Christmas Gift Ideas

Is anyone else aware that Christmas is fast approaching?  Now that the temperatures have dropped so that it actually feels like fall, I’ve realized that Christmas is less than two months away.  ACK!

Last year I went way overboard with gifts for my kids.  It wasn’t intentional, but somehow I just kept buying stuff as I saw it, and when I went to get it all out to wrap it the week before Christmas, it looked like the Target toy department puked all over my bedroom.

So this year I’m trying to be more intentional about what I purchase and limit the gifts to a few nice things.  I thought I’d share a few things I’ve found, and give you a chance to share your ideas too!

First, Penelope Peapod is either an adorable small handbag or a sweet seven-inch doll in a bassinet.  In one quick and easy maneuver for even the smallest hands, the peapod opens and the fabric flips over the sides to create a beautiful bassinet and reveal a sweet, soft-body doll in a matching outfit.

My neighbor emailed me about these little dolls, and I wasted no time ordering two, one for each of my daughters.  My girls love dolls, and they love handbags, so I’m sure these are going to be a hit.
Next, Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition combines the best of
classic Monopoly with updated electronic transactions.  As with the
original version, players still operate with money, learn real-world
economics, competition and strategy, try to stay out of jail, and try
their best to get filthy rich.  But this version has been updated to
reflect changes in how the real world uses money: All transactions are
conducted with Monopoly’s new banking card system.

Monopoly is my son’s favorite game.  Unfortunately it is not MY favorite game.  And one reason I hate it is all that paper money that you have to sort and keep track of.  I think this electronic version is going to be a lot of fun and a lot less mess!

At the Pottery Barn outlet last Saturday, I found this adorable ironing board.  My littlest daughter loves to role play, and I know she will love it.  Now I just need to find a cute iron to go with it.

Beyond this, I have a pair of pajamas for each of them, and that’s it.  I better get cracking.

What are you getting for your kids this year?