How to Wear Pale Pink Skinny Jeans

The first time I photographed my favorite grey t-shirt with my new pale pink skinny jeans was kind of a flop. That post got a lot of feedback, both pro and con. I think we all agreed that we like the color combo, but the outfit was missing something.

I love both pieces, and I felt like they deserved a second chance, so one day last week I put them together again, but I tweaked the outfit a bit.

How To Style Pink Jeans: pink jeans, grey tee, denim vest, and wedge sandals

First of all, I added a denim vest. The t-shirt has a relaxed fit, so I like to do a front tuck to give some definition to the waist, but the hip area can look boxy without a 3rd layer to lend some structure. A denim jacket would work, but a denim vest is a fresh alternative, and it’s more appropriate for warmer weather — not that we’ve been having warm weather, but I am hopeful that it’s just around the corner.

How To Style Pink Jeans: pink jeans, grey tee, denim vest

The other major tweak I made to this outfit is to the shoes. A grey Converse or Superga sneaker would be cute and casual, but I decided to dress it up with a wedge sandal.

How To Style Pink Jeans: pink jeans, grey tee, denim vest, and wedge sandals

These are my Stuart Weitzman Elixir sandals, which I absolutely adore. They are so comfortable and so gorgeous; they always take an outfit to the next level. I’m not wearing these out and about just yet. I feel that espadrilles call for warmer weather, but hopefully that will be here soon. I know they are super spendy, so I linked to some other styles I like below.

Paige Verdugo Skinnies in Pale Pink with Stuart Weitzman Elixir Wedge Sandals

This was the day I had my hair cut and colored. I love the curls my stylist put into my hair. I’ve been trying to figure out how to achieve the same look at home. It’s not as easy as it looks, but I’m getting there.

How To Style Pink Jeans: pink jeans, grey tee, denim vest, and wedge sandals

Finally, I added a belt to finish off the look. I know that wearing belts is optional these days, but I always feel like an outfit looks more complete with a belt if the waistband of the pants is visible.

How To Style Pink Jeans: pink jeans, grey tee, denim vest, and wedge sandals

If I could change anything about this outfit, I  wish I’d cuffed the jeans. Looking at these pictures, I can see that they sit on top of the sandals. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I think a small cuff would be more flattering.

I definitely like these pants better with heels, and the vest gives some much needed structure to the outfit.

How To Style Pink Jeans: pink jeans, grey tee, denim vest, and wedge sandals
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64 thoughts on “How to Wear Pale Pink Skinny Jeans

  1. Adding the denim vest makes a huge difference in the look of this outfit. I also really like the long lines of the tall wedges versus a pair of Converse or flats. Off to my closet to try this look for myself!

    1. I love the outfit. I bought some pale pink jeans for spring and have been trying to figure out how to best wear them. I will try this look when it gets a bit warmer. I will tweek this look for this weekend’s colder temps when I visit my daughter in college. So I plan to try the pink jeans with a denim or gingham shirt and tan booties.
      Thanks for sharing a great look. Have fun in Dallas!

  2. This looks absolutely amazing. You look gorgeous, like a supermodel one can actually like, LOL – read – lovely figure, beautiful face, and a great smile. This outfit works so well, your are right, and the shoes take it to the next level.
    By the way, just an update on my jeans trials ;-). I finally found a pair of skinny jeans that fit. You may remember, I had said that with my height and build (I’m a 5’9 column) I thought skinnies looked silly, so I was only wearing bootcut jeans. Not any more! It was just a question of finding the right jeans. Now I have sooooo many more wardrobe options – I can wear tunics, jeans tucked into high boots, jeans with ballerinas or sneakers look better, I am IN LOVE. I don’t have a huge budget but I’m going to order at least one or two other pairs of these skinnies I found, another dark wash and maybe a pink/blush or stone. They are mid-range in price, but they’ll do for me, they seem good quality. And though I haven’t quite hit 40 yet (soon though) I do think they make me look younger, as in – just more ‘current’. I encourage everyone to not give up the search and keep looking for skinny jeans!

