O. My. Word.

Now, first of all.  I love my children more than life itself.  Let me be VERY clear about that.

But.  (You saw the ‘but’ coming, didn’t you?)

There are just some days that a Momma needs some ALONE TIME.  Or some GIRLFRIEND TIME.  And guess what, yall? 

I got BOTH yesterday.  I met up with my best college friend (who comments here under the initial d) at the Lancaster outlets for some shopping and long overdue catching up.  Somehow we have allowed two years to go by since our last date.

All the way to the outlets, my iPod blared my favorite playlist, and I sang along at the top of my lungs.  It’s a good thing the dashboard doesn’t have ears. 

Once I arrived, d and I said our hellos, and then got right down to business.  The business of shopping, that is.  We are very devoted shoppers, and our shopping escapades go way back to the early 90’s when we were young college students with very limited budgets.  Sometimes we would take the train into Boston and shop at Copley Place.  More often, though, we did our damage at the nearby mall.  Those were the days!  And really, not much has changed, with the exception of a few gray hairs and some stretch marks.  Minor details, really.

With only a brief interlude at Panera for some sustenance, we shopped non-stop for five hours.  Oh yes we did.  And let me tell you, we can do a lot of damage in five hours.

I am sick and tired of wearing solid-colored t-shirts and brown and black shoes.  So my goal today was to find red shoes (preferably flats) and shirts with pattern.  Instead, I came home with a funky fall centerpiece for my dining room table and a new handbag.  I guess you could say I got a little sidetracked.

Now, before you scold me, you should have SEEN the sales.  In fact, I would venture to say that it would be poor stewardship to pass up such remarkable deals.  Ahem.

And it’s not like I didn’t TRY to find the red shoes and the patterned shirts.  I even tried on what I thought was going to be a great houndstooth blazer at the JCrew store, and while dh thought it was cute, I just wasn’t feeling it.  So I put it back. 

Suffice it to say, my foray into the world of pattern was short-lived and ended abruptly.  Maybe I am destined to dress boring and frumpy and carry great handbags.

At any rate, d and I had a great time and promised each other we won’t wait another two years to do this again.  Here’s a picture!  (With my new handbag on my shoulder and my centerpiece peeking out from the bag.)