June Favorites

Hello and happy weekend! It’s a gloomy and overcast Saturday here, but that can’t get me down today because my son is coming home this afternoon from his orientation week at camp. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Tomorrow he goes back and welcomes his first group of campers. (He’ll be a camp counselor for four weeks.) I’ll be on pins and needles all week waiting to hear how THAT goes. I expect it will be challenging at times, but I think he’ll love it. I’m glad he gets to come home on Saturday nights to rest and fill us in on how it’s going.

Today I’m putting together my June Favorites. These are some of my favorite new finds and older tried-and-true products that I’m particularly loving right now.

June Favorites

#1. Converse Shoreline // I find myself going for these more and more right now so I recently bought the grey pair to have another option. I love how easily they slip on, and once they’re broken in, they’re super comfy. I like their ultra casual vibe at any time of year, but especially in the summertime.

also shown: AG raw hem ankle jeans (similar for less) // CND Winter Glow nail color // mojito recipe

#2. Petaled Tie Shoulder Top // LOFT is running a 40% off sale, and there are almost no exclusions. This top is still stocked in all sizes, and it’s really cute with white shorts. Add a red bag as shown here, or throw on some red sandals or red tassel earrings, and you’ve got the perfect 4th of July outfit! (Another great option for the 4th is this stripe tank at Old Navy for $13. It comes in red & white or navy & white stripes.)

also shown: AG Hailey Boyfriend Shorts (20% off); similar for less (40% off with code NEWNOW) // Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals // red crossbody

SALE ALERT >> 40% off EVERYTHING at LOFT with code NEWNOW at checkout!!!

#3. Maui Jim Orchid sunnies // I shared about these earlier this week but I’m including them in this post because I’m enjoying them so much right now. The photo in #5 shows how cool the inside is with the peacock blue.

also wearing: J.Crew chambray tie front top

#4. Twist Front Tee // This top has received a lot of airtime on the blog already, but I wanted to include it because I love this top. I have it in the white and the red, and I wear each of them at least once a week. It’s such a great top to throw on with jeans or shorts, and for $22 you can’t beat it. The twist front is a great little point of interest, and all you need to complete the outfit are a few accessories and your Converse or favorite sandals.

For size reference, I have the medium. The small would probably fit, but with the medium, I’m able to throw it in the washer and dryer (if you pull it out right away, it doesn’t need to be ironed) without worrying about shrinkage. (It did take up some, but not a ton.)

also wearing: Joe’s Jeans denim shorts (similar – more sizes avail) // Tory Burch Patos Sandals (I also love these)

#5. CND Cityscape nail color // I usually go for a pale pink or white nail color in the summertime, but I wanted something a little different so I tried this pale grey last week. I love it. It’s neutral enough to go with everything, but it’s more unexpected than pink or white. I am wearing the Shellac but it’s also available in the Vinylux, which is what I’m linking to since that is easier to apply at home. This is the only picture I can find that shows it close close-up, but I think you can get the idea.

also shown: Maui Jim Orchid sunnies c/o // KSNY mom idiom bangle & mama bear bracelet c/o // D Yurman Belmont Link Ring

#6. Sole Society Play Beach Tote // This is the bag I’m using as my pool and beach tote this summer, and I love it. It’s just the right size for my towel, sunblock, water bottle, wallet, and sunglasses. I don’t carry all the kids’ stuff; at their ages, they’re on their own, so I don’t need a huge beach bag anymore.

I love the neutral colors and how the straw bottom coordinates with my sand patent Miller Sandals, which I always wear to the pool. Plus the faux leather straps are comfortable on my shoulder even when the bag is weighted down with stuff. Also, Nordstrom has a navy version that’s a nice option if you want more color.

also shown: Tory Burch Miller Sandals (sand patent)

#7. Stripe Pullover // Sorry that this month’s favorites are so top heavy (haha) but there are just so many cute ones right now, and I like having a variety since I mostly wear shorts and sandals/sneakers every day. Another great top at a great price, this pullover is perfect to throw on with shorts for mornings or evenings that aren’t super hot. I love the juxtaposition of a long-sleeve top with shorts in the summer. I will definitely be taking this with me to the beach.