      1. Hi, I’m based in the UK so not sure you have this store in the US? It’s called Oasis. The jeans are their “Premium Cherry”. They have some special stretch in them that seems to help in “shaping” one’s behind 😉 Price is about £70

          1. Hi, just looked it up online and you can google Oasis. You get to a website called oasisandotherbrands.
            I think you’d like it, it’s very fashion forward!

  3. Wow, you really changed the total look of those pieces and you’re rocking it! I love the minor changes you made and how they completely transformed the look. I really appreciate how you put yourself out here as a real woman and the inspiration you give to so many other women is awesome. Thank you.

  4. Have a wonderful time in Dallas, looking forward to seeing your photos! As for the vest, what size are you wearing? A small or medium? I always find it helpful when you let us know your size for reference. I love this entire look!!!

    1. Oh, yes! I always forget to add that. It’s a medium, but I left the tags on and I’m debating running to the mall when I get back from Dallas and trying the small. It says to size down, and I don’t think I noticed that when I ordered, or I’d have ordered one of both. It’s a little roomy on me, but it still gives the structure I need, so…. I’m not sure the right size till I try the small and compare.

      1. I work in retail and I’m always trying to get women to try on 2 sizes for comparison!! This vest looked great on you and not too big. Sometimes when I go down a size the arm holes get too close-fitting and I can’t comfortably add a t-shirt or button-down underneath. I also like vest big enough so I can button it up even though I rarely do that!!

        1. That is a good point. I hate how the armholes are too small on my olive utility vest. Glad you think it looks okay. I can easily button it – which is unusual for me with the boobage (haha!) – so I think it is a TAD large, but I think you are right and I will be glad I have this size over time.

          1. In cooler weather this vest would look adorble over a shirt or light turtleneck sweater.

          2. I mean, “adorable”….I really can spell, but this keyboard sticks (and I need another cup of coffee!)

      2. I’m glad you are open to trying a smaller sized vest–I personally think it is too big/boxy. Also, I am not keen on the length of the vest–suggest an inch or two longer or shorter to mix up the hemlines. Really, longer would be better IMO. Did you try your cargo/utility vest? That might be an interesting choice also.

  5. Yes, in deed the blue vest added to the silhouette????. I
    noticed your necklace too! Perfect shiny, casual look-very much perfected! Enjoy the pants. What about a blue jean shirt w/those pants? Thanks for posting! Have a great day!!

    1. Thanks, Marti! Yes, I like this more casual necklace with it a lot. I styled a chambray shirt with my first pink jeans (that I returned) and my grey Superga sneakers, and I liked that outfit a lot. I will DEFINITELY recreate that with these jeans. 🙂 Great idea!! I love the denim with pink so much.

    1. I kind of think that too. But then they are all pretty neutral so maybe that’s not it? I do love the jeans with the wedges. And I think the gray top and the pink jeans look great. I think maybe it’s the denim vest that I don’t love? But it all looks great on you and like a very wearable combo. I’ll be interested to see some other ways to style the denim vest. I struggle with my utility vest and put it on and take it off repeatedly and then end up not wearing it. I am vest impaired. LOL

      1. Oh! And I meant to mention that I love your curly style! I had straight hair until my 30s when it suddenly became curly. I joke that I’ve had the best of both worlds. 🙂 I love when people add curls since it can totally change your look and give you a great new option.

      2. And I hear ya on being vest impaired. I actually like this one a lot and can see myself wearing it, but the utility one I have has never quite worked for me, and I find myself taking it off after pictures. 🙂

  6. I liked the original outfit and even pinned it.
    It was a great color combination! Yes, it was more relaxed than you normally style and there was a pucker at your zipper, but sooooo what. I don’t want to always dress to the nines to go to the grocery store (And I don’t mean wear pjs to Walmart either!). I was shocked at how tacky some of the negative comments were. (((Hugs))) to you, Jo-Lynne!!!
    The current outfit is great! It is more polished with the vest. Looking good, Girl!
    Have a very blessed day!!!!

