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Happy Saturday, friends! I hope everyone is doing well. I put together an Instagram Roundup for today, and I also threw in a few extra outfits at the end that didn’t make the cut.

I wore this casual outfit to volunteer at our high school’s Cavalcade of Bands a couple of weeks ago. Our school colors are red and black. My sweatshirt is a nice lightweight material for these mild fall days.

Nike hoodie // white tee // jeans (option) // sneakers (option) // necklace // earrings

This thermal cardigan is one of my favorite wardrobe pieces, going on two years now. It was on sale a few weeks ago but not right now. I’ll give you a heads-up when I see it on sale again. Also, I love this tote with a padded laptop pocket — perfect for travel.

cardigan // jeans // similar cami // similar necklace // laptop tote // sunnies c/o Maui Jim

By far, one of the most popular items on my site this fall, this cardigan is super soft and comfortable and comes in a slew of pretty colors.

cardigan 20% off // similar tee // jeans (option) // necklace // sunnies c/o Maui Jim

SALE ALERT >> If you have Old Navy Super Cash, now is the time to redeem it! If you don’t have Super Cash to spend, use code SWEET to get 20% off your order. 

This outfit was on the blog last week. This dress is super soft and comfortable. See more of this look in THIS POST.

dress 20% off // bag // shoes // earrings // necklace // sunnies c/o Maui Jim

One of my go-to outfits this fall, I’ve worn some variation of this outfit about once a week. It’s perfect for the mild fall weather we’ve been having. It looks like this top finally sold out. Too bad, it was a good one!

top // jeans (option) // boots // bag // earrings // bracelets // watch

This outfit is old, but I shared it to direct my Instagram followers to my Fall Jacket Guide.

similar utility jacket // similar tee // jeans

This is another one of those outfits I wear in some variation at least once a week. I got this tee last year (2016) at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s pricey, but I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth. What’s hard about this kind of purchase is you really don’t KNOW how often you’ll wear it till you get it home, wear it, and wash it (so it’s too late to return it.) In this case, the gamble paid off. For a lower priced option, I highly recommend this tee in purple plum or burgundy stem.

These jeans are part of the Buy More, Save More sale at Bloomingdale’s. If you’re in the market for a fabulous pair of distressed black jeans, these are amazing on. The code is SAVEMORE. Also, I was able to get these shoes for $81, but they’re over $100 now, so I linked to a lower priced option.

Paige t-shirts (option) // AG jeans 20% off (option) // sneakers (option) // bag

This sweater was a favorite last year, and it’s BACK! It’s also back in more colors. I love the ivory. It’s very soft, and I feel that it’s fairly flattering for a turtleneck with the drop shoulder detail. I try to offset any bulkiness on top with a chunky bootie.

sweater // jeans 20% off // bag (option) // necklace // sunnies c/o Maui Jim

It’s that thermal cardigan again! I often throw it on over my pajama bottoms and t-shirt in the mornings or evenings, and I also like it with my joggers and Converse for a casual day at home.

cardigan // t-shirt // similar joggers here and here // Converse Shoreline // nails

This outfit was on the blog last week. See more of this look in THIS POST.

hoodie (on sale) // jeans c/o // shoes (option) // bag (option) // bracelet (option) // earrings // nails

I wore this one cool day last week. This sweater is a high end designer brand that is discounted almost 70%. I love the relaxed styling and the tweeded wool material.

sweater // similar jeans (option/option) // shoes // necklace

I wore this to meet a friend for coffee earlier in the week. I am so obsessed with this leather jacket and so excited I can finally wear it! The necklace is old and discontinued, sorry! My camel sweater is cashmere, and it’s from last year but happily they brought it back. I expect it to go on sale, so I’d wait on this, but it’s a good one for the price point!

leather jacket // cashmere sweater // AG jeans (option) // similar shoes

I wore this on Saturday to run errands with my girls and then out to dinner with the family that night.

utility jacket (old) // similar t-shirt // similar AG jeans 20% off (option) // booties // coin necklace // earrings

You can see more of this look in THIS POST if you missed it. This off-the-shoulder sweater is now 50% off along with the entire LOFT website!!! Also, if you don’t care for the off the shoulder style, they have it in a turtleneck version.

sweater 50% off! // jeans (option) // similar bag here and here // earrings // bracelet

And this graphic tee came from White House Black Market this week. I’ll layer it under cardigans or my leather jacket when it gets cold out. (10/22 UPDATE: This tee is now 50% off! Ends 10/23.)

graphic tee 50% off! // AG jeans // TB travel flats 20% off

Here are a couple more of my daily outfits that didn’t make my Instagram feed.

