How to Wear Cardigans Without Looking Frumpy

Do you struggle with how to wear cardigans without looking frumpy? Then this post is for you!

(updated October 2020)

Fight the Frump: How to Wear Cardigans Without Looking Frumpy with real life examples and style tips geared for women over 40!

Cardigans are trending right now, and they’re very practical, but they can be tricky. If you’re not careful, they can read frumpy really fast. I’ve been trying to determine what makes some cardigans look cute and others look frumpy, and here are my best tips!

How to Wear Cardigans Without Looking Frumpy

#1. Figure out what style/length of cardigan looks best on your body type.

As with all matters of fashion, women’s bodies are all different so certain styles will be more flattering on some of us than others.

Learn what works for you by trying on different styles and lengths of cardigans — take pictures if you’re unsure, and compare.

color block cardigan // white tee // skinny jeans // similar booties

#2. Wear form-fitting clothes underneath or a dress that’s belted.

Especially when the cardigan is slouchy, make sure the silhouette underneath is form-fitting; otherwise you will look larger than you are.

A body-con dress like this one works well under a long cardigan.

long cardigan (exact; but my color sold out) // ruched sheath (exact)

I try to wear tees that are more form-fitting under my cardigans.

cardigan // white tee // light wash skinnies // sneaker mules

#3. Size down in longer cardigans and/or choose cardigans that are more fitted. 

Slouchy cardigans are trending for the younger set, but let’s be honest — unless you are tall and skinny, slouchy oversized cardigans tend to add visual weight.

I find that I look best in cardigans that are designed to fit closer to the body. Oftentimes these are made of a fine-gauge knit or ribbed material. This one is really old, but the thin ribbed material keeps it fitting close to the body.

how to wear cardigans without looking frumpy

ribbed cardigan (similar for less) // white tee // white skinnies // espadrilles

I sized down to an XS in this cardigan for a closer fit.

long cardigan // rust tee (option) // utility pants // booties // initial necklace // boho cuff // sunnies (option)

#4. Pay attention to the fit of the arms.

This is another big revelation I had after comparing several pictures of myself wearing various cardigans. My favorites — and the ones I feel are most slimming — are the ones that have skinnier arms.

thermal draped cardigan

I realize this may not be the best advice for those who carry extra weight in their arms (see #1) but it’s something to consider.

hooded cardigan // white tee // crop skinnies // white crossbody

I also prefer a cardigan with shoulder seams ON the shoulder, as opposed to the drop shoulder that is so popular right now. The drop shoulder adds visual bulk to an area most of us don’t want it.

These are close . . . also note the ribbed material and long, slim cut to this sweater.

Jo-Lynne Shane shares two stylish ways to wear a long cardigan for Fall 2019

cardigan (exact, but my color sold out) // grey tee // similar black jeans // similar spotted mules // similar bag

#5. Show some skin.

This is more about what you wear under your cardigan than the style of the cardigan.

Many of us wear cardigans to feel cozy and warm, so it’s tempting to throw a cardigan on over a turtleneck or crewneck top, but most cardigans will be a lot more flattering over an open-neck top.

See how wearing an infinity scarf over this sweater adds bulk and visual weight. Also, the shirt underneath is rather shapeless (see #2.)

Almost every woman, no matter what her size or body type, looks best in a top that shows her collar bones — especially when most of the rest of your body is covered up.

So if you’re stuck on turtlenecks and crewneck tops, try swapping them out for a scoop neck or a v-neck. You may be surprised how much difference it makes!

(This is true for tops worn with cardigans or without!)

cardigan // tank // similar grey jeans (budget option) // booties (tortilla suede)

#6. Pay attention to current trends.

Like with any other article of clothing, cardigan trends evolve, and you will always look less frumpy if you’re wearing a more current style — as long as it is appropriate for your body type.

While super long cardigan coats are trending right now, I steer clear because they’re so long on my 5’5″ frame, I feel they overwhelm me.

But I do like some of the longer styles — like to the knee or mid-thigh.

