Is It Safe to Refreeze Raw Meat?

Have you been told never to refreeze raw meat after it has been defrosted once?? I have, and I generally live by that principle. But did you ever notice that sometimes in the grocery store, the meat in the refrigerator case is obviously half-frozen??

I have always wondered how they got away with that, but evidently, it’s okay to refreeze raw meat IF it has been defrosted IN THE FRIDGE — NOT on the counter, and not even in cold water.

I found this infographic from the USDA interesting.

Food Myths


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You know never to leave your meat on the counter to thaw, right?? It actually defrosts just as fast if you put it in a pan of cold water, and it is safer to thaw it that way too.

The other one that I was glad to see was the lettuce one. Not that I advocate buying bagged lettuce. I would prefer to get it from the garden or from a local farm so I know it’s fresh. But when I’m in a pinch, I admit that I will still pick up one of those bags from time to time.

I never wash it, and according to this, that is A-OK.

However, I rarely use a meat thermometer. So sue me.

As for the microwave, I think cooking anything in the microwave is disgusting. I use it to heat things up from time to time, but never to cook food from raw. Bleh.

Do any of these food myths surprise you?