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It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted an Instagram Roundup so here we are! I like to do these for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, and since they implemented that algorithm, not everyone following me sees everything I post. Plus I can give more details here about sizing and fit and how I put the outfits together. In fact, I might have gotten a little carried away on a few of them… ooops!

You may have seen some of these looks on the blog, but most are outfits I’ve worn in my daily life that didn’t necessarily make a blog post.

This first look is what I wore for a Saturday night double date with good friend of ours. I remember struggling quite a bit with what to wear that night because everything is starting to feel tired and done before.

This orange blossom top is low inventory, but a printed top with dark jeans and neutral wedge sandals always works. The key is to make sure the individual pieces have a flattering fit and create the proper proportions when worn together. By the way, this top is literally like $12 right now. It’s a great work wear piece and looks really nice under a blazer. There are a couple sizes left. I’m wearing a small, for reference.

You could easily substitute bootcut jeans in this outfit if you prefer that fit. I actually think bootcut jeans would have improved the proportion of this look. I feel like my legs look a little short due to the dark wash of the jeans sandwiched between the the light shoes and light top. If the top were an inch shorter, the outfit would work better overall.

Also, these jeans are a cropped length, which works well with these strappy sandals, but that can also shorten the leg when worn with light shoes. Oooh, and they’re 20% off right now! If you’re petite, these will be closer to ankle length, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Cropped jeans are great for tucking into boots and wearing with ankle boots so they work all year round.

top // jeans // shoes (option) // similar bag // earrings // necklace // watch // sunnies c/o

The next day, I wore this outfit to church. The top is old (it was from Banana Republic) and the white jeans and denim jacket you’ve seen a gazillion times before, but I really like the combination of colors. I wore the same shoes and carried the same bag as the night before, and I even wore the same necklace. They were all still sitting out and it just seemed to work.

denim jacket // white jeans (option) // shoes (option) // similar top // similar bag // necklace // nail polish

This next top has almost sold out as well, even though I just purchased it a couple weeks ago. I hate it when that happens! You can see more of this look in this post.

top // jeans (option) // bag // bracelet // earrings // watch

I can’t remember where I wore this. I was trying out my new slim boyfriend jeans. I’ve been having a hard time knowing how to style these. A more fitted top is definitely key, but I’m struggling with the shoes. I prefer a heel with boyfriend jeans, but that’s not always practical, so I went with a thong sandal. I guess it works…

palm tank (sold out) // slim boyfriend jeans (option) // sandals // watch // bracelet

It’s yet another old top! I wore this to the mall one day last week. This top was a LOFT purchase late last summer, and I love the colors and the print with a lighter wash denim. I like how the gold shoes pull out the yellow from the print in the top.

Someone wrote in and told me that they’ve just begun to realize how important the denim wash can be to an outfit so I wanted to point out how in this case, I chose a lighter wash denim to contrast against the background of the top and also to pull out the light blue from the print.

You’ll recognize this 3-disc necklace from some of the pictures above. I’ve had this necklace for a few years and I didn’t wear it much for a while, but lately it seems to go with so much. It works well in a v-neck. Layering delicate necklaces is a popular trend right now, and this way you get the look with just one necklace.

similar top // jeans // similar sandals // tote // sunnies c/o // necklace // bangles // nail polish

This popular circle cardigan was restocked in all colors and sizes, but it looks like the blush sold out again. I’m loving blush paired with burgundy right now, and a taupe bag and shoes is the perfect neutral finishing touch.

If you like this color, I received a pretty bell sleeve sweater from Trunk Club this week that is almost identical. It would also look good with these burgundy jeans, as well as with white or black or grey or most regular denim washes, although I like it best with lighter wash jeans.

circle cardigan // similar cami // merlot skinnies // booties // bag

This is a casual summer outfit I wore to a backyard barbecue last weekend. It was hot and humid and I wanted to be comfortable. This top is still available in a few colors, but the teal is gone. I love teal and white for summer and I’m trying to eek out every last drop of summer fashion while I can!

