May Favorites 2018

Hey guys! How’s everyone doing today? Thanks to all who tuned into my Facebook Live yesterday. I think I added all the links we talked about, but if I missed something, feel free to let me know. If you missed it, you can catch up HERE.

And now it’s time for my May Favorites — these are some new finds and old favorites that I’m particularly loving right now. Bonus! Many of these picks are on sale right now.

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May Favorites 2018

one // I’ve talked about this self tanner before, but now that it’s May and we’re finally wearing shorts and short sleeves, I’m using it a few times a week. This is my far and away my favorite at-home tanning lotion, and I’ve tried a ton. It usually retails for $40, but I found it on Amazon for $30, and it’s Prime. WOOT!

Get my best application tips in this post: How to Apply Self Tanner Like A Pro.

How to Apply Self Tanner Like a Pro

two // I mentioned these shoes in one of my daily emails when I discovered them, and then I ordered them when they went on sale. I was thrilled when they came in and fit perfectly in my usual size 8. They keep going on and off sale, and right now they’re off, but I’ll keep you posted!

I was afraid I’d walk out of them, as I have narrow heels and sometimes pumps don’t work for me, but these fit great and are actually quite comfortable. I wore them Sunday to church and then out to dinner after, where I had to walk a few blocks in a nearby town. I didn’t have any issues walking in them, or standing in them for half a day, or with blisters when I got home.

three // This tee is another J.Crew find, and I love it. I know, I’ve talked about it a ton already, and it’s selling out, but it’s such a good fit and so super versatile for layering or wearing alone. For size reference, I have the medium. If you tend to run in between sizes, I recommend going with the larger.

four // This is a cute sweater for spring that pairs well with white or blue denim, and you can dress it up or down. It’s a nice lightweight sweater material, very soft, and not see-through at all. For reference, I’m wearing my usual size small.

Right now this sweater is 30% off PLUS an additional 10% off with code LOVEMOM. See my current Loft Favorites in THIS POST.

five // This openwork layer necklace is one I come back to again and again. I particularly like wearing over a tee with jackets and cardigans, for some reason. It has a nice casual chic vibe that isn’t too try-hard, and because it combines gold and silver, it goes with almost everything.

It does tend to get tangled if you don’t care for it well. You can’t just drop it in a drawer and hope to pick it up and throw it on without some work, but I hang my long necklaces when I’m not wearing them so it stays pretty good that way.

six // Now that I’m breaking out the spring dresses, I’m wearing these Spanx shaping shorts more often. These are my go-to for under all my dresses, year-round, but they’re particularly nice in the summertime when you don’t want to wear tights or anything but you want some coverage.

seven // I styled this print tassel ruana two ways in this post. My favorite is with the white tee and white jeans. I feel like it looks so chic and sophisticated over the monochromatic base layer. I’d probably only wear it with the jean shorts on vacation at the beach or somewhere like that.

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31 thoughts on “May Favorites 2018

  1. Hi Jo-Lynne
    I love your blog! I have a daughter asking about fashion bloggers to follow, I recommended yours for casual , but in addition wondered if you have a recommendation for her, in her 40’s, she works in NYC, wears business casual, is a big Nordstrom shopper.
    Thank you

  2. JoLynne I love the Clarins tanning gel too! It is the best I have used. And also the spanyx shorts. I also have used the jockey brand. They are great under dresses and hold things in that should be held in! Thanks for sharing. Love the shoes true but not sure if I am going to try them. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Yes, I like the Jockey brand too, but I like the support of the Spanx a little better. Plus the Jockey slide down on me. 🙁 But I do wear them some — especially when it’s hot and I want the moisture-wicking properties.

  3. Hi Jolynne. I know you decided against microblading, but have you ever had your brows waxed and tinted? I’m thinking of this as an option for my daughter’s graduation.

    1. Hope you don’t mind me chiming in but I get my brows done and love it. I used an eyebrow pencil for years, then the lady at the make up counter suggested getting a wax & tint. I couldn’t believe the difference. It’s one less step in my make up routine. And, no more plucking! 

    2. I have no need of waxing or tinting. I don’t have enough eyebrows to wax, and what I have are dark. They need filling in, thus the desire for microblading. I spend 5 minutes every morning trying to pencil them in to my satisfaction. It’s very frustrating. I can do my entire makeup routine in less time than it takes me to pencil in my eyebrows. LOL!

      1. It cost $35. plus a tip. I get it done every two months. Sometimes I let it slide a bit longer. Any salon that has aestheticians will do it. 
        My eyebrows aren’t thick but they do need tidying up, plus they are blonde so look nonexistent without help. It’s a game changer for me.
        Hope that helps, Karen.

  4. Great post today!  How did the home inspection go?  Wish we could leave the windows open all day, but our highs are already in the 80’s and 90’s!

    1. Pretty good! You know how it is, there is always stuff. This house has some stucco (big problem in this area), a pool, well, and septic, so a lot of systems to test and maintain. 🙂 But nothing was terribly alarming.

      1. I’m glad that nothing major caught their eye.  Your teenagers will love having a pool in their backyard.

  5. Thanks for sharing your favorites. I may have to breakdown and invest in the spanx shorts. I shy away from tighter fitting clothes because of the few extra pounds that have found their way to my mid-section…..Glad you are enjoying the Spring weather it’s one of my favorite seasons as well.

  6. Thanks for the round up and the reminder about the Loft sale.  I ordered the pinks sweater as well as a white sweater you recommended a while back.  Good prices with this sale!

  7. I was wondering if you had ever tried the Soma shaping shorts that Kelly from Adore your Wardrobe suggests? I just purchased them and really like them and they are $28. I’m just wondering how they compare the the Spanx. 

      1. Oh shoot. That’s weird. We have a store at our local mall so I purchased it there. I think you would like it if you can ever get your order to go through. It’s very thin which is especially nice for summer.  🙂

  8. Just received my order from the Nordstrom triple points event, and all of your recommendations and sizing notes were so helpful and spot-on.  I chose various items for work and casual, and everything fits and flatters as I’d hoped. You make shopping too easy for me!  Many thanks for your efforts.

  9. Wow, how do I choose Jo-Lynne? You have featured so many great choices! Have you tried tan Ceuticals CC self-tanning lotion? I have tried I think every self tanner on the market and though many promise no funky odor, they always do. Tan Ceuticals CC self-tanning lotion has a nice coconut fragrance with absoutely no icky, lingering tanning odor we all dislike. I’ve only seen it on Amazon and it has excellent reviews if you or your Readers are interested. It’s under 28.00!

  10. Is the ruana pink or red or coral?  It’s described as coral on the store site, but reviewers refer to it as red or pink.?

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