Try pairing a graphic tee with a long cardigan — the graphic tee creates a pleasing juxtaposition with the more refined cardigan. Also, in this case, the Chelsea boots help keep the look current.

graphic tee // cardigan // skinnies // booties // belt

Or try a cardigan over a printed cami for a dressier look.

cardigan// leopard cami // skinny jeans // booties

And this is taking the cardigan in a totally different direction, but right now, the shorter cardigans are making a comeback… most often worn buttoned-up like this.

camo cardigan // black tank // washed black jeans // similar black suede mules // Lucky Brand earrings // initial pendant // Coach courier bag

#7. Wear slouchy cardigans cautiously.

A cardigan can be cute if it’s intentionally slouchy, but not if it’s simply oversized. If you do wear a slouchy cardigan, I recommend wearing something more form-fitting underneath. Also, wear the cardigan so that it frames the outfit rather than covering it.

I didn’t think I was going to love this oatmeal cardigan when it arrived in the mail, but when I threw it on over my favorite t-shirt and cropped skinnies, I found that the slouchy style works because it sits back and allows the rest of the outfit to show.

It also helps that it’s also not super long. I think this just-below-the-hip-length tends to be the most flattering on me personally.

cardigan (old) // similar tee // crop skinnies // wedge sandals // pendant necklace

#8. Don’t ignore the rear view.

The long, straight cardigans are having a moment right now, but make sure to look at the rear view before deciding to purchase one. They may look okay from the front, but if you turn around, they can go terribly wrong.

This yellow cardigan is longer than my ideal length, but because of the fine-gauge ribbed knit, it follows the lines of my body without adding a ton of visual weight, so I think it works. Also, the side slits help.

long linen blend cardigan // AG legging ankle jeans

I hope these tips are helpful! What would you add to this list?

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105 Responses

  1. This is a very timely and helpful post. My office is jeans/business casual and the A/C is kept pretty chilly, so I need layers all summer long! This is another one of your posts that inspires me to “shop my closet” and breathe new life into old items by trying fresh outfit pairings and silhouettes. Thank you!

  2. Always chilly inside when the a/c is on.  Wear light sweaters all summer.  Thank u for all the different cardigan styling options as I always feel frumpy with a cardigan on 

  3. Great advice here, Jo-Lynne. I especially like the tip about taking a picture. That’s such a great way to see how something looks. Weird how it will look different in a picture than it even does the mirror. Hope your week is going well!

  4. What a helpful and informative post Jo-Lynne!  Thank you!  Last year I ordered a very long open cardigan that you shared with us, but I never enjoyed wearing it, so I donated it.  Now I know why!  I have a thick backside and that long of a sweater did nothing but emphasize it.  Even with my long legs, it just didn’t work.  I am way too hot natured to wear sweaters in the warm months, but they are better during the cold months than a coat, for me.  Have a great day!

  5. Lots of great tips and style ideas!  I love cardigans and they stay in my wardrobe all year as well.  The A/C in the summer here is ridiculous.  

    I’ll echo what a few others have said about the emails not coming.  Mine have been hit or miss since I did the update in the email you sent.  I’ll try to update again and see if that helps.  I really miss your emails when I don’t get them!

      1. Oh goodness…no apologies needed for a late email.  But, all these comments should show how many of us LOVE your emails.   We are worried we aren’t getting them!  Ha Ha  I did get your email, so hopefully, I’m back on track.  Looking forward to seeing all the summer looks that you shot today!

  6. Not receiving your emails anymore. Not sure what the problem is. It still says that I am registered. Hmmmm….

    1. I’m having the same problem today. I did all the steps I was supposed to but then today I didn’t get an email.

  7. Hey Toni – about a week ago I sent an email about updating your subscription preferences per the new GDPR rules. Did you do that? This explains it and provides the link for you to update your preferences, or you can go to one of the old emails you got from me and click “Update My Preferences” at the very bottom. https://bit.ly/GDPR_opt_in

  8. Perfect post. I am with the majority in that the AC in the office has me always wearing layers. I like the lightweight aspect of a cardigan and it is not as structured as a blazer, but looks just as good. The advice about the type of top to wear underneath is the best. Yay – I think I have a few new looks in the closet now! 🙂

    1. Well. They still sell them, and I actually think they can be quite flattering, but I do fear they look a little dated at the present moment. I wouldn’t ditch all of them, though. I might wear one on occasion if it works with the outfit – try pairing it with a patterned top, and make sure it has a slimming fit that follows your body – and frames the outfit, rather than covering it, if that makes sense.

