Fall Fashion Outfit Inspiration: Leather & Lace

Hello, friends. Happy day-before-Friday! I know it’s been a short week, but I’m more than ready for the weekend. Anyone with me???

I had fun putting this leather and lace outfit together. It’s a small step outside of my comfort zone. I love a little rock and roll vibe, but I’m not entirely sure I’m pulling this off. What do you think?

Love the tough and feminine mix of leather and lace! This fall outfit combines a leather moto jacket with lace mock neck top and distressed grey skinnies.

The faux leather moto jacket was an Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchase back in July. I didn’t order it right away because with all of the hardware, I thought it might be a little too tough for me. But as the sale went on, I saw several other bloggers rocking it and looking amazing, and they all raved about the quality for the price, so I decided to give it a try.

Love the tough and feminine mix of leather and lace! This fall outfit combines a leather moto jacket with lace mock neck top and distressed grey skinnies.

I’m incredibly impressed with the quality for $99. I honestly don’t think I would have known that it wasn’t real leather if it hadn’t been part of the product description. It has a nice weight to it and a lot of detail.

Love the tough and feminine mix of leather and lace!

I decided to wear it over this lace mock turtleneck. I like to combine something edgy with something feminine, and what better tough-and-feminine combo is there than leather and lace???

Love the tough and feminine mix of leather and lace! This fall outfit combines a leather moto jacket with lace mock neck top and distressed grey skinnies.

The jeans and shoes were also #NSale purchases. I wanted grey jeans last year and never found a pair I liked enough to keep. These have the perfect amount of distressing, and the fit is outstanding.

I love the studded detail on the back of the shoes, and the pointy toe visually elongates the legs which is slimming. They’re quite comfortable too. I like these shoes so much that I also got them in the pink suede.

grey skinny jeans with black pointy toe flats

This lace mock neck top is by Vince Camuto. I always have good luck with this brand for tops. They fit well, the quality is good, and the styles are classic but modern. A mock neck is a great alternative to a turtleneck — it’s not as overwhelming and isn’t hot.

Fall Fashion: Styling this lace mock neck top with distressed grey skinnies

This top is fully lined in the front and back, so you have great coverage and no need for a cami or under layer. I love tops that are one and done! So easy.

Fall Fashion: Styling this lace mock neck top with distressed grey skinnies and black pointy toe flats

It comes in the raisin color that I’m wearing as well as black, ivory, and a pretty blush. It also comes in petite sizes. The length is perfect for me — it hits right at my “sweet spot” and it is fitted but not so tight as to highlight all the lumps and bumps. In other words, this top is practically perfect in every way!

Fall Fashion: Styling this lace mock neck top with distressed grey skinnies

I like that it can be worn alone or as a layering piece. I can see this under a blazer with a pencil skirt for the office or worn alone with black dressy skinny pants and pumps for a night out.

Fall Fashion: Styling this lace mock neck top with distressed grey skinnies and black pointy toe flats

I tried a few different bags, but I ended up carrying this light grey cross body bag. I considered my black moto hobo bag, but I felt like it was too much black leather and silver hardware with the moto jacket, and I like how the light grey works into the colors of the outfit without being matchy-matchy. By the way, they call it khaki on the website, but I don’t think it looks khaki at all. I’m going with grey.

Fall Fashion: Styling this lace mock neck top with distressed grey skinnies and a light grey cross body bag!

I’ve had some requests for posts on what necklaces to wear with certain necklines, and this is a great example of what necklace to wear with a turtleneck or mock neck top or even a crewneck. With a high neckline, I usually wear a long pendant necklace. It works because it brings the eye down and in toward the middle of the body, elongating the upper body and creating the illusion of a slimmer waist. This particular necklace is adjustable, and I extended it so it hangs extra long.

Fall Fashion: Styling this lace mock neck top with distressed grey skinnies and black pointy toe flats

It’s also nice that it’s a mid-size pendant. If they’re too small and dainty, they can get lost, especially when the top has a lot of texture like this one. And of course, if they’re large, they become the focal point — which is fine, if that’s what you’re going for. I felt like there was a lot going on in this outfit and I wanted something that would show, but not take over. Plus, this necklace is only $24!

