Living on Fast Forward

I was chatting with a longtime blogging buddy via email last night, and we were ruminating about how fast this internet-driven world of ours changes and how fun/exhausting/exhilarating/discouraging it can be, and as I typed, my fingers moving faster than my brain (as is typical), I wrote, “I feel like I’m living life on Fast Forward.”

And my fingers stopped.

I looked at what I just wrote and realized that somehow, unexpectedly, I’d hit the nail on the head.

THAT is what the past two/three/four weeks have felt like. I feel like someone flipped a switch and suddenly life has been on Fast Forward.

Here’s the thing. I love this thing that I do. Or perhaps I should say, these things that I do. Because, as my husband can attest, as he has been trying to wrap his brain around my taxes (poor man; send espresso), there’s a lot. But I thrive on the busy, and I love the variety of things I get to do.

But sometimes?

Even I need to slow down.

So that’s what I did yesterday.  I pressed Pause.

After church was over and lunch was cleaned up, I poured myself a glass of a chilled white wine, downloaded a fluffy novel to the Kindle, settled into a corner of our cozy couch and started reading.

And promptly fell asleep.

Ah well, so much for a leisurely afternoon of reading. I did wake up in time to make a pot of chili for dinner and to play a rousing game of Qwirkle (great family game!) before the Super Bowl monopolized my family’s attentions for the rest of the evening.

I tuned in for the half time show (disappointing) and for a few commercials towards the beginning (hilarious) and the rest of the time I worked nearby on a new project I have going. (Don’t worry, Hon; it doesn’t involve launching anything. Ha!)

After a relaxing day yesterday and a good night’s sleep last night (no more monkey’s jumpin’ on the bed!), this morning I’m refreshed and raring to go. I realize it might have something to do with the mug of coffee I’ve recently injected into my veins, but I’m about ready to press the Play button and dive into a new week.  I’m going to try to keep it to an even keel this time.

What’s on your agenda this week?