Coffee Talk 08.27.17

Hello, hello! It’s a crisp and beautiful Sunday morning here in Pennsylvania, and it feels quite fall-like out there. Rarely does the weather line up with the school calendar, but it will definitely feel like the First Day of School tomorrow, which is kind of nice.

I hope those of you in the path of Harvey are faring okay. It’s weird to me that the weather can be so lovely here and so dreadful just a few states over.

I’ve skipped my last few Coffee Talk posts because I was trying to fit in a run and a photo shoot before church, but I can’t run today so here I am! I turned my ankle pretty hard a few days ago, and it’s right in the area that was injured twice before, so I’ve been trying to take it easy. It seems to be okay as long as I don’t overdo it, and then I can feel that it’s still recovering. I’m just hoping to avoid any major injury.

Yesterday I decided to practice what I preach, and I did a thorough closet purge. Because of this blog, I cycle clothing through my closet a lot faster than what is normal for most people, but I still find myself needing to do a thorough purge every once in a while.

So I took everything out down to the bare walls, just like I talk about in my How to Purge Your Closet post, and I handled every piece and took a quick gut-check. I ask myself questions like, Do I love it? Does it fit me well? Do I have anything to wear with it? Do I need it? 

Only if the answer to those four questions is a resounding YES does the item go back into my closet.

I also took advantage of the mild temperatures and went up into the attic to go through my fall and winter stuff from last year. I brought down all the ankle boots and suede ballet flats and pumps that I’d put away for the season as well as a few of my favorite neutral sweaters that have a fall vibe. I got my closet all organized, and it is so nice to go in there now. I even paid my daughter to dust all the shelves.

I know, some of you are going to say it sure doesn’t sound like I was taking it easy yesterday! The closet project only took me an hour or so, but I was definitely feeling it so I laid around with my foot up for a few hours. Actually, while I was laying there, my husband went through his drawers and did a thorough purge. I guess he felt inspired. We still need to do his side of the closet, but that may not happen for a while.

After all that was wrapped up, we went out for a quick dinner at a local Asian restaurant. The kids declined to come and settled for boxed mac-and-cheese and chicken fingers from the freezer. What is wrong with kids today?

Anyway, we decided to try a new place and it was just okay. We have others we like better, but it was a nice atmosphere for being located in one of those strip malls, and since Paul was gone most of the week, it gave us a chance to catch up without interruptions. After dinner, we hung out with friends on their patio. It was a gorgeous night for it, and they had a fire in the fire pit. Of course, now my hair smells like campfire, lol.

So the kids go back to school tomorrow, and the rat race begins! We have to start getting my son moving on his college applications, and all of the back-to-school activities are starting to fill up my calendar. At church, we’re starting to plan our fall and holiday events (I’m on the women’s committee) and all of my kids have birthdays coming up. I have an October, November, and a December birthday in addition to all of the holidays that occur during those same months, so this time of year is always a bit frantic for me. Plus our Fall Fashion series starts on Friday!

My Facebook feed is full of parents leaving their kids at college, many for the first time, and I had to put my phone down last night and walk away so I didn’t start to bawl. I’m trying to enjoy this year of lasts with my son, but it is bittersweet to say the least.

Well, I’m off to get ready for church, and afterwards I plan to enjoy a lazy afternoon on the deck with a book, soaking up the last rays of summer. Yes, I know summer officially goes till Sept 22, but with the kids going back to school tomorrow, it definitely feels like the end to me.

I’m keeping those in Harvey’s path in prayer and I hope you all have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. My kids birthdays are September, October, and November so I feel your pain. I bet it is lot harder having one in December.

  2. Good morning. I’m reading your post as we’re in the car taking my first son to his freshman year at college. The last year has definitely been a roller coaster ride if emotions. Crazy busy with the application process, frustration with “senioritis”, stress with acceptances, pride of watching your child grow up, happy, sad, and the list goes on and on. I never thought today would get here so quickly. Savor every moment of the next year. I don’t know what the next hour or what the next year will bring but I guess I’m as ready as I can be.

    1. So hard! My son just graduated college and I still remember that moment when we pulled away in the car…. it gets easier but the first year is the hardest. Hopefully, he’s not too far from home and can return at Thanksgiving!

  3. My first daughter left for college 2 weeks ago and the whole thing is bittersweet. However, she has called and texted more in 2 weeks than she interacted with me her whole senior year! I’m careful to not pry and find she talks more when I let her do the talking….even though I have a million questions! My emotions stay more intact when I look to her exciting future than when I go back to ‘wasn’t she just in kindergarten?’ I just don’t want her seeing me a blubbering mess! Enjoy the time with your son this year!

  4. I always feel as if a new year begins in September, not in January. The change from Summer to Fall, the kids going back to school… Maybe once my kids are grown it won’t feel that way, but it sure feels that way to me now! So Happy New Year! Enjoy these bittersweet days with your son.