R Minkoff Large Suki Cross Body Bag

That’s pretty much how this leather and lace outfit came together! What do you think? Do you like it better with or without the jacket???

Fall Fashion: Styling this lace mock neck top with distressed grey skinnies and black pointy toe flats

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Vince Camuto Scallop Lace Mock Neck Top // BLANKNYC ‘Easy Rider’ Faux Leather Moto Jacket // Hudson Jeans ‘Krista’ Ankle Jeans // Sam Edelman ‘Reyanne’ Spike Rand Pointy Toe Flat // R Minkoff Large Suki Cross Body Bag // Panacea Beaded Circle Pendant

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80 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Outfit Inspiration: Leather & Lace

    1. I agree. I think a different style of leather jacket would have been better…the look was a bit too contrived on you.

  1. I love the pieces and the jacket is very unexpected. I like it – I can imagine there are many other options for styling the jacket as well. It’s not your usual style (or mine for that matter), but I think it’s a nice way to shake things up. Bravo! (Because of you and Cyndi, I am seriously considering a faux leather jacket this season!)

  2. You know, I like the jacket! I tried one of them from the Nordstrom sale, but it was really tight in the forearms on me so I ended up taking it back. Maybe that is how they are suppose to fit… but when I tried the next size up so it wasn’t so tight, the sleeves were too long. Can I ask how that one fits as far as comfort? If you don’t mind my asking, what size is that?

  3. I like the outfit with or without the jacket. I think you are right about being outside your comfort zone — you definitely look more comfortable without the jacket.

  4. I like it better without the jacket. I’m wondering if I wouldn’t like the jacket more with the blush color lace top so it’s even more feminine but still not your typical white/black. The jacket looks good on you though. Probably depends on where you are going!

    1. Oooh, I do think I’d like this with the blush lace top. I got the top before I thought to put the jacket with it, and I tend to gravitate to darker colors near my face. But I like the idea of the blush top.

  5. Much better without the jacket. Maybe if you had a v neck shirt the jacket would look better, it was just too much IMO. If I looked that good in a lace shirt, I would never cover that up w any jacket 😉

  6. Very nice outfit. Love the lace top and color on you. I prefer the outfit without the jacket only because the jacket seems to bulk you up in the middle. I have been wanting a moto jacket but may reconsider because I am built similar to you on top. ????

  7. I like it together but I like edgy. I think you could do alot with the jacket and you rock it well. :). I’m sure the more you wear it the more comfortable you will become with it. I’m glad you change it up. Your fun to follow. Blessings

  8. I prefer a famine leather jacket. I see nothing attractive about looking hard or tough. I also think the distressed jeans look best on young girls, not mature women. I do like to lace top however. I’d like to see it in a v-neck or rounded neckline.

  9. I love all the pieces, but think your outfit is much better without the jacket. The dark color underneath, with the high neck makes your shoulders and chest look bulky. I think you rock that lace top and look fantastic in it without the jacket. I do, however, think the jacket totally works with all the other elements and agree with earlier comments that a lighter color and maybe a little more skin under the dark jacket would be more flattering.

  10. I think the jacket with the lace top makes your fabulous figure look a little bulky and broad shouldered on top. I bet it just doesn’t photograph well. The jeans look great on you and I love the shoes.

  11. I like it. I think the jacket is nice. I’m always getting cold and taking layers off and on so having a jacket that’s part of the outfit but not necessary is always nice.

  12. HI JoLynne–I love the lace top but I have to agree with KimW. I don’t care for that particular leather jacket on you, I’m not sure what it is–maybe it makes you look broader across the shoulder area because of the collar and too much hardware. I would love to see this outfit with one of your other moto jackets that are more streamlined. But, you always look lovely,

  13. Love the jacket and lace top…but not together. Lace top looks better on its own. Jacket adds too much bulk to this outfit. Did you lose weight? You look great!