    2. Hi Beth,
      I think those 3/4 sleeve sweaters look cute over a tank top. Leave a few buttons undone on top to slow some skin. I also leave the bottom button undone. It feels more modern and cute. I saw that on Pinterest. 

  9. I love these fight the frump posts – always makes me hit the closet to make sure I’m in the right track and always end in removing a few earlier choices!  Thank you! 

  10. Wow ! Who would have thought there was so much to consider with cardigans. Great advice and a blog to hold onto when going shopping to know the do’s and dont’s. It really does matters what’s under that cardigan .
    Thanks for your expertise 😀

  11. Great post!  I’ve realized lately that I take a perfectly fine outfit and frump it with a cardigan.  Sometimes it’s for warmth, sometimes it’s for modesty/decorum, but I have to rethink what type of cardigan works on me because most of the many I have do not.   Good tips, thank you.

  12. Just a note of appreciation for your site. The title of this post made me laugh but it is so spot-on. I’m constantly swapping out my cardigans in front of the mirror trying to ‘fight the frump’ and feeling at a loss. First world problems for sure but a bit of confidence goes a long way. Thank you!

  13. I too like the Fight the Frump posts. Even though I live in Southern California, it gets cool at night, and my arms are always cold. It is hard to find lightweight cardigans that are long (I’m tall) and fit right. Your tips are fantastic.

  14. Thank you Jo-Lynne. I wear cardigans year round pretty much. It was great to see your
    e-mail this morning

    about how to wear cardigans. You model them so nicely. Thanks for all your hard work teaching us. Blessings to you.

  15. Now I know why my outfit looked off some days. There’s a lot to think about when getting dressed in the morning. Thanks for putting this post together. Has anyone told you that you look like the new bachlorette Becca. She’s from Minnesota so I’m going to watch this season.

    1. I thought the same thing. I saw previews of bachlorette and told my husband she looked like someone I know. Later figured out Jo-Lynne. 

  16. Ooh, A fight the frump post! So many good pointers here. I never thought about sleeve width but narrow sleeves are slimming. Good point about showing your collar bones. I’ll keep that in mind. I find when I wear a cardigan over a blouse I feel frumpy. Now I know why. 

  17. Jolynne I love this post!! It is spot on and I wish I could think of a good way to share with my cardigan wearing friends at work!!! I am going to look at my cardigans tonight and see which ones I should toss immediately into the giveaway bag !!

  18. Another great informative fight the frump post! I like your line about framing an outfit with a cardigan and not covering it. I’m guilty of covering my outfits often because I am always cold, especially in AC. I have to work on that. Thanks, Jo-Lynne.

  19. This was a great post because I’m always freezing in the summer with the A/C in restaurants, shops, grocery stores, etc. I would always grab a short cardigan but now I’m wondering if I need to rethink what I’m choosing and consider a longer one? 

  20. Thank you for this post! I bought 3 or 4 cardigans this past fall, and I feel like I look so matronly in them. I can see from your tips what I did wrong. Thank you!

  21. Love the timing of this post.  I was just thinking yesterday that I needed to add a few new cardigans to my summer wardrobe.  

  22. Jo-Lynne, this is a great post. I love my cardigans, and I agree with all of your tips. I still have a number of cardis in my closet that I probably need to let go of for many of the reasons you mentioned. Gradually, I will wean them out. You gave some great advice and I love that you gave examples using your own outfits to show what you are talking about. Thanks for sharing. – Amy

  23. Love this post! Please do more of how to wear a specific item the best way. I now need to clear out a few cardigans from my closet in order to de-frump. 🙂 One thing I’m guilty of is wearing looser tops under cardigans for work, church etc. What do you suggest for over those flowy, loose tops besides a jean jacket, which can get predictable after a while and doesn’t work if you’re wearing jeans?

    1. Blazers and fitted jackets are best, and really look better than cardigans over most everything. I like the knit blazers for something more comfortable and casual than a businessy blazer.

  24. This is the most helpful article EVER! I love cardigans and I often wonder if I was wearing them correctly. I love your style and your helpful tips.

  25. This post has been one of my favorites. I had a pile of clothes ready for Goodwill but it made me rethink keeping some of my short sleeved cardigans. I need to invest in some long ones as all of mine hit at the waist! My cardigans from Loft seem to be really thin, almost seem like the seams will rip if I am not careful. 

