I Stand Corrected ~and~ Goodbye Frizzies!

Okay, I’ve changed my mind.  It’s a woman’s prerogative, you know.  I watched Dancing With The Stars last night, and it gets the Official DCRmom Seal of Approval.  I’m glad I finally coerced my DVR to record one of the competitions.  They are SO much better than the results shows.

Being a 90210 fan, I’m totally rooting for Jennie Garth.  Then that guy, the racecar driver, how much fun is he!?  And Marie Osmond.  I love her too.

But truly.  Wayne Newton HAS to go.  Tonight.  Pleeeeeeeeease, America.


The frizzies?  Buh-Bye.

Are you sitting down?  Look at THIS.

I’m not looking down.  That shot is straight-on.  Here, look at it from the side.  Just ignore the shadow of my big schnoz.  (Anyone have photo tips on eliminating these pesky shadows?)

And, what the heck, here’s the other side.


Hubs isn’t sure what to think of this.  My hair has NEVER been this short.  He’s just lucky I didn’t shave it.  I would have if she’d told me to.  Fortunately she thought this would take care of the problem just as well.  (She, being the hairdresser, of course.) 

This was totally spur of the moment.  I took my kids to get their hair cut last night, and I showed her my frizzed-out hair, and she started looking at it and giving me advice.  She was dying to get her hands on it, so I told her to go for it.  As they say, third time’s a charm!

Now I just have to stay away from the flat iron, and I’ll be all set.  The stars are aligned, and all is right with the world.

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  1. Your hair looks great!! Glad you’re on the DWTS bandwagon- it’s good to have you :). Didn’t Jennie do great last night- she pulled it out! I was so proud.

  2. I don’t want to say you look like Victoria Beckham but if the next thing you say is..”Its exhausting being fabulous” I may have to.
    It looks nice.

  3. Thank you, all of you! I’m really enjoying it. For some reason, my comments aren’t coming to my email account. URGH! Remember I changed to AOL b/c this was happening with yahoo? Maybe it was Typepad’s problem after all that. Anyway, that is why I have not responded to any of you personally.

  4. it looks fantastic!!!
    I agree, Wayne has to go, but I feel bad…. He tries so hard… They are all SO Good though, (except for him)

  5. Poor Wayne is beginning to look like a plastic man, isn’t he? I hate it when they just don’t know when to stop and go too far.

    Love Marie Osmond. I’ve always thought she was just great.

    Your hair is so, so cute. By my definition, that’s not short, but my word, what a cute style on you. I have a feeling it won’t take hubby long to get used to this new look. It’s perfect for you.

  6. 1) Your hair looks FAB! So young and fresh and cute.
    2) Wayne is AWFUL! and Helio is so fun.
    3) Glad you like Dancing- it’s great as long as you prerecord it so you can skip through the boring parts. (BTW did you know abc has all the episodes online?)

  7. Pretteh. Very pretteh. (You have to say it in that “I’m such a snob that I sound like I have a headcold” type of accent.)

    Way cute. (that’s the midwestern accent there)

  8. I’m so wanting Jenny to win dancing with the stars.. but this time round there are a few stars I know and love. Princess wants the cheeta girl to win, and I’m also a Cameron Fan.
    BUT I have to agree that Wayne has got to go.. He should have been long gone the 1st week. UGH.

  9. That’s the one I was talking about! Hairstyle that is! It looks wonderful on you and hubby will get used to it soon!

  10. It looks GREAT!!!! This is definitely the look for you.

    Glad you joined the DWTS bandwagon. I’m all for Jennie, Helio, and Sabrina (she’s just so spunky).

  11. Heidi, lol. It’s called OCD. 😉

    I swear, I’ve NEVER done this before. I hope to never go thru this again.

  12. NOW THAT, my dear, is a style that suits the woman I have come to believe that you are by reading your blog. Is that enough to base my assessment of who you are as a total woman? Probably not. BUT, I’m guessing your blog looks and feels the way you most want to be perceived, and if that’s the case, your hair matches perfectly! It’s elegant, smart, with a touch of flirty and sassy, chic and fashion-conscious with a hint at practicality (the faintest hint). I love the back most… I’ve always wanted that look for myself but my hair is so flippy outy I’m afraid I’d go for smooth and sleek and end up looking like a duck’s bottom.

    I really love it.

    Oh! And I found some jeans! And a cashmere sweater on sale, too! Yay!

  13. I love this even more! Keep the cut–Hubs will get use to it, and I’ll bet he really likes it too. If you happy with it, I bet he is too.

  14. I love the hair! So cute! It looks like it will easy to maintain.

    And I’m so glad you’re embracing the Dancing with the Stars Craze. I love the race car driver guy. How cute and fun is he? He makes me want to get up and dance. So, I do, but then I sit right back down.

  15. Your haircut is stinking cute. To avoid the shadow, you need a backlight. You can quickly rig one up by taking the shade off a lamp and placing it between you and the wall. It doesn’t have to be at head level, you just need a light source from another direction.

  16. Thought I would delurk right quick to answer your question about the shadow on the wall beside you. Step further away from the wall and it will lighten it. 2 feet at least.
    I like your blog!

  17. I think this haircut looks fantastic on you. i just got mine cut also.. 6 inches or so off… its hard changing it but you adjust and I really think this one looks way cuter on you than the last one 😀 hubs will adjust! hehe

  18. love, Love, LOVE the hair! It looks fantastic on you!

    As for DWTS – I’m so glad you got to see then actually dance! I read the comments on your other post and was a little surprised to find out I seemed to be in the minority. I LOVE the show and have watched every season. I don’t get to watch the results show, because it airs during House, and my DVR won’t let me watch something and record something else. And I don’t want to go watch in the bedroom! So I never know who goes home until the next week. I’m really hoping it’s Wayne this week. It’s a DANCE contest, not a popularity contest! (Well, supposed to be that way anyway!) And he really can not dance! I’m loving this season! Glad to know you are now a fan too!

  19. SOOOOOo cute. Good job! I love it! You’re totally sassafrass.

    And Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman should win, I think.


  20. I had commented yesterday and completely forgot to mention how to get rid of the shadows in your photos.

    The best way to get good lighting is to have your photo taken during the day by a window or door. Natural lighting is key.

    My #1 rule in photography—turn the flash off! 🙂

    That way you won’t have those “pesky” shadows.

    Try again and see how they come out. Good luck!!

  21. Beautimus! I love it!! 🙂

    As for the shadows, you probably have gotten advice, but if you put in some kind of backlighting, that won’t happen so much. Try and take a picture next to a wall that has a lamp shining on it. Better yet, a lamp that illuminates upwards on the wall. That should help a little bit. (it’s so hard to explain, I feel like I haven’t succinctly made my point.)

    I’m so glad you won a battle of the frizzies!! Again, it looks fabulous!

  22. A little late, but I just wanted to comment as well: The new cut looks really great on you! And from seeing how many already commented to same thing, you should believe us……..

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