  14. I bought the jacket too but returned it. It was to heavy and bulky for me. I like the idea of a leather jacket with your outfit but I think one that’s not so bulky and heavy.

  15. Love that turtleneck! So pretty. What size are you wearing?. The jacket’s a little much for my taste. That said as always you look great!

  16. I’m in the minority here since I LOVE this look on you but I’m a sucker for leather jackets. I would also like it styled with just a plain T and boots where the jacket is the only statement, along with a necklace. I do love that necklace too.

  17. I think you look GREAT in this combo !I bought the same jacket and it is so awesome !I would wear boots myself because flats just look wrong on me ,but they look good on you !dont give up on the jacket????????

  18. First of all, you always look great! I think the jacket and jeans look good together, the lace and leather work well together, and the lace and jeans look good but the 3 together don’t quite mesh. Maybe with another pant? Or another jacket? Or another top?

    1. I think that sums up what I was thinking too. Something about the outfit all together isn’t just exactly right. But I adore all the individual pieces on you! You look terrific in a moto jacket…so rocker chic yet also practical. To me this jacket calls for a more casual top…a t-shirt or turtleneck that has less texture. I think it’s a definite keeper! I love all these pieces individually although I’m not sure I’m brave enough to pull off the top or the jacket. Man, I’m such a chicken! LOL!

      I got that necklace during in the NSale and love it too! The multi-colored metals make it very versatile.

  19. I just read some of the other comments and think they are a little harsh !I love the jeans with rips and I’m older than you is that so wrong ?????

  20. Love this look on you. I agree with Mary regarding the styling, making the jacket the hero is key. One thing I like to do with an outfit like this is have the shirt a little longer than the jacket hem. It seems to elongate my torso. Congrats on shaking things up this morning. Very courageous.

    1. I like the idea of making the jacket the hero piece. It was actually an afterthought. I put the outfit together without it and then thought, Hey, I bet that moto jacket would be a great finishing touch! The shirt is longer than the jacket, but the shirt could be an inch or two longer and maybe work better with the jacket. It should be the perfect length for skirts. I really need to find a good basic pencil skirt.

  21. Love the look! Do you think sometime you could talk about undergarments and your top picks for some of us larger chested women? I think it can definitely make or break an outfit depending on the support it gives. I am on a lifetime quest to find something comfortable yet supportive but with SO many different options out there… We need your help desperately!

    1. Hey Dawn. Yes, I hear ya! 🙂 I have addressed it a few times, and this is the bra that I love and swear by. http://rstyle.me/n/byu7rrgthw

      Of course everyone is different, and it may not work for every body type, but I have had a lot of people tell me they love it. It definitely is not a minimizer, but it keeps everything up and in front the way it should be. 🙂 I have another one that I wear if I have a low-cut top and don’t want to give a show. 😉 But it doesn’t have nearly the support that this one does.

  22. Hi Jolynne,
    I’ve been a silent follower but today I feel compelled to comment! I think it’s important to push ourselves out of our comfort zones periodically and the jacket is great on you. I thought the same thing about trying the jacket with a blush top or maybe over a dress, maybe with less contrasting textures? The grey jeans are fantastic on you too and appropriate. Keep wearing the jacket and evolving your style, and inspiring the rest of us!

  23. Jolynne, you look great! I think it’s good to try something different! Especially looking as good as you do!! I think it’s awesome when people choose different styles, get a different look than they normally do, it’s fun! I love the pieces together and separately you can do alot with them. Love your hair too! Rock on girl!

  24. I like that jacket and think it’s fun to try something outside of your comfort zone. But I LOVE the outfit without the jacket. That shirt looks amazing on you and I am coveting those jeans. I have some grey jeans already but they don’t look as cute on my plump rear. ???? And those shoes…I bought the pump version during the Nsale Name but not the flats. I’m regretting that now!

