Holiday Gift Ideas for Teen/Tween Girls & Boys

One of my most requested gift guides each year is my guide for teens. I get you. Teens are great, but they can be tough to shop for. I’ve compiled these ideas with a little help from my kids, from JLS reader suggestions when I inquired on Facebook, and from googling to see what’s hot this year, so I hope this guide is helpful!

Let’s start with the girls. Obviously, some of theses ideas could work for either gender, but I decided to divide it up so it’s not so overwhelming.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Teen/Tween Girls

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Lotions & Potions // In my experience, girls love anything from stores like The Body Shop. Sweet smelling lotions and potions, candles, etc. are usually a hit. These make great stocking stuffers too. Also chapsticks —  kids love EOS and Burt’s Bees. This is a really cute holiday gift set for under $10.

Bedroom Decor // Teen girls love to decorate (and re-decorate) their rooms. A new duvet cover, a cozy throw blanket, or a fuzzy faux fur beanbag chair are all possible gift ideas. Also, these photo clips string lights are on my 13-year-old’s wish list this year. These are fun for room decorating and also allow them to hang pictures or cards or other mementos.

Pillow Pets // These cozy friends are still popular among the younger set — bonus if you know their favorite animal!

Bean Boots // Proof that what goes around comes around, somehow duck boots have come back into style. I used to wear these in college! But then, I did go to college in New England. Well, they’re back and more popular than ever, and not just in New England. Both girls and boys like these, from what I hear.

Winter Accessories // You can’t go wrong with tech-friendly knit gloves, and these are just $3 right now at Old Navy. My one daughter recently ordered this knit headband/ear warmer for walking the dog and also in anticipation of our day trip to NYC for her birthday. It’s really cute on her.

Pajamas // Why girls are obsessed with pajama onesies, I have no idea, but my girls both love these. You can find them on a budget at Target, and Nordstrom also has a nice selection. Bonus, the animal themed ones can double as a Halloween costume. My daughter wore this giraffe onesie for Halloween this year. They also love those thick fuzzy socks — my 16 y/o swears by this style.

Jewelry // Jewelry is a hit with many teens and tweens, and this beaded bracelet from Stella & Dot (I’m a consultant) is youthful and under $40. My daughter is also asking for earrings for Christmas — she always seems to lose these so I usually put a big multi pack in her stocking.

Hair Tools & Accessories // I swear, my girls spend more time on their hair than they do on their smartphones. They have asked for curling wands, flat irons, hair dryers, and curling rods over the past year or two. My older daughter recommends the Nume brand — evidently it’s popular with YouTubers. Scrunchies are another item making a big comeback with the younger set, and this holiday set is super cute. You can also find a large selection on Amazon.

Teddy Jackets // Also called sherpa jackets, these cozy coats are all the rage. This one at Urban Outfitters comes in 3 fun colors, Nordstrom also has a big selection, and Kohl’s has quite a few.

Makeup Tools & Organizers // Makeup organizers are another big hit with my girls. Even though they’re not wearing makeup everyday, they enjoy experimenting with it. Amazon has an amazing selection of makeup organizers. Another item that is often requested (and gifted when they’re buying for their friends) is makeup brushes. These oval brushes are super popular.

Smartphone Accessories // Kids with smartphones have a lot of fun with these camera lens kits they can attach to their smartphones. Also, popsockets are popular and these selfie light cases. I should put one of those on my wish list!

Music // These Crosley record players are the ones to have, evidently, and they come in a ton of fun colors. Ukuleles are also popular, and if the kid you’re buying for already has one, consider an accessory like a case or a wall mount. Before buying a case, make sure you know what size they have. I’ve made that mistake before! 🙄

Holiday Gift Ideas for Teen/Tween Boys

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Room Decor // Guys like things for their rooms too, maybe just as passionate about it as the girls. Football fans might like this football magnet wall organizer. My son always enjoyed getting posters of his favorite players to hang on his walls. Pottery Barn also has a faux fur beanbag that’s perfect for a guy’s room.

