think we start wearing jeans and t-shirts because they are easy to throw on. I noticed when I went to the grocery store and running around town some of the ladies dressed like this …Men holding doors for them and treating them special because they look so sophisticated. I noticed others taking note of them and I felt underdressed at that moment. I’m trying to do better now.

  17. Beautiful! This is an actual work wear look – so often I see blog posts from women saying they are styling work wear looks and they are still so casual. Love it!

  18. Hi Jolynne~
    Could you let me know the size of your white blazer and if you are happy with the fit or if you should have gone up/down a size. Thank you!
    PS Love this entire outfit on you and especially the flare pants!!

    1. I think I actually blended a couple. I can’t remember exactly. I usually start with NARS Rosecliff over MAC pencil in Spice and then I add a gloss over that and sometimes another color. I had a coral color I think I worked into it.

  19. I absolutely love this look! I have all the pieces in my closet to recreate this but would have never thought to wear them together. I was actually thinking about getting rid of my fuchsia blouse or at least replacing it and now I know just what to replace it with.

  20. Love this outfit – the color combo is perfect! and yes- agree, these are the most flattering pants I’ve seen you wear.

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