  25. I love the top and I love the jacket, just not together. I think you can pull the jacket off for sure, though! I like the idea of leather and lace, but maybe try a sweetheart or scoop neckline next time.

  26. I LOVE the jacket, Jo-Lynne! I bought my first black leather jacket last year at 53 years old and it’s my favorite piece in my closet.(It took me 8 tries to find the right one at Nordstrom) In the last year I’ve been trying to break away from what’s become my “uniform”. I feel so good wearing something that I admired on others but was previously out of my comfort zone. So my point is, if you feel good in it, go for it!

    1. Thank you! I almost always have a black leather jacket in my closet. I love them, but I generally wear a more refined style. 🙂 This is fun for a change, but I do agree with a lot of comments that there is a lot of bulk in the shoulders and lapels, and it may not be THE most flattering style for me personally. I need to dust off my coated cotton moto jacket from last year. I think it would compliment this outfit a bit more.

  27. I like the jacket – you look like a bad ass which is ok sometimes! Definitely looks like leather but I can’t believe faux leather still cost $100 bucks… I guess I need to get with the times and inflation! Great look without the jacket too and dig the color of the top on you.


  28. Reading the comments made me smile. First, you went out of your comfort zone, something we all need encouragement to do. We count of you to report our options to us, and that includes the edgy ones. The comments reflected how your readers have learned to critique an outfit. This must please you! Don’t you just love it when an “attagirl” comes your way!!! Another issue that someone touched on, the clothes do not look as good on the websites as when you model them. This is good and bad, good for my wallet, bad for business. ????

  29. I like it better without the jacket. I think the jacket and the top being the same length threw it off for me. Sort of choppy that way. If one or the other had been a little shorter or longer I think I would have liked it better.

  30. You totally pulled it off! (And, I will be humming Fleetwood Mac’s Leather and Lace all day….). I loved the outfit both ways, it is nice that you can wear it and then be able to take the jacket off if you get hot, while still looking “put together.” The top looks really good on you, like it was made for you! I think the jacket was a steal for $100! And, I am kicking myself for not grabbing those Hudson jeans at the sale…..I was really close. I think they look so cute on you!

  31. Well….I am going to be honest. The look is okay, but not your best. I like leather with lace but something about that jacket doesn’t add up. I can be good about not liking something, but not really being able to pinpoint what it is I don’t like. Although I like the jacket, it just doesn’t go perfect with the outfit. I am going to state my opinion ….the jeans have too man rips. It is just a little too much for women, as opposed to teens. Also, you can tell the jean rise is really low and I don’t think it is attractive at just at area. So sorry….being truthful but I hope not ugly. You dress so nice and attractive having a lot of options. Hate to see you wear something that is OKAY but not great!

    1. Fonda, you have left so many kind and gracious comments in the past that I know your heart is to be truthful and not ugly. 🙂 I like the rips, but I know it’s not everyone’s cuppa tea. And I know what you mean about the jacket – there is some extra bulk thru the shoulders and lapels that isn’t ideal. Low rise jeans aren’t very forgiving when tops are as body conscious as this one. I was pretty excited when it didn’t create more bulges than it did. Haha! But a “front tuck” or a looser top is generally safer with low rise jeans — a good thing to remember.

      It’s fun to try new things, and hopefully more interesting to change things up, even if not every outfit is an A+. I like a lot about this one, but there is room for improvement. 🙂

  32. I could never pull off the look, but you look great! Your hair looks very beautiful btw- did you recently have highlights? The colors are very complimentary!

  33. I absolutely love the lace top on you but I have to agree with several others that the jacket just doesn’t fit your style. Maybe it’s the bulkiness of the jacket that competes with the softness of your features. Nevertheless, you are a very classy lady and I enjoy seeing your outfit every day!

  34. You look great in everything, Jo-Lynne and this is not exception. I prefer the outfit without the jacket as it does add some bulk to the middle. I would prefer the jacket with a sleek black turtleneck that came down a couple of inches below the hem of the jacket. The top by itself is gorgeous, though.

