Mom Style | What I Wore This Week 02.15.12

This week the theme is RED! (You’ll see what I mean.)

I’m joining other moms around the blogosphere, sharing some of my outfits from the past week, and linking up with several of the fashion carnivals. I’m always trying to find that perfect marriage of chic and comfy. It’s a work in progress, but it’s fun to experiment.

You saw these red jeans last week (you will be seeing a lot of them!) I brought them out again, this time with that striped sweater by M. Rena that I got at Jennifer on the Avenue. (The red DL1961 jeans are from there too.) I wore this running errands and doing mom stuff.

colored jeans

I should have taken a close-up of the earrings. I love them. They are dangly silver flowers with a red center. And my beaded bracelet and red watch show nicely with the bracelet-length sleeves on this sweater. I wore silver ballet flats because the weather was mild, but boots would help balance out the boxy sweater.

Sticking with the red theme, I wore this red cashmere zip-up hoodie (see my post on Mom’s Wardrobe Staples!) with jeans and my gray UGGs to have coffee with a friend and run some errands. I’m wearing my necklace from Grace Tags and a Lagos bracelet that was a Christmas gift from my husband.

I’m thinking a black tank might be more flattering. I’ll try that next time.

I wore the red jeans again to a speaking engagement with the Social Media Club of Philadelphia — what a fun group!! It was a harrowing drive into the city with a wintry weather mix and tons of traffic due to a Sixers game downtown, and I showed up 30 minutes late FOR MY OWN SPEAKING GIG. I know. So shameful. But what can ya do?

This time I tried wearing the red jeans with boots. I like balance they provide, and they make the red a little less overbearing too. I decided to try the “bat sweater” with a black tank for a different look. I still like it best with the purple and denim, but this works too. Once again, I threw on that long silver necklace that you’re probably tired of seeing. And my beaded bracelet, although I think I liked the cuff bracelet better with this top.

Okay, finally getting away from the red!

On Saturday I went shopping and out to lunch with my mom and then out on a date with my husband that night. I paired my raisin-colored Joe’s Visionaire high waist skinny jeans with that asymmetrical cardi by Theme. I tried buttoning it up this time, but halfway through the day I unbuttoned the top half so that the black tank showed. I’m still not sure which way I like it best. I need to get a picture of it all 3 ways and post them together. Maybe next week . . .

I put the chunky necklace on to bring some color near my face and to add interest. And once again, I wore my red watch and Lagos necklace. It was snow flurrying so I wore my faithful Dansko boots! (I swear, I don’t think any single item in my wardrobe has gotten half the wear that those boots have.)

This faux leather skirt by Theme is another piece that I picked up at Jennifer on the Avenue. It was on an amazing sale — I think I got it for about $34!!!

I wore it on Sunday when my mom was in town, to church and out to eat afterwards. I paired it with this verrrry old black cashmere turtleneck that I rarely wear anymore (the length is perfect for skirts but too short for pants.) I really wanted to wear it with suede pumps, but it was a cold, blustery day with residual snow and ice on the sidewalks and driveways so I wore my Dansko boots.

I accessorized with Stella & Dot Delicate Drop Earrings and Chelsea Necklace. I usually double it, but I wore it long to break up the black. I added a gold cuff bracelet and white watch.

Okay, one more.

chic activewear by Athleta

Just doing my part to keep it real. I wore this outfit all day after working out on Friday and then again on Monday.

I love my Athleta Spice It Up Hoodie and Organic Cotton Salamba Pant. The sneaks are the New Balance Trail Running Shoe which I bought after reading Steph’s post on their Minima line. These are a similar design (but cheaper!!) I love them because they are a lot more attractive than my Vibrams but they have a similar support system (or lack thereof) plus they are incredibly lightweight. I wear them to the gym to work out with free weights and TRX, but I haven’t gone running in them yet.

I guess this makes two more. This is a casual outfit I threw on to run errands on Tuesday.

I picked up this Slub Knit Drop Shoulder Sweater at the Gap on a whim when I was returning some kids clothes on Saturday. It is incredibly comfy and easy to wear, and the color makes me happy. I paired it with my favorite skinnies, oatmeal-colored boot socks and brown Uggs with pink stitching. They’re old and no longer available.

I’m linking up to the What I Wore Wednesday carnival at The Pleated Poppy, as well as Monday Mingle at Mom Trends.

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33 thoughts on “Mom Style | What I Wore This Week 02.15.12

  1. I love the skirt on Sunday, super look. The slub sweater from gap looks good,too.
    Never heard of bracelet length sweater-you know me and my long arms(some in the family have called them monkey arms, nice,right?) anywho, can I say I am just being stylish when things are too short on my arms?
    You look great this week:-)

  2. This was an exceptionally cute week for you. I’m especially partial to the second and third outfits. Red suits you well!

  3. Love the faux leather skirt outfit. So chic. Makes you look tall and skinny! The pink sweater is a fun color–nice departure for you. 🙂 And your workout outfit is markedly similar to what I am planning to wear to the Girls Night In at Blissdom. I don’t have cute PJs, so yoga pants and top will have to do.

  4. I LOVE the “bat sweater” on you (and looks great with the red jeans – I agree the red jeans look great with the black boots; good balance). If you are still on the fence on that sweater, I just wanted to give you a ringing endorsement – every time I see it I think it looks awesome. Also your Sunday outfit is just gorgeous!

    1. Interesting. I’ve always thought I tend to be rather top heavy, so I guess it makes sense that darker on top and brighter on bottom might help achieve some balance. I think I need some colored ankle-length khakis for summer.

  5. I think you look super fab in them all! I do have a question for you, though, since you love fashion. I’ve always read you never pair a fitted top w/ fitted bottoms, yet you do frequently. Maybe because you are thin it works, but for a pear shape like myself not so much. Thoughts? My favs above were #3 & #5. 3 cause you look amazing! and 5 because that looks so comfy, yet put together!

    1. Hm, that is a good question. I think, for me, I am top heavy. I have square shoulders (and not much of a neck, lol) and boobage 😉 and not a small waist and hips that aren’t narrow either. But I have long, thin legs. So I can tend to look top heavy when pairing a voluminous top with skinny bottoms (which is why boots help that balance).

      I am guessing that wearing a fitted top makes my top half look smaller, and then more proportionate with my bottom half??? But I don’t really know. It has taken me 39 years to figure out what works for me, and sometimes I’m not sure WHY it works, I just see that it does. LOL!!

      I know people look at me and think I’m thin and can wear anything, but it’s really not true. And that’s probably the same for most people — we probably all have certain disproportionate parts that require us to figure out what works best and what doesn’t. Except for, you know, super models. LOL.

  6. I love those raisin colored jeans!! I might even be brave enough for those and that skirt is to die for.

    Cute work out gear!! Can’t go wrong with Athleta! 🙂

  7. I love the colored jeans and the leather skirt! I went through a hoodie phase then got rid of most of them. Now that both me and “the hoodie” have evolved a little, I think I’m ready to try some again. 🙂 Heading over to Athleta to see what’s on sale! Was it here where someone asked about wearing black and brown together? I can’t remember. Anywho, *that* is how you put black and brown together and make it rock!!!

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