Trunk Club Unboxing + Try-On Haul

Good morning and happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Today I’ve got a try-on haul for you, and it’s major, so grab a 2nd cup of coffee and sit down somewhere comfy. In this post, I’ll be trying on items from Trunk Club, Ann Taylor, Loft, Shopbop, White House Black Market, and Nordstrom.

For your reference, I’m 5’5 and 140 pounds. Also, I’m short-waisted with a slight hourglass shape. I’m usually a 6 or 8 in pants (that’s the same as 28 or 29 in jeans) and a small or medium in tops and dresses. I hope that’s helpful as I share sizing information throughout the post.

Let’s get started! Links to what I’m wearing are below the pictures.

This first dress was a big hit. I’ve shared it in my email newsletter and on Instagram and maybe on Facebook as well. Sometimes I lose track of where all I share things! Anyway, it’s from Ann Taylor, it’s really nice quality, and very flattering. For reference, I’m wearing the size 6 regular.

The puff sleeves are a fun detail, although I think they’re actually the deal breaker for me. There is something about them that seems too “sweet” or something… it’s me, not the dress. I prefer more clean, classic lines, which it has everywhere else. I don’t think it’s worth trying to tailor them, so it went back.

Ann Taylor stripe sheath (size 6) // SE Hazel pumps (size 8)

SALE ALERT >> Mystery Flash Sale! Use code LUCKYME at checkout to reveal your offer at Ann Taylor! (I got 50% off my order!!!) See my favorite AT picks HERE.

This sweater is also from Ann Taylor, and I don’t care for the tight waistband and the cropped length. It’s got a pretty neckline, though! For size reference, this is a small. These jeans are the ones I wore in this post. I am trying out the smaller size here (29) but I decided to keep the 30, which is what I was wearing in the blog post.

Ann Taylor v-neck sweater (size small) // Citizens Rocket Crop Jeans (size 29) // Tory Burch Minnie flats

This next sweater and skirt are both really cute. And again, great quality. I feel like Ann Taylor is really dependable that way. I ordered this sweater in a small and medium, and I can’t remember which one I was wearing in this picture, but I kept the small.

This skirt is pretty, but I ended up sending it back. I just don’t think I’ll wear it enough to warrant keeping it, but I do like it a lot, and I recommend trying it if you like it and have the occasions for it.

AT scalloped short sleeve sweater // AT floral ruffle pencil skirt (size 6) // SE Hazel pumps (size 8)

I love this mauve sweater, and I’ve already worn it twice. It’s a great color, and it has some pretty knit details. Plus I really like the length and the overall shape. It’s perfect for this in-between season we’re in.

AT mauve crew neck sweater (size small) // Citizens Rocket Crop Jeans (size 29) // Tory Burch Minnie flats

This sweater is from the Lou & Grey line at Loft. I’ve never tried anything from that line that I can recall, and I had high hopes for this. I really want a chunky white sweater to go with my pink jeans! The shape is way too boxy, though, and I feel like it makes me look way bigger than I am, so it went back. On the plus side, it is really soft and has pretty knit details. I was bummed it didn’t work for me.

Lou & Grey Soft Ribbed Dolman Sweater (size small) + Citizens Rocket Crop Jeans (size 29) // Tory Burch Minnie flats

Okay, the lighting in this next picture is really weird, and I have no idea why! You’ve seen the sweater before, but I was trying on the jeans. In these pictures, the jeans look somewhat flattering, but I just don’t like that all-over light wash, and I really prefer a more tapered fit. I also think they’re a tad too long, but rolling them looked off, so they’re going back.

Loft striped boatneck sweater (size small) // Paige Jacqueline high waist ankle straight leg jeans (size 29)

I ordered these next two pairs of shoes during the Shopbop sale. I thought these white mules might be fun for spring and summer date night outfits and the like, but I decided not to keep them. I like them, but I feel like once warm weather arrives, I’ll be wanting more strappy, open-toe styles, and I just don’t think I’ll wear them enough to warrant giving them a spot in my closet.

Sam Edelman Oran Mules (size 8)

I’m really disappointed about this next pair, though. I really wanted these blush espadrilles to work. Aren’t they so fun and cute for casual spring outfits? But the footbed is really stiff and doesn’t bend at all, causing me to walk right out of them even though they’re the right size. Sadly, I had to send them back. Perhaps if you have a thicker or wider foot, they would work for you.

Sam Edelman Carrin Espadrilles (size 8)

I ordered this mixed media shell in both black and white and kept both. SUCH a great layering piece, and you can wear your regular bra. Hallelujah!

AT Mixed Media Shell (size small)

Okay, now for some dresses…

I went to White House Black Market in search of a dress for Easter, and also keeping in mind graduations and weddings and those types of events y’all may have coming up. I really like this floral sheath, and it’s very flattering, but it’s too dressy for the events on my social calendar. If you have something that requires a dressy spring dress, this is a great pick. I don’t think I’d wear it to a wedding, though… it’s got too much white for my comfort level.

