Ivy Kids: A Subscription Box Service for Kids!

Summer used to be my favorite time of year, or at least my laziest. I love the warmth of the sun, the long days, sitting by the pool… but now that my kids are older and I’m trying to fit in about 35 hours a week of work, summertime has become my most challenging time of year.

I have to admit that my kids are spending way more time in front of screens than I would prefer, so I’m always looking for fresh ideas and things for them to do that don’t require batteries or a charging station.

Taseea Cruz is a certified early childhood teacher and mother of two, and she knows how hard it is to try to entertain young kids at home. She became frustrated with the lack of developmentally appropriate educational games available for young children so she started creating her own projects and activities to keep her kids engaged and stimulated.

(I always wanted to be one of those moms . . . )

Soon friends and family members started asking her to make kits for them and before she knew it, a new business was born — Ivy Kids!


Ivy Kids is a box subscription service designed for kids ages 3-8. Every month a kit arrives in the mail containing a classic book and over 10 activities based on the story and its characters. Taseea reached out to me and offered to send me a couple of boxes to review. Check this out:


My daughter was thrilled and has spent HOURS playing with these two kits. These activities are designed to be something you do with your kids, but because R is 8, she didn’t really need my help and I’m happy to let her play with them at her leisure while I work nearby.

She’s a pretty organized kid, so she always puts the contents back in the boxes until she needs them the next time. They are nice, sturdy boxes so they do serve as great storage containers as well. This is key because the last thing I need is more stuff cluttering up my house. The box keeps everything neatly contained and ready for the next activity.

Taseea now recruits other teachers-turned-stay-at-home-moms to help develop the content of these kids to keep them fresh and interesting. She even personalizes each kit.


I HIGHLY recommend these to GRANDPARENTS looking for gifts for their grandkids. This is SUCH a thoughtful and worthwhile gift to give — and not a battery in the box!

Use the coupon code “IVYSUMMER20” to save 20% on your first kit!!!

We were provided with 2 Ivy Kids boxes to facilitate this review. All opinions are ours alone.

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