I’m a Model!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned feeling like I was in a bit of a style rut, what with my uniform of jeans and t-shirts.  There were a lot of interesting and differing comments, but one really stuck out to me. My friend Nicole said:

I have decided I will only buy something if I feel good in it, regardless of whether or not it is a change in style. Confidence is what makes us look good, not the clothes.

And I think she’s got a great point.  It has taken me 34 years to figure out what looks good on me, and I think I’d rather be safe and look good than to take a risk and end up a fashion disaster.  Although it might be fun to get a visit from Stacey and Clinton.  Hmmm…

But anyway. T-shirts are my friends, and I’m okay with that.

So get this! Rebecca at The Space Between My Peers is looking for models for her Friday Fashion Labs. She wants me to try on a bunch of T-shirts, and we’re going to compare necklines so we can determine which ones look best and why.

I was quite surprised to discover how many variations of T-shirt exist in my personal wardrobe alone, and what’s more, they are definitely NOT all created equal. Not only do the necklines vary significantly, but so do the lengths of T-shirts as well as the style and length of sleeves. Each of these factors affects the overall look of the outfit.

I bought nothing to participate in this experiment. All the pictures I took were of t-shirts in my dresser drawers. I do have quite the collection.  *blushing*  Fortunately for me, T-shirts are a pretty cheap collectible. On a more UN-fortunate note, I also tend to collect blue jeans at an alarming rate, but that’s a topic for another fashion lab!

All this to say, my modeling expertise will be featured in today’s Friday Fashion Lab, so be sure to stop in to The Space Between My Peers and see what we learned about T-shirts!