  26. How ironic that I wore a buttoned up cardigan the very day this was posted! 😱
    I need to be better at fighting the frump. My reason for buttoning is to conceal some tummy pudge and to keep shoulders covered better. My cardigans tend to want to sit back over my shoulders. In addition, my chest is rather large and when I leave cardigans open, the girls seem to be more “in your face” than normal. Not a good feeling…or look.  Looking at the examples, I probably need to just start from scratch with my cardigans. Thank you, as always, for the great tips and post. I appreciate all the thought and effort you put into all your content. 

    1. I know what you mean about “the girls” pushing the cardigan back. I have that issue too. Depending on how the cardigan is cut, some stay in place better than others. I like the waterfall cardigans best on me, actually.

      Buttoning can work – especially with a larger chest – just don’t button them all. Experiment with buttoning a few in the middle and leaving the top and bottom open, or sometimes buttoning just the top one can work.

  27. Great post. I tend to wear long cardigans fall and winter and mid sleeve short for summer but feel frumpy now in my short ones. Need to check out some longer updated ones for summer. Thanks as usual for posting your live on Wed for those of us who don’t have Facebook. I always watch and enjoy it. Love seeing you talk. Makes your blog more personable. 

  28. What size do you have in the splendid thermal hooded cardigan?  It looks long. I’m 5’3”, like 128lb. Would I do XS. In LOFT I’m usually XS with size 27 pants. Thanks jo-Lynne. Seems like you get a lot of use out of it and it holds up good. 

  29. Great info Jo-Lynne. Question: I have shied away from any ruffles around the hips as I think it draws the eye there. Do you agree? Your tips are so helpful as cardigans are critical in the freezing A/C of the Southeast! 

  30. I made a huge mistake awhile back and bought several cardigans a size too large. They were expensive (to me) and I want to get my money out of them… Any suggestions for making them look better despite being at least 1 size too big?? Also, advise for choosing the right size…I wear many of the same cardigans year round. In the summer I’m wearing thinner, lighter clothes under but in the winter I want to be able to wear heavier, thicker shirts and sweaters underneath. Therefore, in the summer they are too big but in the winter they work better. Perhaps I should buy to wear only during a certain season? I never leave home without one – especially in the summer when it’s hot outside but cool in the A/C.

    1. Ugh! yeah, that’s disappointing. I think you need to have some for wearing over thinner tops and some for wearing over thicker tops. If you wear a lot of cardigans, it makes sense to have a variety.

  31. I adore cardigans….my favorite way to wear them is with skinny jeans or denim leggings, a t-shirt and flip flops or wedges…I so agree with you, what matters most is what’s underneath…if your clothes aren’t more fitted it can look very shlumpy …is that even a word?? I don’t think so as it’s underlined now🙄.   right now in western PA it’s cool and rainy perfect for a cardigan.  I do have some that have an open weave when the weather is warmer.  I wear them a lot in winter as well and unless it’s super cold, that’s my typical outerwear piece if I’m going shopping or running errands….I loved all the looks today!

  32. Yup, you guessed right, 3rd cup of ☕️   It was a cold 37 this morning with a heavy mist, no coffee on the front porch, yet.again….what a great post for this weather.  I’ve been living in cardigans, since it seems to stay cool & damp. So much great info about what to look for in the fit of a cardigan.  Sleeves seem to be an issue as I have heavier upper arms. So many cardigans are cut somewhat skimpy in that area!  The duty rose colored cardigan you styled from Kohl’s seems to be my “go to” cardigan. It’s just the right length for my 5’4” frame. Glad you had an enjoyable Mother’s Day.  I’m all about low-key anymore!  We somehow missed doing a family picture as well but the memories are what counts!  Enjoy the new week!
     p.s.  how about a post on what to pack for a weekend trip to the beach?  My annual “girls only” trip to Cape May is coming up & I always struggle to pack less but end up packing more!  #helpme!  

  33. I have a tummy & try to steer away from form-fitting tops. Am I doomed to look frumpy in my looser tops under cardigans, or is there another set of rules for us that carry a few extra pounds? I work in an office that is kept way cooler than my comfort level, so a cardigan is an essential piece for me in a work outfit. BTW, you look adorable in all these looks.