WHBM Lily Print Sheath (size 6)

This reversible dress can be worn 4 ways, and I wanted to love it but I didn’t end up buying it. I don’t really care for the printed side, there’s just too much going on — especially with the pattern repeating in the “back”. (You can wear the V-neck in the front or back.)

Here is the other side, and I’m showing it with the V in the front this time. I definitely prefer it this way, but I’m afraid the shoulders are going to slide off as I wear it. This is the medium, and it’s a tad too big, but the small was tight across the bum.

I always run into this issue at White House Black Market when I put on a few pounds — it causes me to be between sizes and nothing fits quite right. When I’m 5-7 pounds thinner, everything fits perfectly in a 6 or a small — not that I’m complaining; I know I’m a healthy weight, but those few extra pounds can make a big difference in the way clothes fit, and this store in particular.

Also, I just remembered the other reason I left this dress in the store.  The black layer is not attached to the other layer, and it is shorter so the pattern shows below it. This is only true for the skirt, not the sleeves; they’re attached for some reason.

Anyway, it just bothers me the way the black part moves around and lifts up, it makes it feel unfinished and almost like I have my dress on inside out, which I sort of do, I guess! Anyway, I’ll give them an A for effort, but I think I’d like the dress better if it were not made to be reversible.

WHBM 4-way reversible knit sheath (size medium)

I’ve had a lot of people ask me if maxi dresses are still in style this season, and I wasn’t sure the answer to that, but since then, I’ve noticed quite a few in the stores and on other bloggers. This one is a great example of a dressier maxi dress style.

I think this would be super cute for someone with a wedding to attend this spring or summer. It’s not a style that particularly resonates with me, but I think it’s really pretty.

The way the top blouses out in the waist area isn’t very flattering on me — it loses my waist in there somewhere, but if you have a small waist and bigger hips, you may like this dress.

Floral Flutter Sleeve Woven Maxi Dress (size small)

This dress fits pretty well, I guess, but I don’t love the pattern and the flutter sleeves. It seems very busy and overpowering on me, but someone else might look good in it. I believe this was a small, and it does fit pretty well.

WHBM floral print knit sheath (size small)

Next, I tried on some jeans at Nordstrom. These cropped skinnies are okay, but I like my Citizens cropped jeans (shown above) a lot better. For one thing, the Citizens have a higher rise, which I find more comfortable, and I also prefer the finished hem on those as well as the lighter wash.

Paige Transcend Vintage Skyline crop skinny jeans (size 29) // Tory Burch Minnie flats

I like this next pair better, but I can’t find them online anywhere. I’m not sure I can get behind that funky ripped hem, but otherwise I like the fit and the wash quite a bit. Since I have the Citizens pair, I don’t need these, so I didn’t purchase them.

I must say, the pocket size and placement is perfection! This is one reason I love Paige jeans.

Paige Skyline skinny crop (size 29) // Tory Burch Minnie flats

You know I’m a sucker for a tie front tee, and this one is cute, plus I love the color. It’s also quite pricey, but the material feels soooo good. I love a good quality tee, but I left this one in the store because I didn’t care for how long and wide the sleeves are — and for that price, it needs to be perfect.

Paige side tie tee (size small) // Paige Skyline skinny crop (size 29) // Tory Burch Minnie flats

I tried this Madewell cardigan on at Nordstrom, although I’m not sure why they’re selling it now. It seems like a winter piece to me… although, considering the current weather conditions up and down the east coast, it’s perfectly appropriate!

I like it a lot, the color is pretty, and it has a fairly slimming fit for this style cardigan, but I didn’t buy it because I’m still hoping spring will arrive shortly!

Madewell Kent cardigan (size small) // Treasure & Bond Burnout Boyfriend Tee (size small) // Tory Burch Minnie flats

I have one quick picture from Loft. This is the day I returned the weird sweater that didn’t fit over my head, and the sales associate suggested this one when I told her I’m in the market for a white pullover sweater for spring. I don’t care for the arm details, but some of you might like it.

The black jeans are mine, and I got them on Amazon. I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how I keep my black jeans black, and I really think it’s more of a quality issue than anything. These have a super black wash to begin with, and I try not to wash them more often than necessary, but they don’t seem to have any fading issues so far. I’ve had them for a few months.

LOFT cutout twist sweater (size small) // AG legging ankle jeans (size 28) // Tory Burch Minnie flats

Okay, now we’re back home and I’m trying on clothes that came from Trunk Club. Honestly, this delivery was a bit of a bust. If you caught my Facebook Live unboxing or my Instagram Story, you know what I mean.

This ruffle sleeve top is cute for St. Paddy’s Day, but I don’t care for those ruffles on me. I’m already broad enough up top. And the jeans… well, I think they speak for themselves.

1901 Ruffle Sleeve Tee (size M) // AG Isabelle High Waist Cropped Straight Leg Jeans (size 30)

This next top is sort of cute, but I don’t like that tight crewneck. This is a different pair of white jeans, and I don’t like them much better than the first. They fit pretty well, but they’re an awkward length. I did try cuffing them, and they looked a little better, but I don’t love them enough to keep them.