The bracelet was a last minute #NSale purchase. I had my eye on it from the beginning, and on the final day I decided to bite the bullet and order it. It’s beautiful in person. The necklace is old, but it has the same turquoise stones as the bracelet so I like wearing them together.

tank // shorts // sandals // bracelet // earrings // watch

I wore this to church last week, and it was featured in my Fashion Friday post yesterday. Lucky Brand is STILL running BOGO 50% off mix and match tops! I also really like this poncho and this blouse. Their jewelry is BOGO 50% off too, and I’m obsessed with these earrings.

blouse // jeans (option) // bracelet // earrings

I wore this to an event at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets earlier this week. I’m wearing that same necklace and bracelet combo as I did above, and I even added coordinating earrings this time. I felt like it was a little much with the leopard flats, and typically I’d have changed to a taupe or beige shoe, but I decided to live dangerously. Haha! I know, it works, but I’m such a plain Jane.

This cold shoulder ruffle tank is yet another discontinued style; I got it at Banana Republic earlier this summer.

similar top // jeans (option) // shoes (option) // bracelet // earrings // sunnies c/o

Amazingly, this washed eyelet top is STILL fully stocked, and I bought it months ago. It’s quite summery so I’m wearing it as much as I can. This is the type of top that I’ll put away after Labor Day. I wear white jeans all year round, but I’ll pair them with heavier fabrics and darker colors for fall.

top // shorts // sandals // similar bag // earrings // bracelet

This fall transition outfit was on the blog earlier this week, but I saved this picture for Instagram. I recommend sizing down in the sweater, but go up in the cami.

cardigan // cami // black jeans (option) // slides (option) // similar satchel (option) // watch // sunnies c/o // necklace // earrings

I wore this outfit to my son’s band preview performance a few nights ago. A simple t-shirt and jeans with Converse seemed like a good choice since we were going to be in the football stadium. I thought the grey sneakers paired nicely with the plum colored top.

similar tee // jeans // sneaks // earrings // necklace // bracelet // watch

And finally, this was just a casual outfit for running around one day this week. This is the day I twisted my ankle, so I wore my most supportive sandals.

These Abeo sandals have great support for those with finicky feet. I walked all over Disney World in these and they were great. The best part is, they don’t require any breaking-in period. They were brand new and I didn’t have a single blister or any other issues with them.

similar top (option) // shorts (option) // sandals c/o // tote // sunnies c/o // bracelet


And that’s a wrap! I’m off to shoot some fall outfits this morning. Yasss!!!

Even though we’ve been talking fall fashion since July, thanks to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I still can’t quite believe it’s time for our fall fashion challenge. The kids start school on Monday, so I’m sure that will help make it seem more real. It’s also helpful that our weather is rather fall-like at the moment. I’m sure it will get hot again, but for now, I’m enjoying the reprieve.

I’m really happy that Nordstrom has actually restocked much of what I purchased during the #NSale, unlike last year. I’ll be styling a lot of those pieces as well as some new ones, and I’ll be sharing some transition looks too, as cooler weather is still a ways off for most of us.

As always, if you have any requests, let me know. I’ll do my best to feature a variety of styles and price points, but it’s easy to revert to my comfort zone of skinny jeans and sweaters so keep pushing me!!!

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30 Responses

  1. Very nice outfits! Hope your ankle gets better soon!
    I am here in the middle of the remains of Hurrucane Harvey–Houston!
    Staying in and working on my closet!????
    Take care!

  2. I think converse always look great with boyfriend jeans. :-).

    All cute outfits.

    Hope your ankle gets good and rested this weekend. Have a blessed one.

  3. Love the outfits! Most important:) what color is that on your walls in the bedroom? I’ve been looking for a color like that! It appears to be griege,

  4. I love all your looks and appreciate that you offer similar options when something has sold out! I would love to see a post on winter boots. I don’t live that far from you and I’m sure it’s going to be a cold winter!! I was wanting something in a neutral color but haven’t seen anything I like yet.
    Thanks for all you do!

  5. Thanks for doing the Instagram roundup!
    I don’t use Instagram so this blog post was a lot of fun and gave me some great ideas for late summer outfits. I tend to get bored with my summer clothes by this point in the season…this post was very inspiring.

    1. I hear ya. I love summer weather and I’m not ready for it to get cold, but I do get tired of my summer wardrobe faster than any other season. I think it’s b/c there aren’t as many layering possibilities.

  6. Love this post with all the explanations of how do why they work! Hope your ankle injury improves, you are smart to rest it!

  7. I don’t use Instagram so it is great to see these outfits. As always, I enjoy the commentary you provide for each outfit. I hope your ankle continues to improve.

