Must-Have $22 Tee for Spring #FashionFriday

Greetings, friends! Cheers to Friday! Is it just me, or is this month dragging on for.ev.er??? I’m so happy it’s finally the weekend.

Today I have a super simple outfit you can just throw on and go just about anywhere this spring. The pièce de résistance is this $22 twist front tee.

Spring Outfit: grey twist front tee with white Paige Verdugo ankle skinny jeans and white mules

I had this tee last year in a gorgeous magenta color, and I wore it a ton so I was so glad to see they brought it back for 2018.

The wide rounded neckline is flattering yet modest, and the sleeves are the perfect length and shape — not too short or too long or too snug or too wide. I realize they’re just plain short sleeves, but it’s amazing how the cut of a simple short sleeve can make or break a top.

Spring Outfit: grey twist front tee with white Paige Verdugo ankle skinny jeans and white mules

I was immediately drawn to this grey medium heather, but it also comes in black and white.

Obviously this grey tee would work with just about any color, but I think it pairs beautifully with white.

Spring Outfit: grey twist front tee with white Paige Verdugo ankle skinny jeans and white mules

For size reference, I got this tee in the medium, and I washed and dried it before taking these pictures. It’s still a little large, and I’m wondering if I should have gone with a small, but it’s too late now! I do like that I can throw it in the dryer.

The twist front detail is such a nice touch and levels up what is otherwise a basic t-shirt into a really cute top. It also makes a great layering piece for under cardigans and denim jackets.

Spring Outfit: grey twist front tee with white Paige Verdugo ankle skinny jeans and white mules

I know some of you hate these slides, and that’s fine. Not very style is for everyone. I like them though. I particularly like how they have a bit of an ivory cast to them so they’re not a stark white.

There are plenty of other options if slides aren’t for you. You could wear just about any shoe with this outfit — loafers, espadrille sandals, ballet flats, flat sandals, even fashion sneakers.

Spring Outfit: grey twist front tee with white Paige Verdugo ankle skinny jeans and white mules

I carried my R Minkoff Darren shoulder bag again! I find myself going for this bag most days when I don’t need to carry my larger tote. The putty color is so perfect for spring and summer, the leather is like butter, and it’s a nice cross between a structured tote and a slouchy hobo.

The part I like best is that it’s unlined — it just has raw leather inside. I’ve really started to dislike the cloth lining in most bags; it just feels so chinzy to me — even on higher end bags like R Minkoff and Tory Burch. I’m loving the trend towards unlined handbags right now, and this one even manages to have a divided interior as well as a few pockets for organization.

Also, the silver studs and hardware give it a bit of an edge, making it perfect for casual everyday outfits.

Spring Outfit: grey twist front tee with white Paige Verdugo ankle skinny jeans and white mules

I did get this bag on a 25% off sale, as it’s a bit of an investment. I will keep an eye on various retailers and let you know if I see it on sale again! It also comes in a few other colors — white, black, and a really pretty beige they call dark cameo.

These are my go-to white ankle jeans that I’ve talked about a gazillion times before, so I won’t go on about them again!

Finally, I accessorized with this layered necklace. I thought the colors worked perfectly with this outfit, and since it’s so plain, I wanted a piece of jewelry that makes a bit of a statement.

Spring Outfit: grey twist front tee with white Paige Verdugo ankle skinny jeans and white mules

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twist front tee // white Paige Verdugo ankle skinnies (similar for less) // mules (sold out; similar here and here) // R Minkoff Darren shoulder bag // Stella & Dot Tiburon necklace // D Yurman silver link bracelet (budget option)

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the spring outfit she’s styling today!

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52 Responses

  1. It may be simple, but it couldn’t be much cuter! I have a minor addiction to grey tees, so this one may need to get in my closet! And that bag! Gorgeous!

  2. Love that tee! Wish it came in petite. I think I would swim in that 27″ length in the back. I can’t get the link to the flat espadrille to work in your email. Thanks!

  3. My very favorite tee!! I have the black in this brand & love it!!! I also have several of these in another brand (Maurices) solid (grey, white, & red, and even a stripe version!!! Thanks for all your hard work on these posts. Enjoy them every day!!