Madewell Modern Tie Front Tee (size S) // Rag & Bone High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans (size 29)

And then these next jeans have floral cut-out detailing that is kind of fun… for someone else. I don’t care for them on me. These are also probably a size too small; they were quiet snug.

Madewell Modern Tie Front Tee (size M) // Free People Cutwork Cigarette Jeans (size 29)

I had high hopes for this sweater when I pulled it out of the box, but it’s too short and tight to be flattering on me. Perhaps if I went up a size… and these pants are just a big fat no. LOL!

Topshop Stitchy Flute Sleeve Sweater (size 10) // Madewell Garment Dyed High Waist Straight Leg Jeans (size 29)

So now this next pair of pants has potential… I want to like them, but I’m still trying to figure out what to wear with them. I feel like the fit is more flattering than the other jeans that came in my Trunk, and the color is fun, but they are pricey, and I don’t know if I’ll get enough wear out of them.

Topshop Stitchy Flute Sleeve Sweater (size 10) // Rag & Bone High Waist Ankle Cigarette Leg Jeans (size 29)

This cardigan and tank also came in my trunk. Both are a nice quality fabric and feel really great on. The cardigan comes in a ton of colors if white isn’t for you. I also swapped out the loafers for pumps, and I think the heels look better with these pants.

I do want a casual option for them, though. A few suggestions were my Sam Edelman Gigi sandals or my Tory Burch Miller sandals. I’ll have to try those on with them before I decide if I’m going to keep the pants or not.

Bobeau High/Low Jersey Cardigan (size S) // Hinge Jersey Tank (size L) // Rag & Bone High Waist Ankle Cigarette Leg Jeans (size 29) // Sam Edelman Hazel Pumps

And that’s it for my trunk. As I said, it was a bit disappointing this time. In defense of my stylist, I did ask for straight cropped jeans, but I’m coming to the conclusion that this is a trend I’m going to have to sit out.

I liked the white Treasure & Bond burnout tee from my white t-shirt review, but not how sheer it is, so I sent it back and ordered the navy and white stripe and the solid grey. I love both. I wanted to try the XS because the white in the S was so big, and this striped one is an XS. I like the fit, but I’m afraid if it shrinks, it won’t drape quite right.

Treasure & Bond Burnout Boyfriend Tee (size XS) // AG Raw Hem The Legging Ankle Jeans (size 28) // Converse Shoreline

I tried on the grey in a size small to compare, and I decided this is the way it’s supposed to fit, plus it allows room for shrinkage. All that to say, I think the small is the right size after all.

Treasure & Bond Burnout Boyfriend Tee (size S) // AG Raw Hem The Legging Ankle Jeans (size 28) // Converse Shoreline (size 8)

I also ordered this tank from the Living In Yellow x Gibson line for Nordstrom. It’s cute, but it’s a little big on me. Someone told me that Erin recommends ordering a petite if you feel that it’s too long for you, and I think that might be worth a try. It’s a gorgeous color, and I do like the cut of it and the gathered detail in the back.

Gibson x Living in Yellow Reagan V-Neck Drop Back Top (size S) // AG Raw Hem The Legging Ankle Jeans (size 28) // Avec Les Filles Sloane Block Heel Slide Sandals (size 7.5)

Here’s a close-up of the shoes. I wanted to love these blush slides, but the suede actually looks dirty to me. I don’t know if they were a floor sample or if that’s the way they are, but I’m sending them back.

The other issue I have with them is that my foot slides forward when I walk. They’re the right size, this just happens to me with a lot of slides because of my flat feet. I think they’re really pretty, though, and the heel is interesting. They might be worth a try if you have thicker feet than I do, or a higher arch.

AG Raw Hem The Legging Ankle Jeans (size 28) // Avec Les Filles Sloane Block Heel Slide Sandals

And these are Rothy’s. I have been asked a few times about these so I decided to order a pair and see what all the fuss is about. They’re made from recycled water bottles, for those of you who prefer to purchase more sustainable products, and they’re incredibly comfortable and flexible. The rubber sole is great for standing and walking. That said, I wouldn’t describe them as having arch support, so it just depends on what your needs are. I like them a lot.

I did, however, have to send them back for a bigger size. These are too tight in a size 8. They come in a ton of colors, but I was drawn to this chili red.

And finally, I shared this picture on Instagram the day I wore it, but this striped sweater from Loft is really cute on. I like the camel and black combo — it’s a nice change from the pastels that are trending.

Size-wise, this is a small, and it fits fine, but barely. I’m thinking it might be better in a medium, and I really hope it doesn’t shrink!

Loft Striped Boatneck Sweater // Hudson Nico super skinny ankle jeans // Rebecca Minkoff Mika mules

Okay, so that’s a wrap. WHEW! I realize there may have been more misses than hits in this post, but I hope it’s helpful to see those too. If I missed anything, feel free to ask in the comments.

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