  35. You are a beautiful woman with a killer figure/shape. The jacket is not working because it’s too bulky – it’s not conforming to your body – almost looks like it’s sliding off in one of the shots. Love everything else you are wearing! Love your style!

    1. Thanks, Dayna, for the compliment. 🙂 I noticed that it looks like it’s falling back in that one shot – I wanted SO BADLY to be able to fix it. I need a stylist on set. Haha!! 🙂

  36. I love the whole thing – I think you look fantastic!! Great job putting it all together without being over the top. I love the jacket – what size are you wearing?

  37. Not crazy about the jacket. I think is a little bulky. Rest is great though. Maybe with a different jacket, leather or not, would still look good. But without a jacket it looks perfect. Agree with other posts, love your hair.

    1. Thanks, Lily. The hair comments crack me up. I hated my hair in these pix. Too light, looks dry, flyaway… ha! I had it cut and colored today… I’m a week overdue. But I appreciate your kind words, and it is a great reminder that we are always harder on ourselves than we ought to be. 🙂

  38. I love the edginess of a leather or faux leather jacket. I think you look beautiful no matter which way you are wearing it. What are you most comfortable with? How does your hubby like or not like it? Sometimes, my spouse can give me a clue to what it is about an outfit that I might be missing. I love the lace top, especially that color. And I think you nailed the edgy look! Very cute. – Amy

  39. You look great! I don’t think the jacket is too much at all. It looks wonderful on you and the lace tops with it is beautiful. This was my favorite of all of things you have shared. Lovely.

  40. I think you look terrific in the entire outfit! I personally feel that it’s fun and interesting to “change it up” and wear varying styles – especially while you’re young enough to be able to do so. The top looks great by itself and also with the jacket. I like the color top you chose as it is much more “fallish” than a lighter color would be. And your hair looks especially pretty in these pictures and those yesterday.

  41. You look great and the jacket is fun! I like how the top is longer than the jacket in the back and think I would like it more if it did the same in the front. So maybe I like this look better without the jacket. I do love the jacket on you, I just think it might look even better with one of your nice soft tees or a softer color. I also like your idea of trying this top with a skirt or black skinnies. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

    1. I think your assessment is overall correct. 🙂 I do think the top is longer than the jacket, though — but it must not be photographing that way b/c several people mentioned that. Maybe the pictures didn’t quite show it right. I put the jacket on again tonight with a t-shirt, and I noticed that it does have a way of “falling off” my shoulders when I stand very straight, as I was doing in some of these pictures. It’s so interesting b/c it really does fit right, but it’s heavy and does sort of fall back as I move around. I appreciate the input!

  42. I think you look great! The jeans are an amazing fit on you, love the lace mock turtleneck and color and the jacket gives it an edge. I could see wearing this to a concert, date night or a GNO. You wear this look well!

  43. This is one of my favorite outfits you have worn! I love the leather and lace combo. You look great! Thanks for trying something different.

  44. You look great in anything. This is not your best look, but certainly not a bad one. I think perhaps the jacket or the lace top & maybe just together are a little too busy. ‘Course I’m not a lace person so what do I know. Love love love those flats. Love Sam’s stuff, want some too. I gave in & bought the Lush Nordstrom Grape Leaf top you wore awhile back, kept going back & looking at your post & loved it so much I got it. Keep on keeping on. I love seeing all,your looks.

  45. Leather and lace is a great combo and one you could definitely pull off, but the jacket doesn’t look like it fits well. So many times I’ve been too excited about getting something that everyone else has or trying something new that I ignore the perfect fit, but taking pictures of my outfits and scrutinizing them has taught me to so many things.

  46. Hi Jo Lynne! Do you have any additional posts with this particular jacket? I just bought it and I’m very unsure about styling it. I don’t know if it has too much going on with the lapels or not… Thanks for your help.

    1. Hey Angela, I feel the same, it’s kind of bulky. I haven’t styled it in another post on the blog. I think it looks better with casual outfits — jeans and graphic tee, that sort of thing.

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