Mission Accomplished

Target: $29.99!

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23 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished

  1. The pants need to be hemmed. They are too long. The heel is 1/4-inch, so basically flats. The plan is to wear a black top or sweater with those jeans and the shoes.


    The shoes are killing my right foot. They might have to go back. Sigh . . .

  2. If looking for very cute flats you might want to try DSW Warehouse if there is one in your area…if not try there website for locations! Cute shoes and good prices!

  3. I love them! They are so much better than those awful Gap shoes you tried on Saturday.I am heading to Target tomorrow to return a pair of shoes…will I have the willpower to avoid those cute shoes????

  4. was coming to ooohh and ahhhh ’cause they are pre-shus!

    But then I read that they are hurting your feet.

    To that I say: “BAD SHOE!!! BAD BAD SHOE!!

    Blessings, (and hope that they stop hurting and you can keep them!!)

  5. They are super cute, but I have to say that I think they look uncomfortable too. But maybe that kind of shoe just doesn’t fit my weird feet.

  6. Very sweet. Slap on a pair of socks while you wear them in around the house… that’ll stretch them a little but still shape them to your own foot. Hopefully that’ll help. I do love them!

  7. I swear I almost bought these exact shoes the other day. It was shoes or diapers. The diapers won out. Keep us posted if they begin to feel better.

  8. LisaT – Thanks, but. Well. It’s not. LOL. It hasn’t been mopped in over two weeks. Feel better?

  9. They ARE cute. But what happened? Did you return them? Are you wearing them in pain? Let us know! (You wanted to de-lurk your readers and what did you get? This demanding one over here. I’m still welcome, right?)

  10. Isn’t Target just the most amazing, spectacular, magical place on EARTH?!


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