  5. Thank you for the prayers for those of us in Texas. We were safe in SA but It was a rough weekend and very hard to watch our Texas coast line get destroyed by a category 4 hurricane. So sad to see the little beach town where we go every summer in such devastation. But on the positive side our temps have dropped and it does feel like a fall day today and I’m inspired to go though my closet and tackle a much needed purge in my guest closet lol
    So I’ll be going back to your post and doing my best to let go. Enjoy your Sunday!

    1. We are in southeast Houston, just 35 miles from the Galveston seawall … things are a mess, and much, much, SO MUCH worse this morning … we have emergency boat rescues going on in nearby neighborhoods, and we are pumping water off our back patio, away from the French doors leading directly into our family room, as fast as we can … 2 pumps going now … if we lose power and can’t pump, we could lose everything … stressful …

      1. Wow. I’m impressed. It would have taken me all day! I’ll wait til late September. Savannah has hot til Oct.

  6. Happy Sunday !! I’m not far from you–Bryn Mawr… and it was very chilly this morning….57 degrees!!! Before I realized just how cool it was, I went out to water flowers and ran back inside!!!!

  7. Hi JoLynne, I know what you mean about kids going back to school and the weather, it is finally matching up. Need to get my jeans out oh no! I am ready, in fact I’m drinking pumpkin spice coffee right now. It’s like once school starts its officially fall without the date! I enjoyed this coffee talk and gave it a tweet. Here’s to life getting really busy!

  8. Well I know those feelings but you as a parent really always worry about your children but don’t want them to know. Sometimes it just shows and they know your human. They feel things too believe me. It’s hard on them but after making friends and having someone to walk to class with and study groups they will do fine. Lots of prayers and borders and your guidelines. About your ankle.; you might want to purchase a bike with comfy seat like I did. It really helped me. I broke a leg bone and had two surgeries and a steel plate. Walking on roads has made me fall several times so no more. I also hv treadmill. It’s worth it and in home rain or shine. Good luck sweetie. B

  9. Praying for TX and LA for sure! Earlier in the week, I did a deep purge of my closet, reorganizing everything in it, and getting it ready for Fall. It does feel so good to have that done! And I made myself get rid of older tops that I have held onto for sentimental reasons. I don’t need them and someone else can use them. My DIL said that she is hearing from their only child more now that she is off to college, than she did her senior year of high school and she was living at home.
    Take care of that ankle!

  10. When I was reading Blue’s comment the memory came back. When we were leaving our son at university, my husband was giving a last minute pep talk. I was barely keeping the tears back. Then he said” Mama do you have anything to add?” Well that did it. Crying commenced I threw my arms around our son and could hardly say a word. So end of that story it all turned out well and very well. You will be so proud of your son and yourselves. ????

  11. Omg..you all are making me cry….I’m dreading the colllege thing…I have twins, they are my only children and when I think of both of them leaving at the same time, I lose it..i still have five more years, they are going into 8th grade this year, but I know how fast time goes…I learned early on with them to try and treasure all their milestones and never take for granted our time together…I saw the years quickly going by when they were little and knew I had to start living more in the moment…not always easy to do, as life gets in the way and you get busy, but I try to remind myself of that often.

  12. Wow. I’m impressed. It would have taken me all day! I’ll wait til late September. Savannah has hot til Oct.

  13. I can so relate! My daughter is a senior, and started school last week. I have already cried twice thinking about her leaving next year. I don’t want to spend her senior year being sad! I just can’t believe we are here so quickly!

  14. First…..I feel for you all out there with kids as Seniors or soon coming. Its hard, with mixed emotions, but really the hardest part is the day you move them into the dorm and say good-bye. Then before you know it, its a visit home or you there, Thanksgiving break, then Christmas break, then Spring break, then they are bringing all their STUFF back, laying it in your living room and home for Summer break. Ha Ha It really does go by fast and you see them more than you think…..if they are close, I’m assuming. Two of mine were only 2 hrs. away and 1 was 5 hrs away. I wasn’t a good empty nester, but learning. My husband and I took off this weekend, last minute for a fun weekend together and those are the times I tell myself, its good. But…..nothing like kids in the house and being a mom. 🙂 Enjoy and be in the moment their Senior year and spend your energy and time smiling and being happy with them. They are nervous too, with have so many questions and fears of the unknown and they need you positive and upbeat. 🙂 Pray, Pray, Pray for them. 🙂 Best thing you can do. Wow!!! Jo-Lynne, how did you pull everything out of your closet and get done in an hour? I’d still be doing it. My closet needs it and I’m just not in the mood with the weather outside going to be 100 and hot all week. Its doesn’t feel like Fall here and we usually aren’t like this. Prayers to all of you in Texas or close. Its all so difficult.

    1. My son will either be 30 minutes or 6 hours. I’d love to see him spread his wings a bit, but 6 hours is a distance. Time will tell, but 30 minutes will definitely feel more comforting to this mama. 🙂

      I was done in an hour b/c I keep it pretty pared down… and maybe it was 2 hours, LOL! But it didn’t take long b/c I did the huge overhaul a couple years ago, and I regularly get rid of stuff so now it’s easy to keep up with.

      Where are you that it’s 100 degrees!?! Yikes! It is normally a lot hotter than this here in August, but I suspect we’ll get another heat wave before all is said and done.

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