I’m Gonna Do It. Thirteen Point One.

This picture keeps coming up on my Google ads.

rock and roll half marathon

Wanna know why?

Well, that’s cuz Google is smart enough to know what sites you recently visited and even what products you viewed, and then it shows you ads based on your recent web activity.

Creepy, right?

But that’s not the point of this post.

The point is, I just signed up to run the Rock-and-Roll Half Marathon in Philly this fall.

Honestly, I feel a little bit cheesy even posting about it. I mean, suddenly the half marathon is the new black. Everyone’s doing it. So what, right?

And up until about a week ago, it truly was not on my radar — although I’ve said a few times that some day I would love to run the Disney Half. But it was one of those things that you say because it sounds like a cool thing to do, not because you really plan to make it a priority.

Currently my fitness goals are to improve my 5K time and get my feet healthy (I have some plantar fascia issues going on at the moment; in fact, that’s another post I was planning to write — my first ever chiropractor visit.) Any-WHO.

My point is, I really wasn’t interested in the longer distance races. I thought I might do a 10K (6.2 miles) or the Broad Street Run (10 miles.) You know. Eventually. The half marathon seemed like a distant reality, and I honestly have NO interest in a full marathon. I know you think I will change my tune on that, but I really don’t think I will.

But everyone keeps commenting on my running updates on Twitter and Facebook, asking me when I’m going to run a half. And I keep laughing them off. But every time I laugh them off, I weaken just a bit.

Then out of the blue, last week my trainer told me that she thinks I should sign up for this Rock-and-Roll Half Marathon.

At first I told her she was crazy. It really wasn’t even something I really wanted to do. But then she brought it up again this week, and I agreed to think about it.

Truthfully, if I’m going to do a Half, this sounds like a fun one. Anything that combines rock-and-roll with running has to be cool, right?

I came home and googled training plans and very hesitantly printed one off, but I still wasn’t seriously considering it.

But the more I looked at it, the more doable it seemed. I started to think it actually wasn’t so crazy after all.

The final test was the chiropractor visit this morning. After my evaluation, I asked if I should sign up. The price goes up after April 30th, so I really wanted to make up my mind today. He said that it should be fine, that he hopes to keep me running throughout my treatment, and that my issues aren’t severe enough to prevent me from training for a half marathon that is 5 months away.

So. I guess I have no excuses left.

I bit the bullet, so to speak, and I just clicked the “Process My Payment” button.

I feel a tad nauseous to tell the truth. I’m not entirely sure what I’m getting myself into or if I want it that bad. Running 13 miles is one thing. I know I can do that; it’s more a mental challenge than a physical one. I get bored, y’all.

But what really scares me about this is the logistics of a big city race. The hugeness of it all. Getting there. Parking. Finding my corral.  Yes, they have corrals, as everyone starts out with a group of runners of similar ability. And the biggest stressor of all, of course is WHERE WILL I PEE?

I expect that once I actually start running, I’ll be fine. It’s just the getting there, getting a chance to empty my bladder, and figuring out where to go that has my stomach in knots.

Not to mention, I have to train through the hottest months of summer. NOT looking forward to those long runs. But there’s only one long run a week, and you increase your mileage very gradually, so it seems doable.

Can you tell that I’m still trying to talk myself into it?

I know this much. If I see this thing through, I will be getting one of those 13.1 stickers and pasting it proudly on the back of my car!!!!!!


Have you ever run a half marathon? Did you survive? Tell me it won’t be so bad.