Skincare for Guys // Older teens who are starting to shave might appreciate a manly skincare kit. When they get ready to go off to college, a dop kit is a nice gift as well. Pottery Barn now has a whole dorm section.

Music // The portable record player with bluetooth is also a good idea for guys who like their tunes, and of course records for said record player are always a good idea.

Concert/Sports Tickets // We often gift our son (and our daughter, actually!) with tickets to a game of his favorite pro sports team. This is one of the most coveted gifts in our household. Concert tickets also make great gifts. We are gifting my daughter with theater tickets and a trip to NYC for her 16th birthday. You can never go wrong with gifting experiences.

Legos for Big Kids // For boys who haven’t outgrown their desire to make and build things, there are LEGO sets for that! How cool is this model of the NYC skyline???

Slippers // Scuff slippers from Abercrombie are cozy and cool.

Car Accessories // For the teen driver, a car charger makes a great socking stuffer.

Games // My son always asks for a game or two for Christmas. This year he’s asking for Biblios. Also, how cool is this glow in the dark capture the flag game??? We also enjoy Ticket To Ride and Settlers of Catan. Exploding Kittens is fun for groups, easy to learn, silly and not terribly inappropriate.

Bean Boots // Bean Boots are also popular with the guys. The nice thing is, they’re practical too. Also, socks for those Bean Boots will probably be appreciated.

Cold Weather Accessories // Old Navy makes a good selection of affordable and stylish hats, gloves, and scarves for guys.

Video Games // Whatever gaming system he has, you can bet he has some video games on his wish list. My son is asking for FIFA 18 and Marvel’s Spider Man.

I hope these ideas are helpful! I’m sure there are more, but I wanted to get this posted last night, and now I’m finishing it up on Thursday morning. I sure wish I could figure out how to get a few more hours in the day. Ha!

Hope you all have a great Thursday!

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10 Responses

  1. Thanks or the great ideas.  My girls are 15 and 17 this year, and really have very little on their wish lists… We went to the new Magical Beasts (Harry Potter series) movie on opening weekend, and our HP fanatic wants a Niffler…  done.  Of course I’ll buy you a stuffed animal for Christmas, if it means you’re holding onto childhood just a little longer….. 
    I had to laugh that scrunchies are back… Really?   The make up organizer is another great idea… Now I need to know that the make up will actually find its way into the organizer, and not be littering the bathroom counter.   
    Again, thanks for the fun ideas. 

  2. Love those string light clips! Just ordered them for both of my girls for Christmas and I sent my husband the lens kit for me! 🙂

    Thanks for these ideas, they are so helpful!

  3. I must be a tween! There are several things I want for myself! A record player–what a throwback! It cracks me up that the record hangs over the side when it’s playing. 

  4. Just for the record – my 21 and 22 year old sons are both getting Legos for Christmas! I don’t like to spend a huge amount on “toys” but they still love them 🙂 The Lego Architect series is amazing – we have (I mean THEY have) the NYC skyline as well as Chicago!

  5. Thanks Jo-Lynne, these are great ideas. I can’t believe scrunchies are back! 🙂 i have two boys, but have 3 god-daughters to buy for. I always buy them clothes (cause it’s so fun for me to shop for girls!), and I think the teddy coats are a great idea! i think I will tuck some of the lip gloss in the pockets.

  6. Great list. I don’t have anymore teens but these are great ideas if I did. You did a lot of work. Sorry for all your tech problems. :(. 

  7. These ideas are fantastic! The phone accessories really caught my attention, and I immediately started loading up my cart for our gift exchange until I realized I have no idea what phones everyone carries. They are such a great, inexpensive idea though. I didn’t know some even existed, haha.

  8. This is the best teen gift guide I’ve seen this season! Thanks for the great idea ideas that are reasonably priced!  My teen had several of hear on her list, and I picked up some new ideas!

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