    1. I don’t think you’re doomed. 🙂 I think this goes along with learning your body type and what works best. And a looser top can still have some structure — even tees that skim the body without clinging work well. Those are the ones I try to find b/c while I’m thin, I do have some extra belly flab, so I don’t like to wear tops that are too tight. It’s all about finding that sweet spot. Also, slimmer cardigans look better with more blousy tops. The drapey cardigans are the ones that really need a more form-fitting under layer. I hope that helps!

    2. Hi Nancy, I completely agree with Jo-Lynne that you don’t have to ear super tight tops, but I think you should really avoid baggy – not good on anyone! I also think the trick, if you have a middle that is more than you like, is to wear a really interesting necklace or bright scarf in a colour/colours that really suit your face. Then everyone will look at your face and how great you’re looking rather than your tum! A trick I was given years ago, by a colour consultant was, if you’re wearing the right colour for your face, people will comment on how great you’re looking rather than they like the item of clothing. Also, in an office, pushing the sleeves of your cardigan up to midway between your wrists and elbow make you look more office-like and efficient (like you mean business!).

  34. The front of cardigans generally drape nicely, but often the side view shows the front hanging much lower than the back…kind of giving a humpback look.  So, I stay away from most cardigans, especially the fine gauge spring and summer cardigans.  

  35. Thanks so much updating and posting this. Cardigans have become a daily wardrobe staple for me. I’m heavy through the middle, so I feel more comfortable with a cardigan. But as you mentioned, they can easily become frumpy-looking, making my style look even worse. So this is a huge help!

    Also, thank you for the very thoughtful comment about those that struggle with Mother’s Day. I am one of those ladies. My mom passed away 19 years ago, and my husband and I do not have children, so this day can be very painful. I try to use it as “ME” day and treat myself, and yesterday was very nice. But it still stings each year.

    I do hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day with your beautiful family!

  36. Very informative post Jo-Lynne!  Thank you!  I like your look with a cardigan that is longer than your shorts.  You look great, but I think I would look goofy.  My hot blooded self doesn’t need long sleeves during the warm months.  While you had lots of technical challenges this morning, I had other challenges that made my morning one that I wanted to end quickly.  I hope the rest of your day was better!

  37. This post made me think of a question! You often suggest taking a picture and I agree. But I can’t seem to take a useable mirror selfie. Surely I’m not the only one. Could you give some tips in a future post? Thanks! 

  38. Great post. I love cardigans.  I bought one a few years ago that Cyndi styled and it looked so great on her.  I loved the color etc.  But, she’s 3″ taller than I am and after wearing it only once I decided it really wasn’t a wise purchase. I still have it hanging in my closet. 🙁  So, I guess I do need to figure out the best length for me.  

  39. Thanks for the helpful info. You look sweet in the ruffle cardigan. What size are you wearing? I suppose bloggers refrain from putting in their sizes lest they alienate smaller or bigger women. But it’s very frustrating to want to buy the recommended/featured item without any reference to the sizing. Clothes are cut so differently these days, and the website info the vendors post is often not that helpful. So, what size in the ruffle cardi are you wearing? Thank you.

    1. Hi Trace. I usually share my sizes, but I didn’t think about it for this post. The cardigans are all size small except the Splendid, which is a medium. Hope that helps! 🙂

  40. Hi, I just bought the sheath dress in the second photo. Bought a size up and it fits well….except I am having trouble with underwear that does not show thru on my backside. I have tried on two pairs of bikinis and two thongs. Any suggestions?

  41. Thanks Jo-Lynn! I have a love hate relationship with cardigans. I want one that skims my figure but doesn’t look boxy or have baggy pockets, to wear with jeans. Cozy. And one to keep at the office for the AC days, likely it should go with black, carbon, grey. No baggy pockets. Still on the hunt! :-/

  42. In your Fight the Frump post you show a buttoned up black cardigan and a dark pink cardigan with a floral blouse at the bottom of the post.  I can’t seem to find any links to any of them.  Are they available?  Thanks much!

  43. This is a great summary. I have stumbled into some of these same realizations but not all. Great to see them all in one place!!

  44. Hi Jo-Lynne. I really enjoyed the recap of the cardigans. I have many in my closet and am sometimes unsure if I look cute or frump 😊 I’m drawn to the longer ones and agree 100% that the top underneath looks better if it’s fitted. Thanks again. Love your insight and knowledge and authenticity. Looking forward to Fall with you. PS I like the idea of showing an item worn two ways, getting more wear out of our items. 

