Two Stylish Ways to Wear a Long Cardigan

Long cardigans are trending this fall, and today I’m sharing two ways to wear this Leith longline ribbed cardigan.

This is the burgundy fudge heather. (Where DO they get those names???)

How to Wear a Long Cardigan for Fall 2019

Choosing a flattering cardigan can be tricky. If they’re too long or too short, they can look frumpy; and if they’re too voluminous, they can add visual weight.

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There are a few reasons why I particularly like this one. The fine gauge ribbed knit allows it to hang straight and sit close to the body, for an effect that is elongating and slenderizing, and the side slits add a nice detail.

A Stylish Way to Wear a Long Cardigan for Fall 2019

I also like that the shoulder seams sit on the shoulder. (A dropped shoulder can make shoulders look broader than they really are.)

Finally, the open front styling with no buttons is modern and uncluttered, making this cardigan easy to dress up or down.

Jo-Lynne Shane shares two stylish ways to wear a long cardigan for Fall 2019

For this first look, I went with a more dressed-down look that is still super versatile. I wore a grey tee with black jeans and black and white spotted mules.

I’d wear this to meet a girlfriend for lunch and shopping, for a casual dinner out with the family, to a meeting at my daughter’s school — things like that.

Jo-Lynne Shane shares two stylish ways to wear a long cardigan for Fall 2019

My jeans and shoes were both sold out, although at the time of this posting, a few sizes have been restocked in these mules. I also found some other great options that I linked at the end of this post.

spotted calf hair mules

And my Rag & Bone Camden shopper from the #NSale finally sold out after it went 50% off, but I did find a really cool grey suede version for a great price at Nordstrom Rack, and this one is the same as mine but with a different texture (and full price.)

Jo-Lynne Shane carrying Rag & Bone Camden Leather Shopper

For jewelry, I went with a silver disc pendant and a brushed silver cuff bracelet. I didn’t feel this look needed any statement jewelry, but you could definitely add a bolder necklace or earrings if you like.

I prefer a less-is-more approach with casual outfits like this, and there’s already a lot going on with a variety of patterns and textures. That’s one trick for making a simple cardigan and jeans more interesting.

I also like how the destroyed hem on the jeans and the style of the bag keep the look modern and gives it a bit of an edge.

Jo-Lynne Shane shares two stylish ways to wear a long cardigan for Fall 2019

Outfit Details:

Leith longline cardigan // grey tee // similar black jeans // similar spotted mules // similar bag

Another easy way to wear a long cardigan this fall is to throw it on over a fitted dress, like this popular Leith ruched tank dress.

Here’s a picture of the dress without the sweater. (Mine is the cloudy grey heather.)

Everyone talks about how universally flattering this dress is, and it really does have a lot going for it, but it I feel like it draws attention to a fluffy tummy. I’m wearing shapewear here, and I’m also hyper aware of my posture. (In the picture above, when I’m not standing up as straight, I think you can see what I mean.)

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Leith Ruched Body-Con Tank Dress

Anyway, my point is, I do recommend this dress, but you have to be okay with a body-con style, and also with it being fairly short.

I recommend sizing up; I’m wearing a medium.

a stylish way to wear a long cardigan for fall 2019

This time, I did a little more accessorizing. I felt like this look could use a focal point, and a layered station necklace is perfect for that.

Mine is an old Stella & Dot favorite that has been discontinued, but this one is a good alternative.

Jo-Lynne Shane shares two stylish ways to wear a long cardigan for Fall 2019

I also added this Yves wrap bracelet — another Stella & Dot fave, but happily this one is still in stock.

To keep the look in line with fall, I wore suede peep-toe block heeled sandals.

Booties would be nice with this too, but it’s still warm enough for open shoes, and I think these are easier to wear with a dress. I still feel like most booties look clunky with dresses.

This time I carried a black tote, which is a little more polished and in keeping with the dress/sweater combo.

I’d wear this on a date night, but it could also be work appropriate — maybe with a few tweaks depending on your dress code. You could replace this ruched body-con dress with a tailored sheath, and swap out sandals for pumps or booties.

Jo-Lynne Shane shares two stylish ways to wear a long cardigan for Fall 2019

Outfit Details:

Leith longline cardigan // ruched tank dress // peep-toe sandals // similar tote // similar necklace // wrap bracelet

ADDENDUM: What coat do you wear with a long cardigan?

Oh my gosh, you guys. Soooo many questions about outerwear with long cardigans… on every social channel I posted to today. 😂

So . . . the obvious answer is a long coat. Trench coats, wool coats, and puffer coats all come in knee-length styles. If you live in a climate that is so cold you can’t wear a sweater by itself for very many weeks, then you probably have a long puffer coat.

Here in Pennsylvania, it doesn’t get super cold for very long, but I always have one long, heavy duty puffer in my coat closet for the coldest of days. It also works well over long cardigans.

If it’s not cold enough for this coat, and I really want to wear a long cardigan, I will probably be willing to freeze long enough to get from the car to my destination (usually the mall, haha!)

And sure, there are days I choose not to wear a long cardigan because I want to wear outerwear that isn’t compatible. For that reason, I don’t have a dozen long cardigans in my closet, but I like to have one or two.

I was curious, so I pulled out my old tried and true puffer coat to see if it covers this sweater, and voilà!

It does. Barely, but I also zipped it up and it looks fine all the way around.

But that coat is like 10 years old, so this year at the #NSale I treated myself to a nice, new The North Face puffer coat. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite cover this sweater, but I would still wear them together.

I mean, it depends on where I’m going and how polished I want to look, but I don’t think this combination is dreadful.

(And clearly if it is cold enough for this coat, I would not be wearing cropped jeans and mules… but work with me here. It’s 80 degrees here today.)

I certainly wouldn’t go out and buy a coat to go over my long cardigans, but I might go out and buy a long coat if I lived in a cold climate and didn’t have one . . . because I am here to tell you, when it’s REALLLLLY cold outside, it is so nice to be toasty warm inside a long cozy puffer coat, even if I just have a short distance to walk.

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photos: Alison Cornell