Fall Jacket Guide

5 Fall Jackets Every Woman Should Own

After I published my Fall/Winter Coat Guide last week, I had several requests for a similar guide to jackets. Those requesting the jacket guide are mostly southerners who have little to no need for a winter coat and wanted to know what is trending in the jacket category as they will wear theirs all winter long, but for those of us in the more northern climates, these are the types of jackets we typically wear in the fall and spring. (Not that there’s been any need for jackets yet! We’re having such a crazy warm fall here in Pennsylvania.)

Just like with winter coats, you probably need several lightweight jackets for various purposes. I like to have a jacket for dressy occasions and one or two for my casual daily life, and I need something for rainy days too. Jackets make a fun accessory and provide an extra layer of interest so it’s fun to have a few if budget and closet space allow.

Here are 5 fall jackets you may want to have in your closet this year and what styles and colors are trending. (You will see some overlap between this and the winter coat guide.)

#1. Utility Jacket

5 Fall Jackets You Should Own: Utility Jacket

The utility jacket is pretty much the quintessential fall jacket — or at least the trendiest. These are great for casual wear and look amazing with jeans and a tee or sweater, but you can throw them on over a casual dress as well. I think of utility jackets as army green, but you can find them in other colors too. Often they come in tan or navy, and I have a grey one I like a lot. The camo ones are fun to have as well.

Here are some different ways I’ve styled utility jackets.


#2. Field Coat/Quilted Jacket

Burberry Ashurst Quilted Jacket

When the weather isn’t quite cold enough for a parka but it’s a little too cold for a twill jacket, a lightweight quilted jacket or canvas field jacket is nice to have. I always think of the iconic Burberry (pictured above) when I think of this type of quilted jacket, but of course there are tons of other brands making similar styles. I linked up a bunch below.


#3. Anorak/Raincoat

It often rains in the fall so having something appropriate for wet weather is essential (unless you live in the desert somewhere!) But for most of us, it’s nice to have a casual jacket that is also waterproof. I have a trench coat (see #4) but I find myself not wanting to wear it sometimes because it feels too dressy. An anorak or raincoat is the perfect casual alternative. My best tip is to make sure it has a hood so you aren’t obligated to carry an umbrella.


#4. Trench Coat

Must Have Coats: Trench Coat

A classic trench coat is a wardrobe staple, and while it comes in handy all year ’round, I wear mine mostly in the fall and spring so I had to include it on this list, even though it was also in my Fall/Winter Coat Guide. This is my solution for dressier occasions when it’s raining or I need a light layer. Of course, a trench coat can be worn as casual wear too. In fact, it is a great way to elevate a simple outfit.


#5. Leather Jacket or Faux Leather/Suede Jacket

Finally, another repeat from the Fall/Winter Coat Guide, but a must-have for fall in my opinion, is a leather jacket. Some styles are dressier and some are more rugged, so go with what works best with your wardrobe and lifestyle. Also pay attention to what styles looks best on you. I’m always drawn to the asymmetrical moto style jackets with the flaps across the chest, but I’ve learned that I look better in a simpler style that zips straight up the front with no flaps. Some are collarless and that is usually a dressier look. The waterfall collar is a big trend right now, and it’s a fun variation on a more traditional suede or leather jacket. (Usually you’ll find that in a suede.)

As far as colors go, black and brown leathers are always classic and you can’t go wrong with either. It just depends on your wardrobe and what you’ll wear the most. Grey, burgundy, and plum are all really pretty in both leather and suede, and all colors of suede are trending right now. That’s a fun way to add a pop to your outfits. I would try to spend less on a color than I would on a more classic black or brown.


You may have noticed, I didn’t include a denim jacket in this list. I actually consider that more of a wardrobe piece than a jacket because I usually wear a denim jacket as part of my outfit. I definitely consider it a wardrobe essential, so I suppose you could count it as #6. Here are some ways I’ve worn my denim jackets over the years.

I hope that was helpful! In a way, jackets are more fun than coats because you can really incorporate them into your outfit rather than just covering it up.

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