I wore this to get my wisdom teeth out on Monday. I know, most people would go in yoga pants and a sweatshirt, but I wanted to feel half-way human so I did some light makeup and wore real clothes. Seriously, though, this sweater and these jeans are as comfy as it gets without crossing the line into athleisure.

lace-up sweater 20% off // AG jeans // TB travel flats 20% off

And I wore this yesterday at home. This chenille sweater is so comfy. Yes, I wore the same jeans and shoes like 3 days in a row! #keepingitreal (I didn’t photograph the middle day.) Actually I think I wore the ripped jeans that day, so there ya go. Variety!

chenille sweater c/o Social Threads // AG jeans // TB travel flats 20% off

Finally, a couple of great finds I haven’t blogged yet…

I’m loving these reversible woven camis. (10/22 UPDATE: These are now 25% off! Ends 10/23.)

I ordered both the solid burgundy/blush and the leopard/floral. They fit great and they’re so cute. Here’s the floral version, but it appears to be sold out. The solid one fits the same way. I’m wearing a small, for reference. Also, pardon the bra strap. Obviously I’ll wear a strapless bra when I wear this top — or I will just wear it like this and not take off my jacket. #morelikely

reversible cami 25% off // AG jeans // TB travel flats 20% off

And I finally found dress pants I really like. The Banana Republic ones I shared in my last Try-On Sesh were nice, but they’re very conservative and dry clean only. These are a little more modern with the ponte fabric, plus they’re machine washable. They’re super flattering too. (10/22 UPDATE: These pants are now 25% off! Ends 10/23.)

As an added bonus, the inseam is exactly 1/2″ shorter than the BR ones, and that’s the perfect length for me, so no hemming needed. #woohoo I realize this won’t be true for everyone, but it works out well for me! For size reference, I’m wearing the 6 and they’re plenty big. You may want to size down one in these. They also come in petite and tall lengths.

White House Black Market Ponte Slim Bootcut Pants with Reversible Woven Cami and Bernardo Zip Front Leather Moto Jacket

White House Black Market Ponte Slim Bootcut Pants with Reversible Woven Cami and Bernardo Zip Front Leather Moto Jacket

slim bootcut pants 25% off // leather jacket 25% off // reversible cami 25% off // leopard pumps

Okay, that’s all I’ve got! I did get a few more things in that I tried on but didn’t get pictures of them. Several pieces are going back, and I’m hoping to photograph the others for blog posts soon.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Thanks for sharing–I enjoy these roundups! Not sure if this is a future post idea or not, but something I struggle with is knowing how to wear skinny jeans so that they look appropriate & flattering (fitted enough but not too tight, if that makes sense?). I have a few pairs but it was such an ordeal to find them & I’m still not convinced that I love them (on me!). I like the idea of them b/c they look good with booties, flats, regular boots, etc. I’m  not skinny at all so just the name of the jeans stresses me out! Maybe it’s just me, though… Hope you are starting to recover & feel better after your oral surgery. Have a great weekend!

    1. I think it does take a lot of trial and error, but at the end of the day, some body types really don’t work well with skinny jeans. I learned that in the Adore Your Wardrobe course I took where they teach you how to dress for your body type. I am the body type that gets to wear them (yay!) but I think it’s harder to pull them off if you have more of a pear or apple body type. Maybe try a straighter leg?

  2. I was just in WHBM last week and didn’t notice the reversible cami’s but what a great idea! Praying you feel better soon Jo-Lynne. Let your family give you lots of TLC this weekend! Blessings!

    1. Some of their stuff is only online – maybe that’s why. Thanks for your concern. They’re doing all they can, but I really just have to lay low and stay on the meds. I can’t wait to feel better.

    1. Thanks, Karen. Marginally. I have to stay on Advil or I’m in extreme pain. It gets worse at night, for some reason. I see the surgeon for a followup on Tuesday. Hoping I’m better by then or he can do something to help me.

  3. How are you feeling?  Did you get in to see the oral surgeon?
    I enjoyed this post, especially since I have not been on Instagram regularly.
    I’d love a refresher post on knowing when to cuff our jeans, the style of jeans that look right cuffed, how much of your ankle to show, and what to wear on top so that the outfit is balanced and flows together.  Thanks!

    1. No, I didn’t see him. The nurse didn’t think I need to. I’m skeptical, but I have a routine followup on Tuesday so we’ll see what he says then. Meanwhile, Advil works better than the Vicodin he prescribed, go figure. I just hate being on pain meds for this long. I usually avoid them at all costs. Sigh… I’ll be glad when this is over.

  4. Thanks for your inspiration! I love reading your posts! I’m a tall girl and always have problems finding clothes that are long enough. Anyway, I would enjoy seeing some skirts and tops. So many of the capsule wardrobes include a skirt but I never see anyone modeling one. Tops that work with pants don’t nesesasarily work well with skirts. It’s the whole balance thing. 
    Hope you feel better soon! 

