The Homecoming

Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve blogged, I feel like I’ve forgotten how! I had a great time on vaca, but of course it’s always wonderful to be with my family again.

I received quite the royal mommy welcome, although it wasn’t exactly the fairytale homecoming that I had envisioned — you know, with the kids running, slow-motion, arms outstretched, to greet me as I approached the house, only to tackle me in a flurry of arms and legs and hugs and kisses.

For one thing, due to a major flight delay, the kids were asleep in their beds when I arrived home last night, which rather put a damper on things, but as they say, there is no place like home.

I have to give credit where credit is due. The house was clean and neat with everything in its place, which is nothing to take for granted after leaving one’s three children with one’s husband for five days.

Granted, my mom was here until Sunday, but we all know how much damage can amass from one day of daddy-care.

I didn’t have long to revel in my solitude because I soon heard the familiar sound a child crying. I was actually excited, as I was dying to hug my li’l ones and hated to wait until morning to see them, so I bounded up the steps into C’s room to find that she had wet the bed.

Oh the joys . . . cuz, you know, nothing says “welcome home” like a groggy, urine-soaked child.

I comforted her and got her cleaned up and back into bed, and after spending another hour or so of vacation detox, I headed to bed myself. I slept like a log, but when I woke this morning, it was Groundhog’s Day.

When I heard R’s precious baby voice cooing from her crib, I dashed upstairs eager to grab her and hug her and kiss her and suck on her sweet, squishy, baby cheeks, but I arrived in her room to find her sitting on a crib sheet covered in poo. Ah, the glamorous life of a mom.

When Paul came in the room to help me get her cleaned up, he said wryly, “Welcome home.”

Nothing like jumping back into the throws of motherhood with both feet, I’ll tell ya!

The best welcome I received, aside from greeting Paul at the airport, was the big, lingering bear-hug from D upon awaking this morning. I have to say, it was quite a relief to receive an embrace free of any form of urine or feces. Beyond that, the joy and adoration on his face, and the way he hung on to me for a full minute just melted my heart into a little puddle of goo. It’s nice to be missed.

As for my trip, suffice it to say that there were 11 girls in a beach house. In other words, there was a lotta chattin’, a lotta sunnin’, and a lotta eatin’. Fun, fun, FUN!

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9 Responses

  1. Welcome Back!!

    I’m achin’ for a Girls’ Getaway. I’m feeling the planning wheels starting to churn! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Glad you made it home safe and sound! Flight delay….I hate those words! Hope it wasn’t too bad. That was quite a homecoming, nothing like dropping you back into reality instantly! Glad your Mom was there to help while you were gone. Lots of spoiling by Grammie is always nice!

  3. Girl, I was bored without you, even though I (a) do not really know you and (b) you kept us blogged. It was not the same without you. You and your friend look GORGEOUS!

  4. No Fair! That sounds like a blast!

    You look hot to trot in those pictures too there honey!

    Welcome back.


  5. What a welcome! Your pictures were soooo great – you need to send me some. But not all. (You know which ones I’m talking about 😉

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