Loose Ends

Thank you SO much for all your helpful comments on my preschool situation.  I have a call in to the school to see if I can take my daughter in to meet the teacher one on one.  It might be too late, as school starts on Monday.  But I’m hoping for a call today.

I guess the real question is, do I feel like this making this an issue or not.  And that’s what I just don’t know. 

Thank you also for all the reminders to pray.  It should be so obvious, but isn’t it easy to get caught up in the fretting and the worrying and the fixing and then forget that the most powerful tool we have is prayer?  Maybe this will be an opportunity for my daughter to experience that power herself.

One last reminder to register to win the Eliza Grace Tote and the Skin MD Natural™ Shielding Lotion.  Comments for both will close at noon today.

Check back later today.  I have a fun new product to introduce to you, and I’m going to post a Book Meme.  Because it’s been FAR too long since I’ve done a meme.  I hope you’ll play along!