  4. Cute outfit!  I have a black twist front tee from last season…I might have to think about this gray one, too!  Those espadrilles are really nice.  I need to put that David Yurman silver link bracelet on my wish list.  The “similar for less” link is a very good option though.  It’s nice to see the most popular items listed in your email.  I like seeing what everyone loves.  Have a great weekend!

  5. I have to say I like this tee better on you than on the model. It’s got some lavender undertones with the grey that are really pretty and flattering on you. And I love your new bag, too! What a perfect casual, wearable Spring look.
    On the Daily Express

  6. Hi Jo-Lynne, I love this shirt! I’d seen them on the hangers, but not on person yet. You’re right. This is a lovely silhouette. And I love the way you made those white mules work. You pulled it off, girl! I just may have to get some now. 🙂

    I linked up today with your FashionFriday Linkup!!! What!!! Yes, I opened my new style blog for 40+ women today. I meant for the past three weeks to email you personally and tell you about it, but I have had my nose in the computer researching and preparing!!! I hope you’ll stop by Dressed for My Day! YOU have been such an inspiration to me, and I finally bit the bullet!!

    Have a blessed weekend! And I WILL be in touch!

  7. I love this outfit!! It screams spring, which may never come to CT at this rate. We have a potential 4th Nor’Easter looming for next week. I really like the gray and white together, will have to try this combo.

    Love the espadrilles in the newsletter, I have been looking for a nice flat sandal. They are in my cart!

  8. Did you style your hair different in this post? I like it! I love what you said about your husband, so sweet. Cute outfit too 🙂

  9. Nice job. This outfit came together very well. I am one that is not a fan of white shoes but you pulled it together very nicely with the while mules and the jewelry.  Don’t forget you said you would try to show us how to style  our leopard mules in the spring 😉

  10. What a great tee. Its the perfect one to have when you don’t want to tuck, yet don’t want to wear a belt and one that is not just a tee. But a tee with a twist. Nicely worn.

  11. I love this tee. I just ordered it and two others you recommended from Nordstrom. Thanks for doing all the work for us! I love your posts!

  12. Love this outfit! Casual but cute with some extra little extra details. Also, we have the exact same dynamic in my house. My daughter tells me I’m fun but I know it’s my husband who gets them laughing hysterically. Have a fun night out and a great weekend!

  13. Great outfit. The more I see those shoes, the more I am starting to like them. You are pulling me to the “light slide” haahaa (OK that was a really bad mom joke!)

  14. Very cute outfit on you and so put together.  I have 2 tee’s this style and love them.  The one you are wearing looks light lavender on my laptop screen.  I thought you found the “IN” color.  🙂 LOL  I bet the grey is nice too.  I know your feeling.  I remember those days when all 3 kids were home and my husband was out of town for work and I was in the house by myself and waiting for him to get home and have adult talk.  I think its cute what you said about him.  Have fun tonight with your friends.  Yes…..this month is lasting so long.  Can’t believe Easter is just around the corner.  

  15. Love your outfit. I have the top in black,from last year. Your new format is fantastic! have a great St. Pats!

  16. I love the twist tees, especially being short waisted. This look can be morphed so many ways just by changing accessories and adding numerous jackets. Love it. Happy weekend, Jo-Lynne!

  17. I love that tee with that necklace! And the bracelet! And the watch! And the bag! And the shoes! I guess if I had to pick my fave, it would be that bag. Its gorgeous!

  18. I love twist basic tops! They make your everyday wear look extra special. I like that fact that you can put this top in the dyer and it still looks just as good. 
    Thank you for hosting, have a great weekend 


  19. LOVE that top. The twist-front tops are my favorite. No more struggling with the half tuck every time I go to the bathroom! I linked up, thanks for hosting Fashion Friday.

  20. I really love this outfit it looks so crisp and spring like!  We have had snow again in the UK this weekend – I’m with you I can’t wait for it to get warmer now! I am really enjoying receiving your newsletter thanks for all the hard work you put in !

  21. You style that shirt way better than the model does for Nordstrom! I would not have looked twice at the shirt if I was just browsing thru Nordstrom’s website. However, I love the way it looks on you! I thought it had a purplish tint to it, until I went to the Nordsrtom site and saw it was a true grey. Must be part of that heather coming thru. I love your style!!

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