    1. You are so right, and I think that’s why I shy away from skirts. It’s hard to find tops that are the right length, and then they don’t go with my pants… LOL! I do keep meaning to do a skirt outfit, though. I’ll try to work on that! 🙂

      1. Yes, I would love a post on skirts too! Verna, I’m tall too. Have you found a particular brand of tall tshirts that you like?

        Feel better soon Jo-Lynne. Take it easy!

  5. Fantastic Roundup! I love that you live in jeans. I do too! ) I’m so sorry you’re feeling so bad. I remember when I was 18 I had mine taken out and the swelling and pain! Oh my. My parents took me a few days after to a musical/play (tickets purchased way in advance) and I just cried silently thru the whole thing, trying to be brave. Hope you feel better soon! Hopefully you have something interesting to watch on tv. 🙂

  6. I enjoy the roundups, and seeing what you wear in real life.
    By the way, the Loft sale is now 50% off, with the code FRIENDS.
    I really hope you feel better soon!

  7. Is your school district Hatboro-Horsham by any chance? I’m from outside of Philly and those were my school colors. 

  8. I recently complete Adore Your Wardrobe.  Would like to see clothing suggestions that are grouped by warm/cool colors. I just can’t seem to “get it”.  Lol

    1. Are you warm or cool? I’m cool and I usually gravitate to cool colors — black, grey, navy, jewel tones, some pastels. I think it would be harder to be a warm, and honestly, I’m not sure I’m really good at telling if some shades are warm or cool either. That is a section I didn’t spend much time on b/c I have always gravitated to cool shades and I don’t usually think too much about color. If I like it, I wear it. Or, I will wear a scarf or something near my face that is more flattering – that’s another good work around.

  9. Love this recap. So many cute ideas. So sorry you have had problems with pain. > I was blessed not to have wisdom teeth. Hang in there. 

  10. Great roundup! I missed seeing a few outfits on IG, so it’s nice getting a recap here.

    I hope you feel much better soon!!!

  11. Oh I’m so sorry to hear you’re still in so much pain. I need mine taken out but I have been putting it off for this very reason. Hoping you get some relief soon!

    1. Do you still have all 4? I just did 2. I cannot IMAGINE doing all 4 at once. I mean. I can hardly open my mouth, and I’m still only chewing on one side. That said, if I’d done all 4 the first time, I wouldn’t be going thru this now. So there’s that.

      I put this off for a couple of years, b/c I remembered how bad it was the last time. Sigh… just make sure to give yourself at least a week of no commitments. I am 5 days in and still in extreme pain and not doing much – fortunately I work at home so that provides some distraction. If I had to go in to an office or school and talk… gah!

  12. Hello Jo-Lynne ! Hopeful you will heal soon from your wisdom teeth surgery. See if your oral surgeon will prescribe
    A medication called Tramadol – used to treat moderate to severe pain. My daughter had four of her impacted wisdom teeth removed last year; she was a hot mess during the first week post-op!! She was placed on Tramadol after her Vicodin prescription was completed ; it really helped with her pain.

    1. The Vicodin does nothing for me. Advil was working okay, but this morning it is not working, and of course it’s the weekend. I’m really contemplating calling the emergency line on a Sunday to get some relief. If I don’t have dry socket, I will be shocked. I should have pushed to get in on Friday. Ugh. Live and learn!

  13. I always enjoy these Instagram roundups because I have yet to try Instagram myself. Social media scares me a bit lol!
    Maybe you have covered this already, but do you think you could do a post about what items of clothing you wear all year round? I pack away all spring/ summer clothing and footwear but my sister leaves everything out year-round and wears much of her wardrobe in all four seasons. I could use some help figuring out what to wear all year-round…

    1. I think someone else asked about that – maybe it was you! I also like to put away the things I’m not wearing, but I kind of do a little bit every couple of months. I just recently brought down boots and heavy sweaters, although it’s still 70 degrees, so not sure why I did that. LOL.

      There isn’t much I keep out all year round – jeans, short sleeve tees (for layering) and that’s about it. Denim jackets… and I guess my blazers and leather jackets. Oh, and my go-to LBD. Okay, so maybe more stuff than I thought. Ha!

  14. Glad you are feeling a bit better but sounds like you are still having a lot of pain:( I was wondering if you found that the leopard print on the reversible cami showed through or you cold see it at the bottom when wearing the floral side as some reviewers mentioned. Also, Did you find the fit to be strange across the chest? I think I tried this on in the store awhile back and the fit was “off”. It looks good in your photos. I just loved the fact is was reversible and the prints were just what I was looking for. Wondering if I should give it another try if it comes back in stock.

    1. I liked the fit a lot, but I usually have a hard time with camis so maybe it’s weird for everyone else? Ha! It is constructed so that the one side is slightly longer and does show at the bottom. I actually thought that was kind of a fun feature, but I can see how it would bug someone. It’s definitely intentional. Both are made that way – the solid and the print.

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