This top is a juniors item, so it runs small. I have the medium. I like the fit, but the arms are a tad short on me, so I just push them up a little bit. It looks cuter that way anyhow.

For those of you who like to steer clear of juniors sizes, check out this Caslon pullover in the navy and white stripe. It’s a great little beachy pullover that has a more womanly fit. I also love the red.

also shown: AG jean shorts (similar for less 40% off with code NEW NOW) // Tory Burch Miller Sandals (sand patent) // Crate & Barrel Marin Blue Mug

SALE ALERT >> AG Jeans is having a semi-annual clearance sale, and select items are marked up to 30% off!!! I rounded up some of my favorites that are on sale on my Facebook Page. Make sure you’ve liked my page and are following it to see what I post over there.

So that’s a wrap. I hope you have a great Saturday!

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13 Responses

  1. I love it all Jo-Lynne! When I laundered my top from Nordstrom I hung it to dry for safety sake. I’m glad to know I can throw it in the dryer next time so it’ll be softer. I think I’ll wear it on Thursday to Larry’s follow-up with our local cancer doctor. I need to find some shoes similar to the Converse, with arch support, for the cooler months. I hope that shorts right below the knee are not old fashioned because I have skin cancer places I have to keep covered, so shorts above the knee are not an option unless I stay in the house. It was sunny and 75 when I got up at 9, so hurry on down for all the sun, heat, and humidity you want!

  2. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    I’m sorry you’re still feeling dizzy. That’s a terrible feeling!! I’m sure PT will really help. I started getting dizziness with migraine type headaches (I’m in my mid forties) and the doctor is pretty sure hormones are a trigger. Good times…not!! Anyway, I’m sorry you’re feeling Blech, but you look marvelous! Great styles.

  3. I have had probably every balance and vestibular test done. They are not bad at all and will help direct your physical therapy treatment. I just got over a lingering case of bppv…loose crystals, which can take a few weeks to recover from even after the crystals are repositioned. My doctor said I also probably have vestibular migraines (dizziness without the bad headaches) and probably some cervical vertigo from arthritis and vertebra problems…so my case is complex. I am currently doing some PT too. Your physical therapy should help you compensate and you will feel better. Don’t worry about the testing. Depending on what tests they order, some may make you feel temporarily dizzy, but that is a good sign for certain tests. You are not alone….dizziness and balance problems are more common than people realize and you will get better. Thank you for all your wonderful posts….they have kept me cheered up while at my worst with my dizziness. You are amazing to be able to work with what you have been going through. I am praying for your complete recovery. Just takes time. The vestibular exercises you PT gives you will help a lot especially if you do them at home too.

  4. I really appreciate this review post. It has some of my favorite items you have posted that I needed to rethink!
    Thanks a lot!

  5. I have top #2 and love it!! ????
    Hang in there with the dizziness. I’ve gone through all that (tests and all) and it was the worst in my mid-forties. My family got used to my “dizzy spells” as I sometimes never knew when it would creep up. I’m convinced that hormonal changes contributed to the vertigo,. But, on advice from a naturopath doc, I cut down on caffeine and dairy, and both helped a lot. Fingers crossed that you’ll get some relief from the PT; it does help!

  6. Hi Jo Lynne! Your recap is fabulous. I love the twist tie T! I have it in white and will wear it today my jeans shorts. I’m going to visit my dad whose in rehab after a fall and surgery. He’s on the mend.

    I have Menaires Syndrome and only have had vertigo the very first time. I keep my diet low salt due to fluid build up in the deep inner ear which causes the vertigo. I hope and pray the PT is helpful and can reduce or eliminate your vertigo and balance issues. God.

  7. Hi Jo-Lynne – I was just reading something that B12 deficiency can also cause dizziness. I had that a couple of years ago( the dizziness) seemed to last just a couple of days . Now I get a bit light headed right before I start a cold. Bizarre! Hope you are better soon. Having really bad vertigo is terrible! I would spin in my bed like I had too much to drink, UGH! And walking was quite a chore!

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