    1. I turned it when I was running on Thursday. I think it’s okay. I was worried it might create another tendon tear or stress fracture like I had a few years ago since I turned it right in that area, but so far, it seems okay. I am nervous to run on it tho.

  8. What are your purge criteria? What constitutes an item to purge? If you’re getting your fall stuff out, are you stopping wearing summer clothes?

    1. It’s more of a gut-check than anything. Do I love it? Do I need it? Does it really flatter me? Do I have anything to wear with it? That sort of thing. Most pieces don’t require much thought, but some I will debate a little bit.

      I am only getting out fall clothes because of the blog. I will be wearing most of my summer stuff for a while yet, but adding a few more fall appropriate items into the mix, like ankle boots and maybe a cardigan here and there. My post tomorrow talks about transitioning our wardrobes and what to wear when it’s fall but still warm out. 🙂

  9. Boo for ankle injuries. Feel better!!

    I bought a couple pairs of the W&W ankle jeans during the Nsale and while I’m rocking them With flip flops and a tee right now, I’m so confused as to how to wear them with ankle boots/booties in the fall. Ideas?? Is it okay for a little skin to show? I’m 5’6″ if that makes a difference….

    1. I remember the first year I bought ankle boots to wear with skinny jeans, I really struggled with how to style them and hardly wore them because I found them awkward. Now they seem easy, so it definitely takes some practice and some getting used to.

      The thing with ankle boots – there are a lot of factors, but mainly, the height of the shaft and where it hits the jeans. Sometimes I cuff the jeans, sometimes I tuck, and sometimes I let them hang. You have to play around with them. Also, the length of your jeans and how wide the leg opening is affects how they work with various booties.

      Take a look at this post: https://jolynneshane.com/how-to-wear-ankle-boots.html

      1. Thanks so much! You’ve definitely encouraged me to stray from my comfort zone. I’ll be honest, nine times out of ten, I throw on cowboy boots & call it a day. Need to freshen that up a little bit now that I live in California. 😀

  10. I love these outfits Jo-Lynne. My absolute favourite is the blush card and merlot jeans. So fall appropriate, but still works for summer. I’ve been feeling the fall transition since mid-August, but struggling to decide what to wear. And the shops here (in the UK) have only just started bringing out fall fashion a little bit. Slim pickings.
    What are the bracelets you are wearing in the outfit with white denim, pink blouse, and denim jacket? Love them.
    Another question. I’m a stay at home mum of a 2 and 4 year old, soon have a newborn arriving (November). I like to look put together when with my kids also, but running around on the playground, and carrying all the paraphernalia (nappies, wipes, snacks etc) requires quite a bit of space. However, I don’t like the typical ‘mummy’ changing bags. There are leather ones but those are too heavy, and I probably need a backpack as I need my arms free. What did you use to carry when you had little ones? Large tote? Backpack? Tote for stuff to hang on the buggy and a small cross over for essentials? I’m a handbag kinda girl, and I do have a few, but I only use them on weekends or on the rare day ‘off’ I get from the kids. But I feel a bit ‘schlumpy’ with my old Nike backpack on the other days. Any advice?

    1. Those are two gold Kate Spade bangles. I do love them. Simple but they look dressier than the Alex and Ani ones I like with more casual outfits: https://rstyle.me/n/crru6fgthw

      I’ve seen them on sale occasionally and they may have some at the KSNY outlet stores too.

      As for diaper bags… gosh, it was so long ago that I don’t recall! But I do know that I carried a diaper bag with each kid, not a backpack, and definitely one designed to be a diaper bag. I think I had a black one? I am sure I went through a few. I am assuming there are tons of fun options these days. I’d have fun poking around to see what’s out there! 🙂 I know that some of the fashion bloggers having babies buy these organizers for their LV Neverfull, but that may be way more than you’re thinking to spend, lol.

      What about something like this? https://rstyle.me/n/crru9pgthw

      1. Thanks for your reply Jo-Lynne. It’s so lovely you take the time. You’re a fab blogger!
        I will be saving up for some Kate Spade bangles. So pretty. And I love that changing rucksack you linked to. Practical AND chic, that rare combo!
        I will try to find it here in the UK, they do that brand here but not always the latest models. The LV bag is definitely not in my budget, lol! And I’d hate to see my kiddies messing it up-juice, crumbs, etc! Wouldn’t be fair on them to get stressed about it, either! But I love the LV nevertheless. It just works with everything.

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