Mandarin Collar Shift Dress

Greetings, friends! Today I’m sharing a mandarin collar shift dress that came in my latest Trunk Club delivery. This is one of those dresses I didn’t know I needed until I saw it, and now I’m thinking of all kinds of places to wear it.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a navy mandarin collar shift dress with nude wedge sandals. #summerfashion #summerdresses

I wore this exact outfit to church last Sunday and out to brunch afterwards with my parents, and I got several compliments — including my mom and my husband. Both thought this dress was really cute and flattering.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a navy mandarin collar shift dress with nude wedge sandals. #summerfashion #summerdresses

It’s a tad shorter than I prefer, but shift dresses seem to run short, and I think it’s okay. For reference, I’m 5’5″. Also, I’m wearing a size 8, which is my usual for Eliza J dresses.

This dress is fully lined, and the fit is really nice. I like the split mandarin collar for something different, and take a look at the fun tassel detail. This dress also comes in white, which would be nice for summertime!

A flat sandal might have been a better choice given the length, but I wanted to dress it up a bit considering our brunch venue, so I wore these wedge sandals.

These are a few years old, so I’m sorry that I can’t link you to the exact pair, but these are quite similar — just not the same color.

So many of my wedges sandals have the espadrille-inspired jute-wrapped heel, which I love, but these are great because I can wear them in inclement weather… and as you know, we’ve had our fair share of that this spring! In fact, it was raining the day I wore this.

I didn’t feel the dress needed a necklace, so I wore large ivory and gold chandelier earrings. These are old, but there are lots of statement earrings out there these days. I really like these and these.

I also wore this gold and white coil wrap bracelet — a new addition to my jewelry wardrobe this spring. I’ve been wearing this bracelet a lot; it adds a nice summery touch to so many outfits.

I carried a shoulder bag to match my shoes, but it’s also an older piece that is no longer available. This one comes in the same color, though — Cardamom/Royal Navy.

I’ve been trying to explain my handbag choices more and more, after some of you asked for that. This is a situation where I have a bag that pretty much matches my shoes, and I like the combination, but a white or ivory bag would work too.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a navy mandarin collar shift dress with nude wedge sandals. #summerfashion #summerdresses

dress // similar shoes // similar bag (option / option) // similar earrings // bracelet

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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32 Responses

  1. Super cute dress… very flattering on you and I love the added tassels of course… enjoy your day it sounds like fun:)

  2. Jo-Lynne
    What pretty outfit! The whole look is very flattering on you! This is a home run! Good luck with orientation! It is an exciting and emotional time sending your child off to college! 

  3. Super cute outfit! Very flattering on you. Tassels seem to be the big trend this summer. Good luck at the parents college orientation.

  4. I love this. It looks like it could be a really versatile dress, and the shoes and bag you chose couldn’t be more perfect. Love!

  5. There’s something about wearing an “it” outfit–one that feels perfect–that makes you feel extra confident.  You can tell this is one of those outfits for you…there’s extra confidence showing in every one of your pictures!  Justifiably.  Everyone is right!  It looks great on you!  
    I have a shift dress with the same style top.  Not shaped the same as you but I do love that dress.  Ima have to look into this one.  Love the tassel trim and eyelet is always so cute for summer.

    Enjoy the orientation!  

  6. I’ve been wanting to try the Kimmie bootcuts that are on sale at Bloomingdales.  At 5’10”, these will work well for me.  How does sizing run?  I’m ready to buy at this price!  Thanks for the alert in your email.

    1. They’re true to size – if in between, probably size down. I have the 28 and debated the 29 but the 28 have been fine. They do give a little but don’t bag out.

  7. Just reminiscing about last year fashions when all we heard or saw was booties and more booties. What did you do with all of the ones from last year? Not a bootie in sight this summer! Are they put for good or just until fall when booties are more prevalent?

    1. You know what? I kind of forgot about that. You’re right, I’m not seeing them much now. I do still have my perforated booties out – I wear them some, but usually go for wedge sandals now that it is hot. I wasn’t a big booties-for-summer girl anyway. I do think you’ll see them this fall.

  8. Jo-Lynne, I totally agree with Paul and your mom, you look very nice in this dress.  It is so pretty!  Enjoy the college orientation today!  I hope it will be as well organized as the one Carley and her parents were involved in last summer.  Carley even got to sit in on a few classes, which she loved!  😊

    1. Thank you. It was fine – but the students were separate from adults. I was in the same room all morning. We left at lunchtime. I hope to hear some about his experience when I see David this weekend.

  9. That dress is sooo cute! Love the tassels! I’m 5’10, so the length won’t work for me 🙁 Enjoy the college visit today!!

  10. So cute! I’m not usually a huge fan of navy, but the eyelet feels so fresh and light. Super summery! I had a navy lightweight, crochet Trina Turk dress that was very similar. Wore it tons. Actually, I still have it, but it’s probably too short now. BTW, I think your dress is just the right length. 

  11. I agree with your mom and husband. Cute dress, and very flattering. I’m usually a little wary of shift dresses because of the length too, but this length actually looks very youthful and lovely on you. I may have to try on some after all. 🌷

  12. I really like the bracelet you are wearing and wanted to order it but many of the reviews say it is very large. I have pretty small wrists. Did you have a problem with the size of it?

    1. No, not really, and I have smallish wrists. It does sometimes uncoil – I wouldn’t say it is large, but it is heavier than some coil bracelets b/c of the beads so sometimes it uncoils if I move my arm quickly or dramatically. I don’t know if that makes sense or not, but usually if I turn it around so the heavier end is on the other end, it stops giving me trouble. I wear it a lot.

  13. JoLynne—love this dress on you,  I’ve never purchased an Eliza J dress before.  Did you take your normal size or have to size up?  I’m petite at 5’1” so wondering if I order if I should order the petite or regular size?

    1. Hey Rose! I find their dresses to be very consistent with sizing. I take an 8 in Eliza J and in most brands. If anything, you’d want to size up one — if you buy at a lot of stores that tend to vanity size, such as Loft. I would guess at 5’1″ petite is best, but I’m not very familiar with petite sizing. The good thing about Nordstrom is, returns are free, so if in doubt, order a couple options and compare. Hope that helps!

  14. There’s a lot to love about this dress, in fact there’s nothing not to love. 😉The orientation is an exciting time. WOW! So very nice he’ll be so close to home. My kids are two timezones away.😬 Thank heavens for FaceTime!!! XO

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