  45. You are so right on the fitted tee! Just a side tuck on a fitted tee takes away all the frump!  Have you ever worn a button up crew cardigan backwards? I’ve seen other bloggers do it but I know someone would tell me my sweater is on backwards! Maybe with a collared shirt underneath…I don’t know.

  46. Where you say to SIZE DOWN, i’ve always sized up in cardigans as I don’t like hte outline of my t-shirt sleeve to show (Or worse, for it it bunch up). I’m a medium and always order large in cardigan.

    On the light pink cardigan photo, the t-shirt outline is showing. Not a big deal, I realize but a peeve of mine when i wear cardigans….

    just discovered your blog! LOVE IT!!!

    1. Yeah, that is why I prefer to wear tanks under my cardigans. I’d still prefer them to fit in a slimmer silhouette through the body, but to each her own. 🙂 I’m glad you found me!

  47. I love this post. The camel and black look great together. Fabulous outfit. I’d love to see what goes into a post. I’m sure we have no idea. What are your Thanksgiving plans?

  48. I am 5 ft tall and fat. I have an apple shape. Even petite clothes are to long. I wear plus sizes to fit over my fat belly and big hips. and the plus sizes are way to big every where else on my body. How can I dress to not look frumpy.

  49. I realize this is an older post, but it’s new to me :). I wear SO many cardigans & jackets (as I’m always cold), & found it so true about the width of the arms!  Due to illness, I’ve lost a lot of weight and find most of my tops, while fitting in the shoulder & waist, look really *off* now ….  and I couldn’t figure out why.  It’s the arm width— way too big!  When I pinned one side in, it looked SO much better.  Thank you for the info!  Looking forward to reading more!  p.s. I’m guilty of the bulky scarf :(…. just need it for warmth!  BUT love your post!

  50. Hi I’m And over 50 mama. Sometimes I just don’t know how the styles are supposed to go and what to layer with what and what to even do with some pieces of clothing. This blog on how to make your long cardigan not frumpy was excellent and just what I needed. So more of the how to’s is what I need!

  51. I was intrigued by this subject because it is so true! I have several styles of cardigans and you are spot on with watching choices in materials, length…etc. I especially noticed that I too wear cardigans so much better with the shoulder seam as opposed to an off- shoulder seam…or no seam. I especially like the thinner material cardigans when they are longer in length. Good information to have….thanks!

  52. I love the lighter material cardigans. I have a greater understanding of how to wear them. Thank you. Also like the high black boots and how they’re fitting closer to the leg, narrower shaft. Don’t really like loose fitting boots of which I see people often wearing. Thank you for your help! Very interesting reads!

  53. I enjoyed this article and numerous images of your cardigan outfitting. I hope to smash my cardigan outfit this Sunday for Mother’s day.

  54. Love your blog. I just wish I could all the photos of the styles (and you!) on my MacBook Air M1 Laptop in full – I don’t know why, but your photos are just too tall to see all at once on my screen. Either your head or your feet are cut off. It makes it very difficult to really look at the photo as a whole.

    1. Yeah, that is just the limitation of that screen. I have one as well, and I just looked at other blogs to make sure mine isn’t any different, and everyone’s is that way. If you look at the blog on your phone, you can see the entire pictures.

  55. You look great in all your cardigans! I need major help. Long story shorter I’ve basically been in the hospital for the majority of COVID, not with COVID, other health problems. I am having the hardest time figuring out how to put outfits together and what shirt you wear under this cardigan and so on. I am nicely begging you for some help. I have 4, I think, cardigans I got recently but no idea what to wear under them. And I have a leather jacket with no idea what to wear under it. I have a pair of spanx faux leather leggings that I want something casual to wear on top with but no idea what would look good or anything. I am a little picky where I shop I stick to places like Nordstrom, Revolve, Michael Star, Evereve and so on. Please help me!

  56. On those longer cardigans, I also think shoving the sleeves up the arm helps to correct the proportion on the body. As a pear-shaped woman, though, i have a rule about long cardigans: “you can’t cover this”

  57. Great suggestions! I have a three-way mirror, because it REALLY does matter how we look in the back. I appreciate the advice that the slouchy cardigans probably don’t work so well on those of us who aren’t super young. 👍

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