  7. Love this outfit, it’s super cute! But I loved the original too. I so wish I could find some pink jeans like this! I’m sized out of this brand otherwise I’d get these ones! And I love those shoes. I have a million wedges but I’m considering splurging on those, they are just so pretty!

    1. They are pretty and honestly SO SO SO comfortable. Not exaggerating a bit. It was the comfort that sold me. I have NEVER spent that kind of $$ on shoes before. So now I guess I have to wear them for the next 10 years. Ha!!

  8. I liked your outfit the first time, but this time it looks more jazzed up. The denim vest looks really cute with it, and oh those shoes-love, love! I think your hair is really cute with the curls, too!

    Have a fabulous trip to Dallas!

  9. Enjoy Dallas Jo-Lynne!!
    I think you’re right in that this time the outfit looks more polished! It’s probably the vest…but I also think the belt is key since the two pieces are solids (ok—maybe it’s not key since it’s such a minor piece—-but it really adds interest!)
    Those heels are killers—but I think you should do another variations—how about your leopard shoes? (the belt made me think of it)
    ps…Thanks for always responding—I think that’s very nice!

    1. I think the belt definitely helps make it look more finished, especially when there are no other layers. 🙂 I do want to try other shoes b/c these aren’t practical for everything.

  10. Cute outfit, and I love your denim vest! I’m usually not a vest person (not into layers). That one might change my mind.
    I also love your pink jeans.
    I’m wondering, would you wear a vest with shorts? or is that a weird idea?

    1. I hate layers too so I’m surprised how much I like this. I would definitely wear this with shorts. 🙂 I wore my jean jacket with shorts last year – over a tank top with wedge sandals. 🙂

  11. Jo-Lynne-LOVE the vest, the color is perfect with the pink pants!!! In most of the pics it looks like it fits well, but on a couple I can see where it is a tad roomy on the bottom. Do you think it will shrink if you throw it in the dryer? Def. wait to see if you can find a better option or take it to a tailor if the top fits well and just needs to be taken in at the bottom?

    Have fun in Dallas, can’t wait to hear about it and see pics of you all together!! woo hoo! Be a light!! The fashion industry is….well you know.


    1. Yeah, it is just a bit. I am still curious to try a small before I decide. I love how soft and stretchy this is so I think I will definitely keep it in one size or the other. 🙂

  12. Jo-Lynne, I love that outfit on you. The other one looked nice also but this one seems more put together. I say this one is a keeper.
    Have a safe and fun trip.

  13. The vest and the wedge sandals are just what the outfit needed. Your face & hair look extra nice! I hope you had a good flight to Dallas. Can’t wait to get updates and pictures from you and Cyndi Spivey!

  14. Love this – and wish I could afford to buy those shoes too!

    For reference, what size are the jeans? From your bio, you sound like you might be the same size as me (although I always have a hard time finding skinnies that fit my borderline wide calves without cutting off circulation at my knees).


    1. They are a 29, but I will say, they have pretty narrow calves. You may like the ones I linked to in the shopping widget by NYDJ – they might have slightly wider legs.

  15. I’m reading your post super late today. I hope you’ve made it to Dallas, and it’s sunny!
    I love this outfit! I liked it before, but I agree that the vest and the wedges make it the perfect outfit.
    Have an amazing time at your conference. Can’t wait to see pictures. 🙂

  16. Amazing how a few pieces change the look. So stylish! Love the best, belt & wedges. I think the converse would be fine for a more casual look but live the wedges. You r hair looks great, too. If you figure out how to do the curls, please share.

  17. You look gorgeous. Thanks for trying again. I love that outfit.
    Hope Dallas treats you well. At least the weather looks nice here for the weekend. 🙂

  18. I’ll be the one to say I’m not crazy about it. I liked it better the other way. But I think I just don’t like vests. I would be interested to see what the small looks like on you. I think this one makes you look bigger than you are.

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